Use this inspiring 20 minute audio soundtrack to get out of your head, stop overthinking and worrying as you easily MOVE your way to feeling great. Experience the power of movement and mantras to manifest a body & life you love.

Hi, I’m Erin

I love, and I mean LOVE people with ideas and passion that can change the world.

In a nutshell, my job is to move YOU. Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally, Financially, Physically.

I am here to help you get unblocked and unstuck so that you are loving parts of your life you didn’t know you could love. Career? Check! Your body? Check! Your love life? Check! Check! Check!



Manifesting What You Want Through Mindful Movement

Published by Hay House Jan. 2019, Mantras In Motion helps you harness all the body’s mental, physical, and spiritual energy in my tri-fold approach to creating lasting change and manifesting your best life.

Learn how to use your body, your voice and your mind to tap into your passion, clear out negative beliefs, gain courage, and take inspired action toward exactly what you want.

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(Burn calories while ya do it!)

My Starter Soul Stroll is the BEST FREEBIE have created. Get out of your head, stop overthinking and stressing as you easily MOVE your way to feeling great.

Download this free inspiring music soundtrack with mantras to help reprogram your negative subconscious mind quickly so you feel lighter, happier and healthier in no time.

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Move with Me!

: Tone Your Body, Expand Your Mind

Take your strength and confidence to another level with intention, determination and passion, while we Shrink your doubts and your fears. This program, done by over 7000 ShrinkSTARS all over the world, combines mantras, movement and love to transform your body and your mind.