Erin is amazing! I don’t think I could have finished my second book without her workouts. The movement and mantras gave me the bursts of energy I needed!

Kris Carr
NY Times Best Selling Author
Chief Unicorn at all things Crazy Sexy

Someone should warn you, Erin doesn’t just help you transform your body. She’ll help you transform your life! Shrink Session is a full body and spirit makeover. Change has never felt so good!

Jessica Ortner
NY Times Best Selling Author
Creator of Tapping for Weight Loss
and Body Confidence

Erin’s exciting, warm, passionate, and compassionate approach to fitness freed me of any insecurities and inhibitions.

Rebekah Borucki
Author of She Has 4 Minutes
Meditation Guide, Birth Doula, Mom of 5

I have learned confidence, self-worth and faith that I apply to my business and life. I have gotten more clients this wedding season than ever! I didn’t think I could fit one more thing in my hectic schedule. But, after attending one workshop, Erin left me in awe and wanting more! I am managing my life and my business effortlessly without stress and pain!

Fouzia Elidrissi
NYC, NYCEO & Wedding Planner
My Bridal Budget, LLC

I had reached a now-or-never precipice in my life and needed someone to push me over the creative edge… I went from NOT auditioning to auditioning, getting callbacks, performing in the city and last week I filmed my first big commercial… if I could kick myself in the shins for waiting so long (to sign up for coaching), I would.

Christine Cartell

Shrink Session is a brilliant program and I am so grateful to have it in my life! I feel uplifted and cleansed from the inside out every time I partake.

Kelsey Bennett
Cravings master and coach for women on the verge

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Erin's experience, wisdom, and heart make her a true leader in the field of inspirational fitness. I've loved Shrink Session from the first moment, and continue to share it with my tribe because it works.

Alex Jamieson
Author of Women, Food and Desire

With Erin’s workout, I found a power inside myself I had forgotten existed. I let go of baggage that I’d been lugging around for years.

Dr. Samantha Brody
Naturopathic Physician and
Licensed Acupuncturist

The moment I met Erin Stutland, I wanted to be friends with her and feel even half as fierce as she looked. I was totally hooked! Since the first class I took of hers, we have developed a powerful friendship, I adore this woman to my core and admire how beautifully she is sharing how to be fit while still loving yourself during the entire journey. I can't wait to see what she creates next!

Nitika Chopra
Talk Show Host + Self Love Expert

Erin is the epitome of strength, beauty and inspiration. We all know that exercise creates better health, but we don't always do it. Erin actually changes your belief system about exercise, and gets you off the couch and moving! In her unique programs, she expertly guides women on how to live more mindfully and with purpose, while helping them get in shape. Working with Erin will create massive shifts not only in your physical fitness, but in all areas of your life! I feel so lucky to call her a colleague and a dear friend, AND I never miss a Shrink Session class in NYC!

Nicole Jardim
Certified Women's Health Coach

Shrink Session has inspired me to believe in myself and to apply for and train for the Boston marathon which I was accepted into and will be running in 18 more, I cannot fail because I am willing.

Kevin Decoteau

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We were able to get pregnant, but not stay pregnant. The mantra “what I seek is also seeking me” resonated deeply with me.

Carolann Carty

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Shrink Session made working out fun again. Not only is Erin a fantastic motivator, but the online community for this program is full of some amazing human beings!

Amanda B. Coppola

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Shrink Session has changed my way of thinking about health and fitness, but mostly about acceptance. I am truly trying to accept the body I am in now, while trying to take care of it in the best way I know how. My focus is now about feeling strong, powerful, balanced, at ease...not how much I weigh, or what size I am. I am working on myself from the inside out.

Barbara Dulong

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I have lost 40 lbs since starting Erin’s classes! The biggest contributing factor, honestly, has been mindfulness and love of self. What I mean by that is, I know that healthy eating and exercise contribute to weight loss. But it was Erin’s class that helped me do those things, for the first time, because I WANTED to.

Julie Hoplamazian
Pastor, Queens NY

My perspective of how I look at and run my personal training business is forever CHANGED!

Nicole Smith Goldberg
Personal Trainer
Yoga Teacher
Meditation Teacher

I authored 2 books and launched my own business as a direct result of Erin's influence. Shrink Session has been an incredibly transformational experience for me. I feel like a wall inside me has crumbled and all this awesomeness just keeps shining out!

Michelle Lewis

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Working out with Erin is like being around your bestie, the one who brings out the best in you and supports you no matter what. And like a bestie, she leaves you feeling so grateful you have one and excited for the next Shrink Session!

Jenna Robino

Shrink Session has inspired me to keep on keepin' on! Erin is THE best. When I'm doing the 45-minute Shrink Sessions, it's like she's here in my living room encouraging me to keep going. She is genuine. And she walks the talk. If Inspiration and Motivation had a love child, it would be Erin! She's truly been one of my greatest blessings these past 9 months.

Beth Laster

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I’m a huge fan of Erin Stutland’s Shrink Session - it is truly a one-of-a-kind mind & body experience.I’ll be honest, the first time I did it, I wanted to leave after 10 minutes. It was so hard! But after I mentally pushed myself through it, I felt like a million dollars. Now I can’t stop coming back for more.

If you want fast results, Shrink Session is hands-down the best cardio workout I can think of. I guarantee that you’ll have a blast!

Selena Soo
Founder, S2 Groupe

Erin has an amazing ability to make a grueling workout fun so you feel your outlook lifting right along with your ass. EVERYTHING is improved!

Nicola Weir
Author of Nanny Diaries

Erin is a powerhouse of fitness mastery, spiritual guidance, inspiration, and support. Physically challenging and demanding, her classes are packed with mind­shifting techniques, ideas and practices to expand the body and the mind.

Chelsea Conard Pattison
Holistic Health Coach

Shrink Session has given me the opportunity to start to see the wonderful person that I truly am. She has been buried under so much “stuff” for so long that I almost forgot who she is. It will take me time to completely unbury her, but man I’ve got a great start!

Robin Porter

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Erin has inspired me in endless ways, she has created a safe place for me to face my demons and take them on. Her words of wisdom make me want to keep going and keep pushing. Since starting her program I am more mindful and more conscious about being grateful.

Kathy Windsor

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