Speaking and Workshops


Erin Stutland is a renowned author and mind-body wellness expert. She is the host and life-style coach of Altar’d which was nominated for a Real Screen award alongside Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. She has appeared on The Rachael Ray Show, Fox News, in People Magazine, Glamour, Shape, Real Simple and more. 

Stutland’s #1 best selling book, Mantras in Motion: Manifesting What You Want through Mindful Movement, (Hay House) explores her proprietary approach to co-creating the life you want with ease and fun. 

She has spoken to and taught thousands of people around the world simple, proven methods that help develop a powerful mindset, increase positive feelings, reduce stress and most importantly help them step into AND execute a bigger vision for their life and career. 

Through in person workshops and seminars, Erin has the ability to move people- mind, body and spirit. To get a list of topics for speaking and workshops, please email us at support@erinstutland.com

We had Erin to our office for a workshop offered to our internal ConnectHer group to become clear on what we personally want for ourselves and confront what is holding us back.   Erin was immediately warm and inviting, sharing personal stories and captivating the room.   With guided exercises and Erin’s ability to create a space of safety, walls were broken down, and my colleagues were raw, honest, vulnerable.    She was able to foster a session that connected us unlike any other resource we have engaged.   Erin’s workshop complemented our vision of fostering a supportive culture, when we support each other… we accomplish amazing things.  Erin enabled an authentic, powerful experience with long lasting impact. I want to want more!” -Christina Magrans, Vice President, CallisonRTKL Architects 

“Erin’s work is nothing short of amazing and transformative. When she generously lead a workshop for the recipients of 5 Under 40 (a charitable foundation that funds medical wellness and beauty services to young women diagnosed with breast cancer or have the BRCA gene), it was pure magic! We moved our bodies and used mantras that Erin so thoughtfully prepared for this group. Many of the women were actively in treatment or recently had surgery and Erin was able to offer many modifications to meet everybody where they were so nobody felt left out.  Erin is extremely motivational and super compassionate and it comes through in her work. I felt so good after her workshop, and I knew I wanted more so I immediately signed up for The Movement, this way I can get more of what she has to offer on a daily basis. It’s just good for the soul.” -Jackie Rossiter, 5 Under 40 

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