The Best Way To Lose The Baby Weight

The other week, I shared a video about my postpartum journey and how I’m taking care of myself.

The comment section is filled with people sharing their own stories of postpartum depression aka depletion and what they wish they knew.

This week, I’m sharing part 2 of that video, which may also be a little controversial because I am talking about weight loss after pregnancy.

If you have been around for a long time, I rarely talk about scales or losing weight in general. I believe everyone deserves to feel at home in their body no matter what their size.

Here are a few things to consider while watching the video.

1) Your weight does not define you AND you can want to lose weight.

Both can be true.

For me, knowing my weight around pregnancy was just data and information. And no, I’m not ashamed about the fact that I would like the number on the scale to go down.

This is for my body, my ideal.
Society is not pressuring me.
I am not pressuring myself.

It’s just my personal goal to feel at home in MY body. We are all allowed to have personal goals:)

2) Celebrating success and enjoying the journey.

In the video, I share a very small, tiny piece of progress I made.

But this is not about bouncing back or going backwards.

I’m going forwards to a new body and new version of myself and I have a vision of what that will look and more importantly FEEL like.

I want to FEEL energized.
I want to FEEL strong.
I want to FEEL sexy.
I want to FEEL beautiful.
I want to fit well into clothes I like!

And no, I absolutely will not be waiting until I hit my goal in order to feel those things.

I practice feeling them now, today.

And that is precisely how you move towards your goals. Identify the feelings and create them. Then take loving, kind, gentle steps to create your reality.

You can hear about how much weight I gained and how I feel about it over in the video.In the comments on the post, I would love to know how you feel about weight loss? Does it stress you out or are you able to think of it as a gentle journey?

I have so much to share on weight loss, but for now, I want to hear how YOU feel in YOUR body. Leave a comment on the post.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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