How to manifest: Be specific

Have you ever felt like you have a hard time identifying or getting really specific with what you want?

It’s almost as if someone asked you what you REALLY, REALLY wanted. Now this is no- holds-barred, whether it be how much money you want to make, the kind of home you want to live in, the kinds of relationships you want to have. Would you would feel like the cat got your tongue?

You search your mind for a bit, but the moment a big idea pops in, you sort of push it back down in fear that it sounds silly.

In my experience, many of us struggle to get specific with our desires. This is because we are so afraid that if we really admit what we truly want and THEN it doesn’t happen, we will be gravely disappointed.

And if we have been disappointed in the past, it’s almost as if we forget how to even dream big or how to be specific with our desires. 

Today, I have a quick video for you where I share a story about something I wanted badly, but almost screwed it up. You will see what I did instead and learn how to manifest. 

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Goal setting, desires and making things happen are certainly on my brain with the start of fall and it all starts with clarifying and get explicit with what you want.

Watch the video, here to find out how I got really lucky, or rather, how I Magically Manifested something I really wanted because I was super specific.

If you feel inspired, I invite you to share your thoughts in the comments. Let me know about a time when you manifested the wrong thing because you weren’t specific OR when you manifested the RIGHT thing because you were so on point. I think there will be some great stories over there to get you inspired.

Magically yours,

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