Do Affirmations Actually Do Anything for You?

So often, people believe that living a life that would truly make them happy is elusive. They believe it is for the lucky, the gifted, the beautiful, the smart or the privileged. 

If they have are having a difficult time in the romance department of their lives, they think there must be something wrong with them and love is probably just not in the cards.

If they have tried and tried to lose weight but can’t seem to do it, they believe THIS is the way their bodies are destined to be.

If they have never had a job that has paid them more then a certain, unsatisfying, amount of money then they believe they will likely always be broke (or broken).

These same people will doubt that super SIMPLE positive statements (aka affirmations!) can have a DRAMATIC effect on their life.

I am talking life altering, I-never-believed-I-could-have-that-level-of-success/happiness/love/-and-now-I have-it kind of changes. 

In a powerful, ground-breaking study in 1985, psychologist Michael F. Scheier discovered the enormous power in positive thinking.

The research proves that positive thinkers are not simply being Pollyannas; they’re problem solvers who try to improve the situation. And if it can’t be altered, they’re also more likely than pessimists to accept that reality and move on.

Physically, they’re more likely to engage in behaviors that help protect against disease and promote recovery from illness. They’re less likely to smoke, drink, and have poor diets, and more likely to exercise, sleep well, and adhere to rehab programs. Pessimists, on the other hand, tend to deny, avoid, and distort the problems they confront, as well as dwell on their negative feelings.

Ok great. You probably already knew that being a little more cheerful was the way to go, but it leads us to the question, “WHAT IF I AM JUST NOT THAT WAY?”


One thing that has come out of the cognitive psychology research is that these brain circuits or the ways of thinking that make us a little more pessimistic, are highly malleable.

Which means, heck yes, we CAN change. We are not born to be optimistic or pessimistic.

But how? How can we change?

In the video below, I share HOW I started using affirmations many years ago.

I had a big dream to become a professional dancer, but the problem was that I couldn’t go more than 5 minutes without having crippling thoughts of doubt and insecurity.

It affected the way I felt about myself and therefore affected the way I approached EVERY aspect of my life, not just dance.

But in the video, I show you how I CHANGED the way I thought about myself by using affirmations, which in turn led me to the dream job that I never even believed I was capable of.

The process that I share with you in the video is something that I still use today when I am diving into a new project, feeling doubtful or fearful about my talent, intelligence or abilities OR when I want to create something in my life that I don’t yet have proof is possible.

In the video, I give you some really clear and simple steps you can take TODAY to quickly use affirmations to change your state of mind and start building long term confidence. 

Make sure you leave me a comment and tell me if you are going to give it a go.


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