How to Create a Morning Routine That Gets You Focused + Inspired

Yesterday I finished serving my civic duty on Grand Jury in NYC. While most people say, “Ugg, jury duty, that stinks”, I must admit it has been one of the most interesting, creatively stimulating experiences I have ever had in NYC.

Being on put on the special narcotics cases, I learned how black and white the law is when it comes to drugs. While being stripped searched, you were either caught with 6 twists of crack cocaine in your butt crack, or you weren’t. If you were, you have a problem. It’s called jail. Buh-bye. #truestory

While I learned a whole bunch of drug laws, I also learned how important it is to have a killer morning routine. Please connect the dots now, Erin.

One of my biggest personal challenges in serving Jury Duty was having to show up to the same place at the same time (early morning) every day. How do you not tune out? How do you stay engaged? How do you not get annoyed that the young female Assistant District Attorney is neglecting her opportunity to step into her power by using a mousy voice and hunching over the podium?

Whether you work in an office, or perhaps like me, your schedule varies day to day, having a morning routine that sets your head in the right direction is probably one of the most important things you can do.

That precious hour or so between when you wake and when you set sail for the day, can either be used to focus your boat on your ideal destination or it can be used hurrying and scurrying looking for a clean pair of panties.

I have always said, my body wakes up around 8 am. My personality doesn’t join the party until about 10. Early mornings are not, and never have been my jam. If I don’t set my myself up properly in the am, even readily accessible clean panties won’t save me. I’m a grumpster all day long.

In today’s video, I share with you three QUICK + EASY tips to choose from that you can IMMEDIATELY incorporate into your morning. Each one has the ability to ground you and leave you feeling connected and inspired. (These tips work really well EVEN if you are a Morning Glory!)

The first tip I share has literally changed my life. I have been doing it for over 15 years and it never ceases to lose its magic. It is the key to my growing kingdom. With this tool, my whole morning is changed in 15 minutes.

If you feel like you are trying to overcome a particular challenge at the moment, one of these tricks could significantly decrease your feelings of vulnerability. (Meaning you won’t be pulled by other peoples negative energy, including your own egos 🙂

Check out the vid and remember to leave me a comment. Let me know which of these tips you are going to try this week. Or if you have your own, please, by all feel free to share it. I love to add more tools to my tool chest.



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28 Responses to How to Create a Morning Routine That Gets You Focused + Inspired

  1. Michelle says:

    Good morning! I watched your video first thing, which means I’m off to a great start 😉

    As a writer, I’ve always wanted to commit to morning pages, and I haven’t yet. I am inspired to try. In fact, I think doing ANYTHING with any CONSISTENCY helps me feel better about myself. I think the power of ritual helps people feel organized, committed, and accomplished. Why can’t I get into a ritual practice? I’m working on it. Thanks for this generous video and more!

    • Erin says:

      Michelle- Give them a try, start with even 1 page. Amazing how it focuses the mind:) Thanks for watching! xx

  2. Olivia says:

    Good morning, mamacita! Love this vid.

    I also MAJORLY struggle in the mornings. In an ideal world, I would get to stay in bed for an hour after I wake up. Love a slow start!

    I really liked when you said that you keep sneakers by your bed so you can get up, make no excuses, and go for your stroll…setting yourself up for success! I’d like to get into a consistent morning pages routine, so I am going to get a great notebook and my favorite thing to write with (fine tip sharpie, in case you were wondering) and put it RIGHT NEXT to my bed so I am ready to go without fail.

    oxoxxoxoxoxoxo you are a genius xoxoxoxoxoxo
    love, olivia

    • Erin says:

      Yes, the morning walk is clutch. Keep your clothes handy, too. No make-up, no muss, no fuss, just get out the door. Let me know how it goes with the morning pages:)

  3. Erin,

    Thanks so much for this video. I totally agree. This morning, I did some morning pages and did a bit of yoga and also cleaned.. I think about your suggestion to stay focused as I do one task at a time. I also meditated. Even if I just just mediate for a few minutes at a time, I find it helpful. Another exercise that is helpful is to lay down on the floor and hold your breath for seven counts, breathe in for seven, hold in for seven and let go for seven..

    I really like the idea of writing down a few things that I am grateful for from yesterday!! and things that I am excited about..

    have a great day!

  4. Michael Robert Eck says:

    Hey Erin,
    Love the video…. I remember talking about Morning Pages with you. I used to do them years ago and will pick them back up.

    Great tips all around as usual- grateful to receive your updates!

    Love and happiness to you,


  5. Great tips Erin! I especially love writing down what you are grateful for the previous day! That is a great spin on the ol’ gratitude list which can get repetitive like you said.
    Love the intro to the video too! Is it new?

  6. Hey Erin!

    I love the new vid format and you look fabulous and vibrant as always! I’ve been doing a yoga practice in the morning for almost 10 years now…it’s a staple in my morning routine, and after this long it’s just part of my neurology. That’s where I set myself up for the day, ground myself, have my first moment of gratitude, really clear the slate for the day. For the past year I have also been exercising in the morning,and I find that kind of ‘get your heart rate up’ movement is so good for me. I also do incantations in the morning which is probably the most important practice I’ve picked up since the first day I got on my yoga mat. Thoughts are powerful-we are what we say we are. So creating the space to say to myself every day who I *really* am is key. Hugs! -Andrea

  7. Clarice says:

    Love this. I’ve heard about Morning Pages so many times and have yet to do them, but I think it would be a good idea to start this. And I love the walk. In fact, I started this comment, threw on my shoes and took a little ten minute walk, came in and wrote my three pages and thought up ten things to be grateful for from yesterday and ten things to get excited about for the next couple weeks.

    Thanks for the ideas and extra reminder that I choose how my day goes by starting my morning off right!

  8. Love your energy, Erin. I also love the idea of Morning Pages – I have a shiny new journal that will be perfect for that!

  9. Elle says:

    Erin, thank you so much for introducing me to these strategies! I can’t wait to start tomorrow morning! ~Elle

  10. Ramani says:

    Hi Erin,

    The timing of this post is impeccable, I SO needed this and am so grateful for your video this morning. I just went out and bought myself a brand new journal so I can start writing the stream of consciousness as you told me to.

    Just an FYI on a separate note- I have sent you an email about my attendance tomorrow at Shrink Session with a friend. Please do confirm (when you have a moment) so that the two of us can come. I am SO excited to check it out! Thank you Erin!!

  11. I love to use mainly cool then COLD water near the end of my morning shower and I also have taped to the outside of my shower door..that’s clear glass…a laminated piece of paper that has many positive affirmations on it..such as .. if it is to be, it’s up to me, I’m thankful for all the good things in my life, I”m appreciative for all the good things in my life, I’m grateful for all the good things in my life…I at least try and read them silently as I’m sudsing up and waking up and ideally speak them out loud…If I’m even too lazy to do that, my BARE MINIMUM is to speak out loud in a positive voice with some increased volume… ‘TODAY’S GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY!’…with a smile and MEAN IT….and off I go…thanks for sharing your great information and energy Erin! with love. Jonathan

  12. Mike Halsey says:

    Great stuff, Erin. Thank you!

    My absolute favorite, wake-up ritual:
    Say “THANK YOU, thank you, thank you …(rinse, repeat), etc.” Starting the mantra off to the lovely rhythm of my beeping alarm, and keeping it going through shower and shave, (at least), I just let the words flow fast and furiously while inviting the gratitude *feeling* to well up. Infinite reasons for such thanks just seem to well up out of nowhere, priming my whole mind-body mojo for the way I choose to be in the world. This one requires ZERO extra time, almost zero extra energy, and yet produces pretty amazing short- and long-term results.

    Then, 20 minutes of meditation.

    This week: I will go out and FINALLY get “The Artist’s Way” off of my reading list and onto my nightstand.


  13. Carly Marie says:

    Erin my dear…

    this was exactly what I needed to see this morning!
    Ive been in a rut..unhappy at work, looking for a new job and getting discouraged, overwhelmed by my dogs (a new negative I’m not happy about) and blah blah blah….basically finding it tough to even get out of bed in the morning.

    point?! thank you!
    tomorrow is a new day, one that will begin with morning pages most certainly. your energy and enthusiasm is contagious…!!


  14. shantala says:

    hey erin i tried out the 3 pages of brain drain, followed by meditation and breakfast…it got me out of a george bailey slump i’ve been in for a couple days. was experiencing ‘entrepreneur in beginning business woes”. i’m good now and plan to brain drain and meditate…spend 10 minutes in the garden early morning. i’m going to water the lawn at night to get a second dose of nature therapy…and chocolate fits in there somewhere

  15. Jackie says:

    Ok, I finally got to watch this video and it was amazing! Thank you so much! I loved all of the tips, especially the gratitude/excited lists. I am totally going to do that! I started working out in the morning and it has changed my life. It is such a wonderful way to start the day! Thanks again!

  16. Danielle F says:

    Love this! And the timing is oh so right because for some reason, even though I had a specific agenda of what I wanted to get done today, I just cannot seem to focus. I actually wish I watched this when I woke up this morning.

    I learned a morning practice in the She Creates Change program which included reading, writing and meditation, which is really helpful for me on some days. I’ve also found that songs and morning dance parties have been a GREAT way to kick off my day. Having Katy Perry’s Firework as my alarm sound was such a great period of time for me. Now that I think about it, it is about time to pick another morning song. I’m thinking David Guetta’s Titanium may be the winner. It always gets me pumped and ready to go.

    Maybe I got off to a late start today but now I’m ready to go. Thank you for this.

  17. Erin,

    I have not done morning pages in ages. But I still have a huge notebook on my desk that says “Morning Page Vol I”. Think it might be worth revisiting. Also love the idea of writing down 10 things I’m excited about – AWESOME!
    Have a great day!

  18. Aldys says:

    Good morning Erin!

    Thank you for sharing your morning routine! The first thing I do when I open my eyes in the morning is thank God for giving me another day. Then I do my morning stretching routine or some yoga poses. I also have incorporated your morning pages since I took your MM course. It was a challenge for me at first because I’m not a morning person, but I got in the habit of it now. I will definitely incorporate the gratitude and excited list. Love this tip!

    Peace & Love,


  19. Gwenn Panny says:

    Love your energy in your videos as always. BRB, gotta start my morning routine.:)

  20. Cathy nicholls says:

    Hey there Erin. Wow I just stumbled across a video of inspiration from u. I’m excited to follow u more. I’m new to the world of computer online social Medea. Thanku for ur inspiration. I’m hoping to follow u more and learn to handle my life. Gota run. Another busy day of work. But 2 days off ahead. Love ur ideas