You Are A Bright Shiny Star

In my live classes this past week, I took a lil’ survey. I asked Who LOVES this time of year? One third of the class raised their hands. Then I asked, who feels stressed and overwhelmed this time of year? The rest of the hands shot up.

Maybe it’s not surprising to hear that many people find this time of year overwhelming. There seems to be a lot of hurrying and scurrying to GET IT ALL DONE. Shopping for gifts, making holiday plans, completing projects for 2012, it certainly can feel like a mad dash to the finish line.

I personally don’t want this month to go by in a crazy whirling frenzy. No thank you. And trust me, I have a lot of things to finish up! (Including putting the final touches on SHRINK SESSION, which goes on pre-sale NEXT WEEK!)

Getting caught up in the swirl of December To Do’s is one sure way to block yourself from truly receiving the beautiful moments life has to offer and it will most definitely keep you from giving your best self to the people around you.

You my friend are a bright shiny star. When you run around like a crazy chicken, your sparkling light looks more like a flash in the pan than the beaming ray I know you are. Over at, sparkling, shining lights are ENCOURAGED, BEGGED FOR and WELCOMED! We are always trying to encourage you to consciously CHOOSE how we want to feel and how you want to shine your lights in the world.

So, I would like to invite you to approach this month DIFFERENTLY. Remember back during the Olympics when the little pint size superstar Gabby Douglas nailed her bar routine to win the gold medal? Well, my guess is that there are several things YOU have accomplished this year that deserve the big, “Nailed it!”, along with a gold medal.

Rather than making a list of all the things you have to DO this month, I am going to invite you to come on over to the blog and create your TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST of 2012. What are you most proud of? What lessons did you learn this year? How did you grow? What did you accomplish? What did you complete? What did you let go off?

As you move through the month, you can reflect back on your TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST of 2012 as a way to remind yourself how amazing and accomplished you already are. (Got more than 5, by all means, share!)

You can also use the affirmations below from our Shrink Session class this past month to help guide your mind back to the present moment when you feel yourself dip your toe into the hurryworry waters.

I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!

Here is my TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST for 2012:

-I launched Magical Manifesters and shared it with over 200 people in 2012.
-I produced, directed and created all the content for the new SHRINK SESSION program
-I ran my first 10 mile race.
-I was invited to speak the Fit Bloggin’ conference and rocked the house.
-This is my most significant. For the first time ever, I truly was able to ENJOY the process of expansion and growth. Rather than it being a fearful, hard, scary process, I embraced all the feelings that come along with playing full out. The fear became a great sign I was moving in the right direction. The uncertainty was a welcome bubbling of goodness. The not knowing what the heck I was doing was an opportunity to flex my, “I CAN FIGURE ANYTHING OUT” muscle. I am proud of this the most.

Will you share yours in the comments below? Let’s start the celebrating ourselves NOW!

I love you, you sexy shiny thing!


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It’s all working out
It’s all getting done
I will hold the vision
I will be the one
My light shines the way
My truth sets me free
I am courageous
For you and for me
I am grateful
I am generous
I am accepting
I am love

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