You Are A Bright Shiny Star

In my live classes this past week, I took a lil’ survey. I asked Who LOVES this time of year? One third of the class raised their hands. Then I asked, who feels stressed and overwhelmed this time of year? The rest of the hands shot up.

Maybe it’s not surprising to hear that many people find this time of year overwhelming. There seems to be a lot of hurrying and scurrying to GET IT ALL DONE. Shopping for gifts, making holiday plans, completing projects for 2012, it certainly can feel like a mad dash to the finish line.

I personally don’t want this month to go by in a crazy whirling frenzy. No thank you. And trust me, I have a lot of things to finish up! (Including putting the final touches on SHRINK SESSION, which goes on pre-sale NEXT WEEK!)

Getting caught up in the swirl of December To Do’s is one sure way to block yourself from truly receiving the beautiful moments life has to offer and it will most definitely keep you from giving your best self to the people around you.

You my friend are a bright shiny star. When you run around like a crazy chicken, your sparkling light looks more like a flash in the pan than the beaming ray I know you are. Over at, sparkling, shining lights are ENCOURAGED, BEGGED FOR and WELCOMED! We are always trying to encourage you to consciously CHOOSE how we want to feel and how you want to shine your lights in the world.

So, I would like to invite you to approach this month DIFFERENTLY. Remember back during the Olympics when the little pint size superstar Gabby Douglas nailed her bar routine to win the gold medal? Well, my guess is that there are several things YOU have accomplished this year that deserve the big, “Nailed it!”, along with a gold medal.

Rather than making a list of all the things you have to DO this month, I am going to invite you to come on over to the blog and create your TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST of 2012. What are you most proud of? What lessons did you learn this year? How did you grow? What did you accomplish? What did you complete? What did you let go off?

As you move through the month, you can reflect back on your TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST of 2012 as a way to remind yourself how amazing and accomplished you already are. (Got more than 5, by all means, share!)

You can also use the affirmations below from our Shrink Session class this past month to help guide your mind back to the present moment when you feel yourself dip your toe into the hurryworry waters.

I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!

Here is my TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST for 2012:

-I launched Magical Manifesters and shared it with over 200 people in 2012.
-I produced, directed and created all the content for the new SHRINK SESSION program
-I ran my first 10 mile race.
-I was invited to speak the Fit Bloggin’ conference and rocked the house.
-This is my most significant. For the first time ever, I truly was able to ENJOY the process of expansion and growth. Rather than it being a fearful, hard, scary process, I embraced all the feelings that come along with playing full out. The fear became a great sign I was moving in the right direction. The uncertainty was a welcome bubbling of goodness. The not knowing what the heck I was doing was an opportunity to flex my, “I CAN FIGURE ANYTHING OUT” muscle. I am proud of this the most.

Will you share yours in the comments below? Let’s start the celebrating ourselves NOW!

I love you, you sexy shiny thing!


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It’s all working out
It’s all getting done
I will hold the vision
I will be the one
My light shines the way
My truth sets me free
I am courageous
For you and for me
I am grateful
I am generous
I am accepting
I am love

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36 Responses to You Are A Bright Shiny Star

  1. Jackie says:

    I love this! What a great way to celebrate our accomplishments in 2012!

    1. Olivia introduced me to intenSATI. I fell in love with it and started taking class all over the city. Met some amazing people and was inspired to fully commit myself to a regular exercise program and healthy eating plan. I LOST OVER 30 pounds!
    2. I booked 2 tours this year, as well as a summer dinner theatre gig.
    3. I got new headshots taken!!! Sooo needed!
    4. I ran my first 5K! HUGE for me!
    5. I began 2012 with the resolution to be bold, and I did just that. Things that used to fill me with fear, were so much easier this year!

  2. Lisa Adams says:

    1. I shot a pilot for the Food Network!
    2. I made lunch for Alicia Keys!
    3. I expanded my business and doubled my income!
    4. I turned 40!
    5. I made a dear friend’s wedding cake for her Fancy Hollywood Wedding!

    Here’s to 2013!
    1. The pilot will be picked up!
    2. I will double my income again!
    3. I will fit back into my skinny jeans!
    4. I will book a national campaign!
    5. I will meet he love of my life!

  3. Lisa Adams says:

    *THE love of my life!

  4. Ariella says:

    This is an AWESOME idea Erin!!

    1. I got a high-paying management job at my company.
    2. I conquered fear of online dating, put up compelling profile, landed great boyfriend.
    3. I got certified as a personality coach and got a TON of knowledge.
    4. I committed (i.e. PAID + REGISTERED) for Marie Forleo’s March 2013 B-School.
    5. I am most proud of this: I got the courage and arranged my finances to work through and really heal from some issues that have been holding me back for years… with a top-notch, genius woman coach.

  5. Kerri says:

    Thanks Erin for your gifts, your terrific list, and for sharing the love and letting us share ours 🙂

    1. I got 55 days on my ski pass!
    2. I practiced improv with a group all year and performed a fantastic show in August.
    3. My teenage son and I went on a magical trip through Montana complete with ziplining, watersliding, and Glacier National Park.
    4. My new website and blog, and blogging almost weekly since May!!!
    5. I fell in love 🙂

  6. Michelle says:

    I love that you are asking us to look back on 2012 and acknowledge what we did right! I’m thinking about 2013 and it got me thinking about all the things I didn’t do this year and I was starting to feel down about the things I didn’t get to. I want to end the year on a positive note and celebrate my accomplishments!

    1. Completed your Magical Manifesters course which lead me to the conclusion that I want to pursue Boudoir & Glamour photography for women and not weddings.

    2. The lunching of my beautiful business and website dedicated to woman portraiture! I’m very proud of this 🙂

    3. Realizing that I really do need to move my body because it gives me clarity. Thanks for your amazing Shrink Sessions. I have never been dedicated to any sort of exercise program in my life until now.

    4. I have truly changed the relationship with my mom this year. I realized this whole year we have not had one fight even when we spent two weeks together in Panama! I hope we can continue to grow closer and be even more loving and accepting towards each other.

    5. I nailed shooting a particular wedding in July. I went into the job being of service to this couple and their family and it was a very fulfilling wedding as an artist and a business person. I loved shooting the wedding and the client loved the level of service I gave them and the pictures I delivered.

  7. Katherine says:

    – I completed your MM course! =)
    – I moved to San Diego
    – I paid my rent woohoo!
    – I got a writing partner/mentor
    – I am taking the time to focus more on my bog and writing (posting more, getting more inspired)

    Thanks Erin!

  8. Wonderful idea Erin. Thank you for creating the space for us to do this.
    1. I changed my photography company from a ‘cutesy’ name to PatricaG Photos. I realized this year that I can stand on my own talents and creativity and don’t need to be kitchy or cute to do it. This was a huge self-lovin leap of faith for me.
    2. I purchased a new camera that is more in line with my creative talents. I am already selling photos taken with this new camera.
    3. Took Arts & Dreams to a new level along with LauraB. We have reached many more kids and adults this year through our workshops, raised money to fund the workshops and write a book, and broke through my comfort zones of asking for money so that we can reach even more people.
    4. Found my voice to stand up for myself, speak in a direct, honest and loving manner and not accept being disrespected on the job any longer. It was a first for me and doing so removed me from a job that was extremely out of alignment with my soul’s purpose. Yes, I got fired, but I wear that firing as a badge of honor.
    5. I committed to Shrink after procrastinating so long and it has changed my life. It has a lot to do with leaps of success that I have made in the self-love department this year and I look forward to continuing the process by bringing it into 2013.

    Love to all, PatriciaG

  9. Jennifer says:

    1)Got not 1 but 2 promotions this year!
    2)Began taking voice lessons again. This is what I LOVE to do… just because I don’t do it anymore for a living doesn’t mean I have to stop it all together. This is part of my work life balance goal.
    3)Took up meditation.
    4)For the first time since I was a little girl I am cavity free!
    5)My MOST IMPORTANT…. I am starting to LOVE my body exactly as it is- This is the part of my life that needs the most love. This year it got the love it was asking for and I am on a total launch pad.

  10. Maggie Carney says:

    1.I took a manifesting course (Magical Manifesters!)
    2.I am working with 4 theatre companies I have wanted to work with since I came to town 5 years ago!
    3.I lost 10 pounds!
    4.I wrote, performed and got paid for a 5 minute autobiographical piece!
    5.I own my own car!

  11. Erin says:

    I am LOOOOOVING reading everyone’s lists! So inspiring! You all ROCK! xo

  12. Sarah says:

    Great idea, Erin.

    My top 5 NAILED IT list for 2012:

    1.I moved to a new city where I didn’t know anyone and got to meet some awesome folks.
    2. I completed my certification program (2 years packed into one year INTENSIVE) and became a Holistic Nutritionist!!
    –>It was one of the toughest studying programs I have ever done but it was also one of the most interesting (I am so passionate about this field) and rewarding one for me.
    3. I got engaged! It wasn’t part of my plans but I was so very happy he made the request on my birthday 🙂
    4. I made some new business connections with some of the most awesome people. 2013 should be really interesting and full of exciting adventures.
    5. The most proud of: I launched my Fb page and am about to launch my blog/website before 2013 hits! It is not perfect yet but it is my best shot at something completely new to me and something I have been wanting to do for years 🙂


    Great initiative, Erin. Again, it is so nice to see what others have accomplished this year. I am so impressed and I look forward to reading more Nailed It Lists ;).

    Cheers to 2013!

    PS: Here is my Facebook page if you wish to take a look 😉

  13. Martine says:

    In 2012 I…
    – turned 30.
    – moved into my first studio apartment (no roommates!)
    – climbed Macchu Pichu
    – visited New York with my best girlfriends from college (and met Erin!)
    – launched a blog and wrote over 40 posts
    – ran a half marathon 36 hours after a 36 hour plane journey from Rwanda and had my second best time ever
    – mentored a team of three great young women and created a cohesive and connected team within a very dysfunctional company
    – went on a yoga retreat in Mexico
    – made 65 jars of jam
    – finished Magical Manifesters
    – read 30 books
    – finally quit my job!

    My word for 2012 was “create”. I nailed it! I am so proud that I took such giant steps towards creating the life I want for myself: moving and quitting my job, things that I have been contemplating for a long time. I feel like I’m set up for success in 2013 and can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks Erin for all the love and support; you definitely helped me create this.

  14. Jenna says:

    1. Manifested a job offer that wasn’t quite best for me but the power of knowing I could call it into my life led to more little jobs and finally the job I just got which was worth all the little jobs since it’s exactly in line with the paycheck I wanted/needed.
    2. I’ve lost about 20 pounds since May.
    3. Traveled to perform with my improv team in a midwest comedy festival and I wanted more travel in my life: boom! 2013 we’re performing in a southern comedy festival.
    4. I let faith and trust guide me in the interactions with a new guy over the summer.
    5. My confidence and trust in myself is the highest ever and because of that I finally got a haircut that I’ve wanted for a while that I used to think I needed to be thinner for. The reality is that I love the hair, so do a lot of other people and the confidence to finally do it and follow through is the best feeling.
    6. I manifested more ways to dance in my life.
    7. I started an all female improv group.
    8. I did/am doing MM.
    9. I said no, thank you with ease surrounding a decision something that wasn’t in line with my artistic desires.
    10. I made a clear, dedicated effort to work on myself: self-care, positive self-talk, self-exploration and it has been the hardest/most amazing thing I have ever done.

    Nailed it!

  15. Tina B says:

    Thank you Erin! This is a fantastic way to stay positive and be proud of ourselves even if in the rush to get and do more we totally forget to appreciate what is!

    – joined Equinox, met Erin and completed the MM course twice!
    – MM course inspired me to make a dream come true, so I took unpaid vacation and spent a month in Florence studying art history and Italian, doing my gastronomy experience, making friends, experiencing beauty on so many levels and coming to peace if even for just a few weeks
    – discovered Meditation
    – made and still making a dream come true for my parents – I helped them buy an apartment in Brooklyn and now we are renovating and decorating. It has taken a huge toll on my personal time and activities, but it feels good to know I am making someone else’s dream come true
    – Finally decided to put my apartment on the market or rent it so I can get away from the place which drains my energy and makes me feel miserable
    – asked the Universe for resolution with my very long-term ex. I am still not ready to move on, but he ended up moving to LA which gives both of us space for a new start potentially.
    – signed up for an expensive metabolic balance treatment which will hopefully help my immune system to fight the abnormal cells I have had for years so i can stop doing biopsies every few months
    – witnessed true love through a few close friends who miraculously found amazing partners. It is good to know that love the way i see it does exist!

  16. Sarah Hartley says:

    I have been so inspired by all of you, and of course Erin, to share also! Some of these things have been huge fears I’ve had in the past, especially the relationship stuff. Here is to even more change for me in 2013!!

    1. Moved in with my boyfriend
    2. Accepted into one of my top choices for nursing school and started in Sept.
    3. Gracefully passed an intensive 4 week chemistry class (eww)
    4. Performed at Jacob’s Pillow
    5. Ran my first 10K race
    6. Hosted my first Thanksgiving Dinner
    7. Received an academic scholarship
    8. Made some new, amazing friends
    9. Watched one of my closest friends get married
    10. Started volunteering
    11. Had the ” I want to get married” talk
    12. Still living with boyfriend

  17. Blaire says:

    1. Was cast in my first Equity production!
    2. Met Erin and began coaching/shrinking.
    3. Erasing the people from my life that bring me down physically, mentally and emotionally. Realizing that I AM important, and I deserve amazing things to happen to me.
    4. Had my first principal role.
    5. Said no, thank you to two offers…setting my sights for bigger and better things!
    6. After much toil and tribulation (and experimentation) realizing that diets do NOT work for me. Recognizing that this is about so much more than calories burned and what food I put in my mouth.
    7. Took a class with an incredible casting director that left me with this quote: “You’re amazingly talented, now start acting like it!”
    8. Had my first callback for a major national tour. Nothing came of it, but it shows that bigger and better things are coming my way!
    9. Learned a lot about love and the person I need to be with as well as the person I am.
    10. Discovered my love for art museums, and became a member at the MoMa.

  18. Nikki Walker says:

    I gave my boyfriend Laurent a homework assignment. Next week when we celebrate our anniversary at this posh restaurant. We have to share our Nail It list. Top 10 though, we are so focused on future endeavors we cant see the goldmine we sitting in. Thanks a Million Erin.

    1. I travelled to Turks and Caicos, Paris, and toured the South of France. First time I travelled for pleasure, not for work.Truly Divine.
    2. I doubled my income this year as a working actor.
    3. I dismantled the belief that I am a failure at relationships. Im building a beautiful future with the love of my life proving that belief wrong and stupid.
    4. I had fun and was proud of every audition I went into.
    5. I was pro active with my new found gluten allergy and repaired my skin in a profound way. 2012 helped me take care of myself in a whole new way.

  19. Laura Baran says:

    1. I became a person who acts more out of faith, trust and love, and put this into action by leaving my nearly 8-year office job that I did not enjoy, to step into the life of my dreams as a full time artist healer!
    2. I mended, more and more, my relationship with my parents and they attended and loved one Arts & Dreams event and I attended an event that was important to them & the family.
    3. My boyfriend moved in with me, so I’m learning each day to be a better person, partner, and love and for the first time ever I’m enjoying living/creating a home with my love!
    4. I helped organize an art show fundraiser and raised a lot of money for suicide prevention.
    5. I had an amazingly successful kickstarter campaign which raised funds to self-publish the Arts & Dreams book about empowerment through self-love and creativity. We will publish in 2013!


    6. I created beautiful new paintings, sold some, put together work for a January gallery show, did my first restaurant/bar commissioned painting and created the largest paintings I’ve ever made, all delivered to happy clients!

  20. Michelle says:

    1. Learned to ski
    2. Graduated from school and became a Certified Health Coach
    3. Started seeing clients!
    4. Turned 40
    5. Took the first step toward spending 6 months of next year traveling through SE Asia.

    Thanks for the inspiration Erin! This is great. I love everyone’s lists 🙂

  21. Rob says:

    Great idea… let’s see:

    • took the MM course – change is already afoot in my life
    • immediately afterward, took the Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation challenge
    • earlier this year completed 6 months of nutritional coaching with a great coach who has been helping me to redefine my relationship with food
    • at the same time as starting MM, recommitted to the gym. Have been rediscovering my love of swimming and being physical in general. Have been there on average 5 times a week and have been happy with the physical transformations taking place
    • had the first international production of one of my shows, which ended up winning awards. (This was all due to the efforts of the incredible producer & production team – but I’m including it on my list anyway … 😉
    • had a tempestuous production of a different show which taught me many things: to listen to my intuition; do not make hasty choices out of fear; know when to say NO; know when and how to speak up for myself and defend my work; and that I’m no longer interested in being treated disrespectfully.
    • increased the amount of other music-related work I’m doing (arranging & orchestrating)
    • got my website back up and running & created individual websites for some of my shows
    • wrote a new show which has a production scheduled for 2013, with the possibility of two more
    • rewrote an older show which opens in LA in February. Put to rest some old insecurities with this show.

    … wow. That’s pretty cool. And I loved reading everyone else’s lists – !

  22. Jennifer says:

    So grateful for the idea to write this list.

    Nailed it 2012

    – Started DATING!!!! (conquered the fear of online dating too)
    – Started and fell in love with S Factor
    – Got a promotion and a raise
    – Started running again and ran outside 3-4 miles everyday I could.
    – Completed my 30 before 30 list AND TURNED 30!!!!
    – Learned that it’s a good thing to put myself first. And to say no!
    – Made lots of new amazing friends
    – Challenged myself to go to events solo and and truly am comfortable alone

    Looking forward to 2013

    – Calling in a loving, nurturing, spiritual, fun, AMAZING romantic relationship! (conquering the fear of Date a Month Project + Online!)
    – Completing my portfolio!
    – Finding a new job that is a wonderful fit, financially abundant and creatively nurturing.
    – Surrendering IT ALL. And knowing that God can dream even bigger than I can for myself.


    1) I launched my Kickstarter video which stars me even though I’m WAY more comfortable behind the camera.

    2) I continue to do things outside my comfort level–like putting myself out there, like asking for support

    3) I, just yesterday, did my first on-camera interview with Producer, Alan Siegel (Playing for Keeps) for my new doc series on Filmmakers who Hailed from Queens (and I’m talking the borough, baby)

    4) I nailed my husband, once or twice, lol. (not easy with the 8 y/o around)

    5) I expanded my crew and added two shining stars that I could not imagine making this movie without

  24. Iris says:

    What a great idea. I like your 5th point on your list the most as well, being able to enjoy the journey is what it’s all about 🙂

    1. Made the switch from living unconsciously to designing and creating a life I’m in love with

    2. Launched my blog baby Bright Little Socks

    3. Won a coaching scholarship from Jacob Sokol that changed my life. Became friends with him in the process 🙂

    4. Connected with like minded passionate people all over the world via skype, facebook and my blog

    5. I made more changes in a year than ever before in my life. It’s a scary ride but I’m so proud of myself for having the courage to stick through it and believe that it’s possible to live the life of my dreams.

  25. Dr. Samantha says:

    Love it. In 2012…
    1. I decided to sing or dance whenever I’m so moved.
    2. Hired a designer to redo my existing website and develop a second site to focus on my personal brand. Site 1 launching before the holidays.
    3. Got clear on several things that were causing me distress in my life and moved on.
    4. Took several classes to help me figure out how to shape my business to reflect more of who I am and what I want to do.
    5. Redefined important.

  26. I LOVE the encouragement to do this, soak in accomplishments and reflect. It makes it so exciting to set new goals, when we are given the chance to pat ourselves on the back for where we’ve been and how we’ve grown!
    Thank you Erin and all. xo.

    Here’s my nailed it list!

    1- Stepped completely out of my comfort zone and volunteered in Haiti twice in 2012, with another trip planned for 2013. Co-created a curriculum for young adults and educators to implement a creative arts, specifically dance based program with orphans. Spoke as much French and Creole as I could, got tons of vaccines and gave myself so fully while there.
    2- Presented at a conference for the first time! Performing the World 2012!
    3- Refreshed my commitment to self, through consistent Shrink Session, Acupuncture and paying attention to what I need (planning plenty of nature trips and long bike rides!)
    4- Let myself trust enough to relax, appreciate and love my guy. 🙂
    5- Choreographed and saw my first piece performed for the National Dance Institute Event of the Year!
    6- Ran a hugely successful dance camp, which came about because of demand for more dance in community! /Directed 2 NDI schools for the first time.
    7- Threw a big surprise 60th for my Dad!
    8- Launched ! (With tons of support.)
    9- Have grown more aware of the importance of conversations with myself, and the importance of loving and savoring the gift of this journey!

  27. Caitlin Bebb says:

    I am so happy I dropped in to class on Wednesday!

    I am happy that in the past year….

    1. I quit my full-time corporate job + traded it in for 2 flexible part-time gigs that I like WAY better! Less secure money wise, but I LOVE being able to set my own schedule, as it has enabled me to pursue my acting career with more thunder.
    2. I performed in 2 plays + got great feedback for my performances
    3. I kicked-up my workout routine in a major way (thanks to classes at Equinox), and am feeling better about my body than ever. Well, most of the time 🙂
    4. I am in a relationship with a man I love – I am learning and growing with him everyday.
    5. I began gathering mentors and leaders who inspire me and have shifted how I talk to myself, how I shift my thoughts, and have made me feel like a new person.
    6. I have continued to direct my on-going performance piece, “A Sonnet is a Missed Connection” which always gets great feedback- I know this is something I need to continue.
    7. I’ve dealt with some health problems (sans insurance) by taking care of myself and having a lot of patience.


  28. Megan says:

    so inspiring to read everyone’s posts! here are my top 5 nailed it!

    – I started off the year by visiting my friend who was working on a cruise ship which travelled to the Mexican Riviera and ate delicious meals on my own, spent time with her and swam with dolphins, ate fresh seafood out of the ocean, and went jet skiing! Did I mention almost everything was free???

    – After getting my Equity card last year, I got my first Equity contract this year and get this – through an email and referral – didn’t even audition! (things can come easily to me!? amazing new concept! 🙂

    – Did a makeover to my marketing materials, new website, new headshots – steppin it up!

    – One of the biggest – found an acting studio (thanks to Erin!) that I call home. It has changed me internally as a human being, opened me up emotionally, allowed me to let go of what is no longer serving me and use my emotional pain and accept the journey. I am a much stronger actress this year than I have ever been. I have done some of the best scene work of my life this year and have clarity on what I want to say as an artist.

    – Fell in love with a wonderful, wonderful man. The first time I have ever felt what it is like to be loved in that type of relationship and to be able to give that to someone. what an amazing gift.

    bonus: just shot an episode for A&E’s The bio channel and was cast by a former Law & Order Casting Director which is maybe one of my favorite shows on TV! wooo!

    Here is to an amazing 2013 and all you powerful people on here! xo

  29. Megan MacPhee says:

    I nearly forgot: I learned how to play the guitar and purchased my own folk size guitar! 2013 will include writing/singing my own original song!

  30. Margaret says:

    Nailed it! 2012

    Erin, once again, you lead us to keep finding ways to celebrate and fly. I am amazed and inspired by all of the awesomeness in these lists. Thank you Erin and everyone for choosing to love and soar. I would so just gloss over my own work in the business of trying to get more done if not for these reminders. Thank you, and I celebrate us all.

    1. After a long process of trying to resolve some health issues that included multiple doctor visits, acupuncture, a nutritionist, Shamanic energy work and more, I performed an act of radical self-love: I gave up processed sugar starting this past February. Am at day 297 as I type this. This has had a truly revolutionary affect on my mood, my health, my energy, my body. I feel great!

    2. I expanded my inner athlete. 2011 was about finding her, which was one of my two reasons for coming to Shrink in the first place in Jan. 2011. In Aug. I began training for a 5k that was canceled due to Sandy but as a result I continue to train/run and now love running after a lifelong hidden belief that I could never run. It feels great! Experiencing my own desire and will in action is powerful.

    3. I am completing Magical Manifesters! This is huge! I attempted it three times this year, but I guess the forth time I was ready to give myself the gift of letting myself dream and plan and act. I have three exercises in the last module to go…

    4. I started singing again after a several year hiatus. Am putting together a second solo show and working in my voice regularly in group classes and regular practice. I expanded my audition book and sang at a beloved mentor’s benefit in Buffalo, going pro all the way.

    5. I finally got new headshots. They are beautiful and since I feel great about exactly where I am in my career, at my age, just as I am, my types, what I have to offer, they reflect that. I love using them. I am in the midst of overhauling my marketing materials, including my website.

    6. I booked not just one but five SAG commercials! One of my MM soul goals was to book a funny, memorable SAG national commercial, and I did, but it turned out to be a series of five! It was a dream job in every since of the word! A 9 day shoot with an incredible director and awesome crew, creatives and fellow actors.

    7. A super biggie: I started auditioning at Equity. This had been a longstanding goal since I got my card in 2008. I finally broke through the fear and the I’m-not-worthy block and started going for it. The esteem this has packed into my spirit as a result of believing enough in myself to do it is invaluable and precious to me. So much is still shifting from having taken that action.

    8. The biggest of all: I decided to choose to believe in my right to pursue acting as a profession, to own myself as an artist, as an actor and singer, to believe that I am talented and have more than enough to offer the world. This has been an incredibly huge shift, one that is still happening.

    Ahead in 2013:
    1. Run a 5k
    2. Add a group sport to my movement regime
    3. Book a memorable supporting role in a high profile independent feature
    4. Book an Equity role in a regional show with a 4 week run
    5. Go to Paris!!
    6. Perform my wildly successful 2nd cabaret show to sold out audiences and release a full cd of songs.
    7. To live with more risk-taking, love, ease and joy, and to inspire that in others.

  31. Sierra says:

    Admittedly, this has taken me a while. Perhaps I Haven’t taken the time to adequately acknowledge my accomplishments as they happened, but just floated through the motions. It’s nice to look back and discover.

    1. Completed a Tough Mudder, running 12 miles (when had previously only ever run 3)
    2. Landed my first client at work
    3. Paid off over $15,000 in debt
    4. Went on vacation with my father to Alaska, which included 11 days together on a boat.
    5. Hung art on my walls (seemingly small, but somehow a large emotional achievement)

  32. NAILED IT in 2012
    1. Met a loving boyfriend
    2. Finally launched my blog
    3. Got into a yoga teacher training program
    4. Got a job that pays $20+/hour
    5. Made friends with another ambitious girl

    FOR 2013
    1. Got into UTSW for graduate school
    2. Became a paid performing dancer/aerialist
    3. Earn an income from my blog
    4. Get a raise at my teaching job
    5. Meet more ambitious, creative friends

  33. Rachel says:


    1) I was cast in my first professional opera in NYC.

    2) I grew my private studio of piano/voice students from 8 to 16.

    3) I took my first Intensati/Shrink Session class in February – and it’s changed my life.

    4) I learned how to “better handle” change & how to maintain some sort of “balance” in my life.

    5) I have lived in NYC for a year & a half – exactly to this month!!

  34. Shayna says:

    Back in 2010 (well as 2010 was turning into 2011… before Shrink Session was even born!), Erin asked us to write what we accomplished each month that year. And I wrote it. And kept it as a draft in my gmail. Because I didn’t think my accomplishments were worth it. It didn’t seem like enough to send. I am doing things a little differently now 🙂

    So here is what I nailed this year.

    1. Recorded (actually, am recording) a killer album. I was able to let go of a project that wasn’t quite right and invest in something that feels new and exciting and organic and authentic. I am really for the first time invested in what I am doing (emotionally financially physically spiritually) and I believe it will pay off. I know that no matter what happens, I am doing my best.
    2. I have taken ownership of what I want in my life. I am no longer apologizing or second-guessing what I want for myself and what I think the world will provide for me.
    3. I have taken MAJOR STEPS toward loving my body as it is. I am working with a homeopathic doctor who is helping me stop dieting and restricting and create a bigger more loving relationship with myself in the world around me.
    4. I have been an amazing friend, sister, and daughter this year. I have spent time nurturing the relationships that sustain me and stopped chasing the ones that don’t.
    5. I have found my own perspectives. I am not a follower any more.
    6. And most importantly, I have come to a place where I am truly grateful to be on my own path. It finally feels like I am living my own life and I don’t need to concern myself so much with what is going on in everyone else’s. (Do I still feel jealous sometimes? of course, but so much less so…) and there is so much more excitement for what lies ahead for me

    Thanks for making me do this Erin.

  35. Emily says:

    Here’s my top 5. I look forward to reading yours.

    1. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone many times this year – especially leaving a stable job in NYC with coworkers that I love, a city filled with friends I love, and I took a leap of faith and moved to LA.
    2. I got a badass job on a funny show where I have freedom to contribute creatively every day AND I got a manager for my writing who is supportive and loving and believes in me.
    3. I have now performed on stage close to 7 times in NYC and LA telling original stories that I’ve written and I feel good about it.
    4. I attracted a loving, caring, thoughtful and fantastic man into my life. And said goodbye to many this year that were not those things.
    5. I starting asking both professionally and in my relationships for what I am worth.

  36. Liz B says:

    Happy 2013.

    In 2012 I

    1) Started cooking ALOT ALOT! Thank you Erin for introducing me to HPG GO feed yourself and thank you for MM.
    2) Taught intenSati twice a week
    3) Quit my corporate job
    4) Enroled to be a Health Coach at IIN
    5) Surprised my parents with a trip to NZ for my brothers 50th!

    In 2013
    1) I will move to NZ for 3 months and spend precious time with family
    2) I will complete the B school Marie Forleo course
    3) I will lose 20 pounds
    4) I will be in love
    5) I will have clarity of my business and service to the world