Get Back To Your Truth

I am cozied up in chilly New York City. Today, it is 12 degrees outside BUT the sun is shining, which is all I really need to feel good. That, and a ton of layers.

Today, I want to talk about Truth.

And before I talk about Truth, I have a question:

Do you watch Homeland?

If not, ya gotta add this bad boy to your Netflix queue. If you are in the middle of it or plan to watch, don’t worry, NO SPOILER ALERTS here.

Claire Danes portrays a badass CIA agent named Carrie Mathison who has a deep hunch that a recently returned POW is not who he says he is.

Carrie’s intuition is sharp. Home girl is smart as a whip. She has clear eyes and is determined to follow her instincts to reveal what she knows to be true.

Meanwhile, her CIA counter parts doubt and question the validity of her accusations. But, this doesn’t deter her, because she believes in her instincts to the very core of her being.

When certain events occur that indicate her suspicions may have lead her down the wrong path, her world falls apart.

She falls apart. The fact that something she was so certain of could actually be false causes an internal crumbling.

One of the greatest lines from the show is, “I’ve never been so sure, and so wrong. And it’s that fact that I still can’t get my head around. It makes me unable to trust my own thoughts. Every time I think I see something clearly, it just disappears.”

Despite SNL pulling off a fantastically hilarious sketch of this moment, this line holds great power.

When an event, big or small, occurs that is out of line with what we think we know to be true, it pushes us to question every move we make and every thought we think.

Whether it’s the job we were sure we would get, a relationship we thought was the one, or a person we believed we could trust or count on unquestionably, it shakes us when we learn that we may have been wrong about what we thought we knew.

How did we misjudge? How were we so off base? And most importantly, how do we get back to trusting ourselves?

Let me explain to you where we usually go (mentally) when an event like this happens and what we can do to get out of there.

When something rocks our internal truth and takes us out of our inspired Light, we are sent to what I call the EGOIC FOREST. This forest is filled with our biggest fears, untrue beliefs and whole lotta lack.

Like Tarzan, we swing from trees that say everything from “Screw YOU, person who hurt me!” to “You’re wrong! You’re an idiot! How dare you!”

We swing to other trees that say, “Perhaps I am a bad person. I screwed up. I should be ashamed of myself. I am horrible. I always mess up.”

Another tree in your path might say, “I wonder what people will think of me? What will they say? Will they believe what people are saying?”

But while you are swinging there is probably a small voice (or perhaps a big one) inside of you that says, “These trees aren’t real.”

Why? Because you feel agitated. You don’t feel at peace. You don’t feel at ease and you definitely don’t feel love flowing through you. The EGOIC Forest is a place of unrest, designed to keep you off-balance and perpetually swinging from tree to tree without ever rooting back down in the ground, in yourself.

So how do you get back to your truth?

How do you get BACK TO YOURSELF, YOUR LIGHT and out of the mess of this ugly forest?

1. Acknowledge that you are in the EGOIC Forest and that it is OK to be there. You are a human being and you are having a very human experience. Let yourself be human. Give yourself a break.

As one of my beautiful students pointed out, it is this very wrestling (or swinging) that is bringing you closer to faith, closer to truth.  You are quite possibly swinging your way out.

2. While you are in the middle of it, take a few minutes every day (possibly many, many, many minutes) to connect to yourself and your Light.

Meditate. Take a bath. Get a massage. See a friend. Get a mani/pedi. Take a long walk. Pray. Write. Sing. Dance. You know the activities that bring you peace and the ones that don’t. Choose from those that do.

Choose one, choose many –  but decide for yourself that you are going to give yourself a breaky break from the mental struggle for a little while every day.

(And don’t worry if the swinging still happens even while you are trying to take a break from it.)

3. Watch for longer moments of PEACE and EASE.  The more you connect to your Light, the more your EGO tires. It will give in, because the Light of Love and Truth will be too bright for it to bear.

You will know that TRUTH is breaking through the more you feel at home in your body. You will feel and know that there is enough for everyone. You will feel compassion toward the person who may have hurt you. You will feel love, and you will feel loved.  You will feel that Life is actually supporting you to move forward.

Most significantly, you will notice that you no longer feel the need to “prove” anything to yourself or anyone around you. You will just know and feel that all is well.

Light, Love and Truth will always find their way to you through darkness. Always.

If you feel like you have been swinging from tree to aimless tree, if you are looking to CONNECT to your Truth, to plant yourself firmly in the ground of your SELF, I invite you to check out Magical Manifesters.

This 4-week course is a perfect way to CONNECT, DECLARE and then ACT on your truth. You will dream and then you will make a plan for those dreams. It’s the most magical forest to spend time in. I promise you that.

And, if you haven’t yet seen Homeland, well, now you must. You have to see if Claire Danes’ character’s instincts were actually right.


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