Why you should take it easy right now

I know we are only about a week into 2014, but I wanted to remind you that it is ok to take it easy.

I know when the New Year hits, we want to race towards our dreams and goals. Sometimes there is a sense of urgency to make it ALL happen right away, once and for all.

But I think that can create an unneeded amount of pressure.

Before every live Shrink Session class, I like to share a personal story or sometimes I just talk about the theme of the new month. I wanted to share the short (6 min) talk I gave the other night before class.

In addition to sharing what my WORD/THEME is for the year, I talk about this idea of bringing ease into the month. I also share the mantras we are using, which you might want to bring along with you through your day. 

You can listen to the talk on your browser or mobile device HERE.

You can download it to your desktop HERE.

Here are the mantras:  

I am where I need to be

To make it all happen

I choose simplicity and ease

I use focus and passion

I am willing to change

Life supports me

I am ready to expand

It’s gonna be easy


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