We Need To Celebrate

The other weekend, my husband and I threw the most epic party/festival in our backyard.

We had it catered, we had a live band, a drum circle, a DJ doing silent disco, and we did these amazing collaborative paintings with our friends.

Do you know what we were celebrating?

We were celebrating the fact that we CAN celebrate.

That’s it.

We are alive. We are here. We are making it through this difficult time. And while we are not on the other side of it yet completely, we are getting there. And THAT is something to celebrate!

In fact, wherever you are in your life, there’s a reason to celebrate.

The good things that have happened, celebrate!
The successes you have achieved, celebrate!
The friendships you have formed, celebrate!
The challenges you have overcome, celebrate!
All that is coming your way, celebrate!

Our days are filled with reasons to celebrate.

Throwing a party for our friends and seeing them celebrate their own lives was truly remarkable.

And while you don’t need to throw a big party, we can all find beautiful and simple ways to celebrate, whether they are free or more extravagant.

Here are a few simple ways to celebrate:

You can take a luxurious bath.
Take a Soul Stroll in a beautiful place such as a nearby park or art museum.
Walk into a flower show or garden and smell the flowers.
Give yourself an hour to read your favorite book or listen to music you love.
Get a massage or facial.
Buy a few favorite groceries and cook a beautiful meal.
Do a night staycation at a fancy hotel.

So, what are you waiting for? Will you celebrate?

_______________ What’s New _______________

To help you celebrate, we just released a new workout: Celebrate Because You Can! How perfect is that? Join us inside The Movement for this high energy, high vibe cardio/sculpting workout and repeat the mantras :

I’m alive / And I’m here to celebrate / I’m grateful / And I choose it everyday

Here’s what The Movement Crew shared in the FB group:

“Loved the new celebration class. I smiled all the way through!”

“I loved it and I loved that the sequences were simple so I could catch on!”

“Dripping sweat! Excellent workout Erin. Loved the story about the party you hosted and loved the artwork. So colorful.”

Join us to try this and other workouts, meditations and Soul Strolls.

Looking forward to celebrating with all of you!


P.S. Know someone who could use a little celebrating in their lives? I’m betting you could, ‘cause we all need a little encouragement. Spread the love and please share this message with them.

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