we’re cooking today

As you know, I am always looking for ways to live an abundant, healthy and happy lifestyle and love sharing tips and secrets with you along the way.

In today’s video I am sharing something entirely different than I ever have before. 

It’s something I am usually afraid to do…but I am doing it. For you.

With my good friend Heather Pierce. (She is an outstanding cooking coach who helps your body keep up with your business. She is the creator of “Go Feed Yourself“, a digital cooking program coming out in January 2012 that teaches you how to make healthy, tasty meals in less than 20 minutes.)

If you are like me, cooking intimidates you a little. You want to do more of it, but never know what to make. Long lists of ingredients overwhelm you and you wish you could just throw a few things in a pot and viola!!

When you watch this video, you are going to learn JUST that.

Heather is a master at finding a few ingredients that will make a fantastic meal. She takes a peek in my pantry (which was so embarrassing and so not cute…but I am showing you anyway.) and tells me just what I need. 

It’s so fricken easy to make and DELICIOUS you won’t believe it!! 

I am NOT kidding when I say, I have made this recipe about ten times since we shot this video and I normally almost never cook!

Please, if you only watch one thing online today, let it be this.

 Your tummy will thank you. 

Once you watch it, leave a comment on the blog and let me know if you have any other EASY PEASY recipes that you love. (Lord know I need them) Will you try this one at home?

Can’t wait to hear back from ya!



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