1 min 6 pack abs… must take shower

Hope you are enjoying this fall weather today. It’s gorg in NYC!

I have been getting a bunch of emails lately, asking for some at home fitness tips.

Well, you know how I do… ask, and you shall receive.

1 min 6 pack abs… must take shower

Today I share my #1 all time FAVORITE AB exercise that literally will take you 1 min a day and will get you results in just one month.

No fancy equipment.

No expensive gym membership.

But you have to take a shower. Wait, what?!

You will see what I mean when you get a sneak peak of me… in the shower… dun dun dun.

If you want more tips on how to get creative with ‘at home fitness’, leave a comment and tell me what body part you want to work the most.

I will be making more fitness videos in the coming weeks, so now is the time to submit your questions! Don’t be shy!

Thanks for watching my crazy videos and I hope you have a wonderful week:)



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