Tuning in to Your Feminine Energy

A friend of mine, (who happens to love my Soul Stroll!), recently wrote a book that I’m so excited to share with you… It’s called, “Lady Bits,” and yes… It’s about your lady bits. And so much more!

The author, Dr. Brianne Grogan, is a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in women’s health. Her new book, “Lady Bits: Understand Your Body, Elevate Your Health, and Reclaim Your Spark Naturally” is an incredible resource for women of all ages.

“Lady Bits” offers empowering health information and simple tools to elevate your well-being and tap into your sensuality.

We all could use a book that delivers us some good scientific knowledge, mixes is a little sex manual direction all while it feels like you are chatting over a glass of wine with your best friend.

Lady Bits is a comprehensive guide that will help you understand, care for, and LOVE your unique female body. How good does that sound?

You will learn:

  • Why your mojo has left the building…and how to get it back!
  • Rarely discussed information about your unique female anatomy and physiology
  • Kegel exercises: are they good, bad, or indifferent?
  • Changes to expect as you age, including lessons and stories from real women like you
  • How to assess for diastasis recti, and precautions to take if you have it -How to find and properly strengthen your “inner core”
  • What “clean eating” means, and simple steps you can take to improve your diet
  • How to accept and embrace your body, including a “Body Image Bootcamp” with solutions for improving body confidence and self-love
  • Three steps to better sex, including specific instructions for using your inner core muscles to enhance intimacy
  • Realistic ways to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes into your daily life

We all know that before a woman’s intimate life improves she must learn to love herself, get to know her body, and feel relaxed and secure in her own skin.

As Dr. Brianne says, “Tune into your body and reclaim your spark! You don’t have to be an expert, but every woman should know a bit.” Her book is going to help you reclaim your spark!

And the best news is… We have a special giveaway for Shrink Session members! The giveaway is limited to US residents (including Alaska and Hawaii) and/or US military APO addresses.

Leave a comment below to enter to win! Tell us one thing you love about your female body!


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