Say No To Distractions

The other day, I sat down with my journal and started writing what my ideal, daily  schedule would look like.

It included how long I would have for writing/working, exercising, spending time with my daughter, cooking, etc. 

I was about half way through constructing my brilliant and perfect plan, when my daughter came in asking for breakfast, wanting to do a dance class and begging me to FaceTime her friend Marlo. 

Yes, she wanted all those things at once. Wait, what?! 

This is NOT how my perfectly planned day is supposed to go. I still have 15 min on the clock to write!

I was quickly reminded of two very important things as it pertains to getting things done, staying on track and creating fulfillment in your life. Whether it is working out, healthy eating, writing/creating or committing to your goals, here are two things I like to remember.

  1. Life is messy and it will never, ever, ever be perfect. Despite your plans and your best intentions, life will interrupt you, things will throw you off and you will be left wondering what the hell just happened. It’s ok. We don’t have to beat ourselves up when we get off track. It’s just truly a part of life.

And something else is true.

  1. We can say no. We can say no to distractions. We can politely decline when someone asks for our attention. We can USE our attention to KEEP our attention on what we want to complete. Again and again.

In the time it took me to write this, my daughter busied herself with some toys after I politely and patiently told her I needed a few more minutes. Yes, I had to tell her a few times, but she eventually got the message. She then had to poop on the potty and wanted me to sit with her and wipe her tush. (Motherhood!) But right after, I told her I still needed more time and she went back to playing.  

I went back to writing. It wasn’t seamless. It was messy. But I got it done. 

I’m not saying it will be easy. But I am saying if you can say no over and over and over (and over and over if you have a small child!) to the distractions that will prevent you from getting done what you want to get done, you will have built a little something for yourself.

Then, when the big distractions that you can’t say no to, the emergencies, the life wallops come along, you will have a foundation that helps to keep you afloat until you can get back to your perfectly imperfect routine. 

Now, it’s your turn. 

What are your major distractions right now? Are there some that you must tend to? Are there others that if you said no to them, you would accomplish what it is you want to accomplish?

Let me know in the comments below. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!


P.S. If you are into creative goal setting as a form of greater self expression and fulfillment, having less hustle and more flow in your life, keep an eye on your inbox. I will be talking more about this very topic in the coming weeks.

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