Sweet, I Love You Too, Cookie!

Hello Love-

This month has been revolutionary for many of my students. LOVE is REVOLUTIONARY when you let it in.

Finding ways to LOVE yourself UP is a RADICAL way of thinking and acting. Most people DON’T do it. I realize this. However, when you start looking for it, loves seems to find you, everywhere you go.

You can even find it during rush hour on a packed train where everyone wants to get the heck home!

A small Jamaican fellow hopped on the uptown 1  train with his guitar. With his one-of- a kind voice, he belted out the most delightful, soulful rendition of Oh Suzana that I ever heard. I didn’t even know it was Oh Suzana until he got to the chorus. I just about wept right there.

As I was exiting the train, I reached in my pocket, stuck my hand through a huge crowd of suits and handed him a $10 bill. His face LIT UP!  “YOU just MADE my Day!” he said with a gigantic grin. My heart leapt. Really? Wow. “Well, you just MADE MINE”, I grinned back.

The energy on the train was changed. I felt it, he felt it and everyone around me felt it.

The other day I walked by a heart shaped cookie in Mrs. Fields window that said, “I LOVE YOU!” I smiled and thought, “Sweet! I love you, too Cookie!”

There are no shortage of ways to see/feel love in any moment. Especially silly ones:).

Love is easy to feel when you are willing to give it.

Love is easy to receive when you are open to it.

There is an opportunity to fall in love in every moment.

Don’t worry about feeling silly. Love is silly sometimes.

Don’t worry that you won’t get it back. You always do.

Don’t worry that there isn’t enough. LOVE is who you are and surrounding you of every moment of every day.

How has this month been going for you? Have you found ways to FALL madly, deeply, passionately in love with you?

I would LOVE to hear about it. Leave a comment on the blog and share the LOVE. Tell us how you are finding SMALL ways to FALL in love with YOU!

I love YOU.




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