How To Start The New Year

Happy New Year!

Here we are at the start of January 2024, a time where I know many people feel the urge for new beginnings and fresh starts.

While new beginnings and fresh starts can happen any time of year, there is something nice about a collective beginning and using this energy to create something new.

So, I’m jumping in with some quick and simple advice.

Take your time easing in.

You don’t have to have the whole year figured out this week, or even next. You can go slow. You can go easy. In fact, I’m doing things a little differently this year. Given that I just had a baby, trying to plan out the entire year’s goals feels overwhelming and darn near impossible.

Instead, I’m making 1 or 2 commitments each month, until I’m ready to look further ahead.

If setting goals for the entire year feels daunting to you as well, I recommend breaking things down into months.

Don’t even think about the next month, until you are in the last stretch of the current month. Oftentimes, we want to have the whole thing figured out. But research tells us that breaking things into doable chunks leads us to more successful outcomes.

If you are making one or two commitments to yourself each month, it’s important that these commitments contain 2 elements.

1) You enjoy doing it. (Or at least don’t hate doing it!)
2) It is something that’s actually doable. (IE I would never commit to waking up daily at 6am, because I know it would NEVER happen.)

For January, I’m committed to the following:

1) Daily Soul Strolls
Right now, walking feels like the best form of exercise that I can do with the baby, gets me out for fresh air and helps me start to move in a way that strengthens me.

2) Create before consuming
This means I’m going to make something for my business (write, post, design, etc) before I sit and consume anything on social media.

Both these are doable and things I love to do.

If walking is a commitment for you, we have plenty of Soul Strolls to choose from inside The Movement to keep you motivated and moving. These beautiful, up beat music soundtracks with coaching and mantras will keep you motivated and inspired even on cold days.

Or you can try the brand new Barre inspired workout we just released this week inside The Movement. This is a beautiful full body, hit every muscle, make you shake barre workout. It will help calm and center your mind and body when things get challenging.

Here’s what some of our members shared :

How about you? Interested in creating 1-2 commitments for the month? Hit reply and let us know what it is. Would love to hear from you!

Here’s to a beautiful, healthy and happy New Year!


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