Know What Season You are In

It’s the new year and I want to get real with you. 

As I ease into 2020 (because that is the way I like to do it), I am continuing to have real conversations about what is important to me right now, in this season of my life. 

As you know, I am in the season of mothering a young child. (And don’t worry if you are not in this season, too. Today’s message applies to whatever season YOU are in.)

I have officially had this role for two years now. Two years! 

It’s hard to believe that every single cell in my body has reorganized itself in order for me to best take care of my tiny human.

I am fortunate that I get to spend a lot of time doing things with and for her.  


At the same time, while this intense, demanding, all consuming, inspiring and sometimes boring care-taking is happening daily, I am ALSO running a mindful business that is in alignment with every single one of my core values. 

(Make no mistake, I have a wonderful nanny who takes care of my daughter on the days I work. She helps with cooking and cleaning which allows me space to go off and create things for people like you. I could not continue to run my business without help.)

In an attempt to do both of these things well, (which I certainly don’t always feel like I am doing), I have had to get SO crystal clear on how I want, and NEED to spend my time, energy and resources. 

I don’t consider it to be a balancing act. I consider it to be an act of CHOICE. 

I want to be a very present, involved mother. That is my priority.

I also want to run a sustainable business that serves people and allows me to be in the highest expression of myself. That is ALSO a priority. 

And so, I make daily CHOICES on where I want my energy and attention to go.

I have to be honest and realistic about what I am willing and not willing to do.

I have to be honest and realistic about what I can fit in a day.  

I have to be honest and realistic about where I need support. 

These choices are not always easy. 

I don’t always get it right. 

But I am proud of how I am moving through this season. And I know it will change and evolve as all seasons do. 

What season are you in right now? 

Are you in the season of taking care of an aging parent?
Are you in the season of being single and making your way in the world?

Are you in the season of healing your body?
Are you in the season of having a lot of energy and vitality?

I can’t express how important it is to know your season. 

Claim it. 

Be honest about it. 

And never compare your season to someone else’s.

Be in YOUR season. 

From a place of honesty and acceptance, you can start to get real about how you NEED (not want, but NEED) to spend your time, energy and resources to best support you through this season

In the meantime, wishing you a happy and healthy new year ahead!

With love,

P.S. Do you run a small business that is of service to others? Are you looking to run your business in a sustainable way that is in alignment with your core values and suited to your current season?

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