Don’t Run From The Hard Stuff

Last weekend, we lost the great sports icon, Kobe Bryant, along with his talented young daughter Gigi and 7 other members of their community.

A lot has been said about this tragic loss.

A collective grief surrounds us.

Even days later.

And obviously, our grief is only a sliver of what these families will experience for a long time to come.

I just want to say, it’s ok to feel the pain of it.

And furthermore, it’s ok to feel whatever other pain you might be experiencing right now. 

It’s ok to feel lost with it.

It’s ok to not know why you feel the way you feel.

Yes, squeeze the juice of life and be grateful for what you have and where you are. Yes, yes, yes.

But before jumping towards good feelings, trying to make the bad ones go away…




Don’t run away from the hard feelings.

This lessons goes for the hard feelings that come up above and beyond this particular tragedy. 

We often deny ourselves feelings that will connect us to all of humanity.

The feelings that every human will experience at various times in their lives.

Allowing space for these feelings will allow you to feel more empathy and compassion for others.

More importantly, through the feeling and truth telling of these feelings, you will be sprung forth into action to help relieve the suffering of others around you.

This is the true definition of compassion in most religions — allowing ourselves to truly feel the depths of someone else’s feelings so that we are sprung into action as a result!

It is so much more than just sending “love + light”. 

However, before we can be moved into action, we must be willing to be with our own pain.


Not knowing what tomorrow brings.
Being afraid of what might happen.
All uncomfortable feelings.




This is how we will begin to make the world a more tolerant, peaceful, loving place.  


P.S. I have a beautiful compassion meditation inside The Movement.  It is a moving one that has brought many to tears. You can check it out along with over 40 hours of mindful workouts, uplifting soul strolls and grounding meditations. First 7 days are on me. Learn more here.

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