The Most Important Conversation

Today’s post is short. I have one simple question for you.

Can you be nicer to yourself today than you were yesterday?

I heard my pal Kris Carr ask this question in a recent interview. It floored me. It’s so very simple. And yet so profound.

Can you be nicer to yourself today?

Every day, we are having conversations. We are texting, we are emailing, we are talking on the phone, we are conversing with our friends, loved ones and children.

But amongst all these conversations, the most important ones you have each day are the conversations with yourself.  

What kinds of conversations are you having with yourself? Are they kind, supportive and uplifting?

These questions go beautifully with the mantras we are using this month in my live Shrink Session classes. (Make sure you are following me on FB and Instagram to sign up for classes.)

Here are the mantras. Feel free to repeat them.

I lift myself up
I give myself respect
I am in charge
And joy is the effect

I strengthen my mind
My body will follow
I raise myself up
I do it right now

If you are not sure HOW to shift that internal conversation, HERE are some more movements and mantras you can do to help with your confidence. (It will take 2 minutes to have a shift and you don’t even need to stand up.)

If you are beating yourself because you have abandoned your dreams recently and feel like giving up, HERE are some movement and mantras to help you reconnect to them. (Also only requires 2 minutes to get the shift.)

Both of these will help you be nicer to yourself. I promise. You will feel better.

What kind of conversations with yourself have you been having? Share in the comments.


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