How I Feel About My Body

While it’s not here yet, I live for summer.

To me the warm weather months feel like love. I am relaxed, at ease, happy and I feel confident in my body.

However, as the weather gets warmer and the layers start coming off, I often have a moment like, “Oh, hello body. You’ve been hiding for the last few months under all those warm and cozy clothes.”

Confidence and ease are not usually what I immediately feel. Instead, I begin to feel a little pressure.

And then of course, there is the external pressure we start to get this time of year about it being bikini season!

With these two factors at play, it’s easy to fall into “Uh oh, I have to fix myself” mode.

Time to get skinny or fit or thinner or better or stronger.

We can get into comparing ourselves not only to others, but to where we THINK we should be in our bodies and our lives.

But as you probably know by now, that kind of thinking doesn’t work.

In fact, if anything it demotivates us.

But what I have learned over the years from my own life and from working with thousands of people, is that this MENTALITY about not being enough where we are is actually a whole lot worse than the reality of where we are.

Sure, we all want to improve, get better, but FEELING better is often something that can be achieved rather quickly.

And it starts by deciding to be FULLY in the moment, in your life, right now.

Once we allow ourselves to completely inhabit the present moment, things start to shift.

In our bodies. AND in our lives.

And here’s the really cool part.

It can take as little as FIVE minutes to make a shift.

Just five minutes to start feeling great where you are. TODAY.

Click here to watch this quick video & see what I mean.

I don’t believe it takes going to extremes to get the body or the life you want.
In fact, thousands of my Shrink Session clients are seeing for themselves that it takes just 3 simple steps:

First you SAY it – you gotta know what you want, and then talk about it.

Then you SWEAT it – you gotta get that desire out of your head and into your body.

Then you GET it – once you start changing the energy in your body, the magic begins.

Let’s spend a week together and I’ll teach you the process.  

It’s not about being UBER intense and getting crazy. It’s about moving your body a little bit, every day.

Starting with just FIVE minutes.

I promise you, this approach to movement is full-circle, 360 degrees, no longer separating the body from the mind or the heart.

Ready to feel great about showing some skin this summer?

YES! I am ready to commit to just 5 minutes a day so that I can see and feel remarkable benefits.


P.S.  We start June 13th. I’ll send more info after you sign up.


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