Essential Oil Recipes for Cravings, Stress & Fatigue

This month is about self-care for me.

After the launch of Mantras in Motion, and all that has gone into it, mama is tiiiired!

While I have so much more to share with you regarding the book, I know that for the next few weeks, I need to take very conscious care of my energy.

This means I get very clear with what I say YES to and what I say NO to.

In the next few weeks, I am going to be sharing some of my very best information on self-care, so if you’re looking for some new tools to help you, keep an eye on your inbox.

The first tool I am sharing is below. And it has the potential to change your health with ease.

But first, real quick…

Let’s talk about saying YES and saying NO.

You see, in order to say yes to what we want, we have to say no to what we don’t want.

For example, if I say yes to truly relaxing and taking care of myself (mentally and physically), it means I am saying no to a variety of things:

Here is my NO list:

  • Scrolling endlessly on social media
  • Checking email more than twice a day
  • Thinking about things in the future I have no control over
  • Even saying no to the voice in my head that says I shouldn’t lay down and rest mid-day. “Excuse me, voice, I need rest, and this week is about self-care.”

If I say YES to obsessing over my to-do list in the middle of the night, (a habit I find myself doing more often than I care to admit) it means I am saying NO to a restful sleep.

But if I say yes to a restful sleep, it means I am saying no to obsessing over the to-do list.

See how simple that is?

We often think we don’t have a choice when it comes to what we really need and want, but once we put it in simple terms like what we will say YES and NO to, it gets a little easier.

Of course, then we have to put it into practice.

You see, when I wake up at 3 am, my mind decides it’s a really good time to think of all the things I missed that day and what I should do tomorrow.

But it’s my job to train that voice to sweetly retreat into the background. I can do this by:

  • Taking long, slow, deep breaths
  • Repeating a mantra that supports my rest
  • Having a chat with this voice and asking what it really wants from me. If it says, “I just like to be busy” I say, “Thank you for sharing. Not now.”
  • Using Essential Oils (MORE ON THIS BELOW!!)

I am finding that self-care is a practice, like anything else.

I am the first to admit, I am not always great at it. I find myself thinking that slowing down means nothing good will happen.

(Intellectually, I know this isn’t true. But my body needs to learn this lesson and I need practice!)

One of the best self-care practices I started doing after I had a baby was using Essential Oils.

Now, before you roll your eyes and think, not another Essential Oil thing, hear me out.

Once I had my baby, I had so much trouble sleeping. Getting up at all those odd hours was playing havoc on my sleep cycles. And when I woke up to feed her, I couldn’t get back to sleep at all.

But a few years before having Kwynn, I met this amazing woman, Dr. Mariza Snyder, who happened to specialize in Essential Oils and has written some incredible books on the topic! She was always so knowledgeable and lovely and is truly one of the most generous people I know.

So I decided to shoot her a text and ask her what Essential Oils I should be using for my postpartum recovery, for fatigue, better sleep and for creating more energy.  

She immediately texted me back and before you know it, I had hopped on the Essential Oil train and wouldn’t dare head to sleep without setting up my diffuser by my bed or putting a few drops in my tea.

I loved my results so much, I started to do a little research around Essential Oils and how they could help with other areas of my life aside from sleep.

Did you know they help with things like food cravings, pms, menopause and chronic fatigue?  

And if you’re like most women who experience any of the above, stress makes all these things worse.

Here is where Dr. Mariza comes in. She just wrote a book, the Essential Oils Hormone Solution, and it has the BEST all-natural solution for all three of these – a cheatsheet with Essential Oils remedies you can use for instant results.

If you’ve ever been curious about the power of Essential Oils and what’s possible with them, or if you struggle with cravings, fatigue or stress, you’ll want to get your hands on her complimentary cheat sheet now.

Dr. Mariza tells me that Essential Oils are the fastest-acting solution she has ever used, and part of her “Hormone Trifecta” for naturally balancing and supporting hormones, particularly your stress hormone, cortisol.

If you’ve been trying to stick to a food plan for health reasons or want to shed a few pounds…

If debilitating stress is robbing you of sleep, focus or mental stability….

If exhaustion stops you from being able to focus when you most need to be alert…

Download this cheat sheet now and get instant access to these 4 recipes:

  • Craving Control Blend
  • Stress-Free Spray
  • Instant Energy Blend
  • Fight Fatigue Blend

What I love about this guide is that several of the Essential Oils do double duty and can be used for headaches, sleep, mood swings and much more.

I also love that Dr. Mariza explains why she chose the Essential Oils she did in each blend so that you can make your own blends going forward.

Grab your copy now! 

Dr. Mariza’s solutions for hormone health have helped tens of thousands of women take back control of their health to lose stubborn fat, reduce cravings, lower cortisol and alleviate menopause symptoms. So when she put this guide together, I knew I had to share it with you.  

I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me!


P.S. If you have a friend who’s highly sensitive and prefers natural solutions to anything synthetic, please forward this to them. Essential Oils could be the missing piece that helps them break through.  

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