Showing Up is 80% of Life

A few weeks ago, I found myself with a 5-hour delay at the airport. I was flying solo to Chicago for a shoot, so this time was rare: It was just me (no toddler to keep a constant eye on!), my laptop, and quite a bit of unplanned time to spare.

I was hanging out at a little restaurant, when an older gentleman with a friendly smile struck up a conversation about ‘these darn airport delays.”

Before I knew it, my laptop was cast aside and we were deep in conversation.

I asked question after question, learning this man’s life story: He became a stepfather when he married his wife, and when his step-daughter had to move to Atlanta with her husband and baby, his wife and him relocated there to be closer.

When the next move took his stepdaughter’s family to Iowa, his wife and him bought a little house in Iowa. The family grew, and they couldn’t stand to be far from their daughter and grandchildren.

His pride and joy were palpable. Just twenty minutes after we’d started chatting, we both had tears in our eyes. 

On a random Tuesday in an airport, two strangers showed up for each other, and both our days were made.

I’m sharing this in hopes that it serves as a reminder of just how powerful showing up can be.

In fact, I’d say showing up is 80% of life. 

It’s easy to be a daymaker — and to have your own day made — when you show up generously.

When you listen to someone else talk with your whole heart and your whole being.

When you stop what you’re doing, pause the agenda, and are truly present in the moment.

When you recognize that showing up for yourself is equally as important as showing up for others.

Every day, in so many ways big and small, we’re given the opportunity to show up. 

Will you show up generously? Or will you carry on without pausing to see the opportunity?

Tell me who + what you’re showing up for today, in the comments below!

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With love,

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