How to Organize Your Projects + To Dos

Every September I get a burst of excitement about all the things I want to do in the fall. That excitement is shortly followed by OVERWHELM because of all all of those said things. Where do I begin? How do I keep track of everything? How do I organize my time well enough to get it all done?

Perhaps you too are feeling a little overwhelmed. Maybe you are not sure which idea to start on first. Maybe you have too much to do and not enough time to do it.

I hear you. I often feel the same exact way.

In my last post, I mentioned that another round of Magical Manifesters begins on Sept. 24th. I have extended the early bird special until tomorrow at Midnight.  If you are thinking about the course, jump in on it now as it is the last time I am running it this year.

If you know you are NOT making the most of your time and there are the same 10,000 things on your to do list that there were last month, stop messin’ around, my love.  You have the ability to get clear and get honest with your goals. If not now, WHEN?

Today, I made you a FREE VIDEO where I show you one of MY PERSONAL systems for organizing all of my brilliant ideas. (Yes, I said they were brilliant. Whaddya gonna do ’bout it?:)  

 We don’t want YOUR brilliant ideas swirling around in your head any more. Let’s get you organized sweet thang!

At the end of the video, I give you some clear ACTIONS you can take. Come on over to the blog and leave me a comment. Tell me what follow up you are doing to get organzized OR if you have a system that YOU love.

I think you will enjoy this little diddy. We’ll call it, CLASS IN SESSION, shall we.

Remember you have 24 hours to grab your Early Bird Magical Special. Get it now!

That’s all for today,

Happy Fall!


P.S. Like this video, Magical Manifesters is based on simple, effective strategies that will take you from unorganized and scattered to streamlined and focused. And it is done in a way that won’t compromise your creativity or sense of play. (If you know me, you understand that I like to play. I think it is the best way to accomplish your goals AND serve the world!)


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27 Responses to How to Organize Your Projects + To Dos

  1. Athena Castiglione says:

    Great video lady!! You’re energy and ease is amazing;)
    This video keeps me in check with what we did last season! This system worked so well for me. You learn a lot about yourself and your time management for ANYTHING. Writing down how long you think each action will take and then seeing how long it actually takes you puts you in total check with reality! Best part is checking it off or what I Do is write- DONE! Next to all my actions;)

    Can’t wait to work with you this week and set new goals!
    Sending you light and love!


  2. Jen says:


  3. Loved this video. Love your inspiring, motivating, wise and captivating spirit. And you are funny girl!!
    Getting my notepad out right now. Thank you Erin! xoxo

  4. That was so fun… you had me glued to the screen which I will admit doesn’t happen that often because I am the ultimate multi tasker! I would love to know your secrets to video creation… they are amazing! And yes I love to check things off… but am going to go write my main projects down and get it all out in a little notebook right now! Thanks:)

  5. Hey there Erin! Great video (as usual), girl. I have to say that I was really loving your soundtrack for this one. So fun!

    Thanks for sharing your tips on staying organized. You rock!


  6. Erin – this made my bust out laughing a few times, thank you for the smile…and the tips were great of course!

  7. Absolutely LOVE this and NEEDED this. So I’ve done my homework today and will be bring my notes by to our session 🙂 so excited to go over these with Teacher! ha … do i win teacher pet award? see you soon…

  8. In my old apartment, I had an office space of sorts. So on the wall, I had a big piece of paper with the days of the week written at the top. And I put post-its under each day of the week with my tasks written on them. One task per post-it, so I could easily remove an entire post-it whenever I finished a task.

    Since overwhelm is a big deal for me, crossing things or checking things off my list didn’t do it for me visually. It still felt like there were daunting tasks adding up. But with the post-its, I could quickly remove the visual cue so I could see my progress throughout the day (and week!). Plus, if something just didn’t get done (hey, it happens), I could just move the post-it to the next day. No scribbling things out, no stress over what I couldn’t get done….

    In my new apartment, there’s no dedicated office space (yet!). So I’ve taken things digital. Asana is a free task management tool that’s pretty easy to use and allows me to assign tasks to particular projects and give them dates. Just like Erin’s notebook system! And this method, like the post-its, lets me visually remove the task when I’ve completed it. I check it off (yep, they’ve got check boxes!) and then I can hide the completed tasks or view them whenever I want. Easy peasy.

    Notebook for the tactile learner is perfect. And I think these systems are also great for people who get easily overwhelmed.

    (I love that Athena writes “Done!” next to hers! What a brilliant way to make you feel accomplished!)

  9. Hot for teacher Erin! 🙂 Love love this video and the back to school theme.

    I go through phases when it comes to my own productivity. I kind of have a productivity tool addiction, but lately I’ve been using Asana and it works pretty well to keep me organized and productive. 🙂

    • Erin says:

      This is vid is very Nath with the Hot for Teacher theme:) Reminds me of some pics on your site.

      I have to try Asana, Laura Georg has mentioned it above. Will check it out!

  10. Danielle says:

    LOVED this video! I SO NEED a system! I am going to try it think for me the prob. will be sticking to it-consistency always seems to fail me when Im trying to organize but try, try again right?!

    BTW you are beautiful and funny-the whole package!

    Love 🙂

  11. Lisa Adams says:

    I AM hot for teacher!

  12. Marcia Shapira says:

    I love your videos Erin. This one was funny and very helpful. I live in Australia but I am going to visit NYC in October and want to come to your Wednesday class. Will look into MM now. Thanks xo

  13. Serena says:

    This system looks helpful. I will probably give it a shot…

    I tend to use a slightly different system depending on what it is that I need to get done. For example, I have a moleskine weekly planner for all of my homework and another page for all the possible workouts I can do on a given day (basically on photoshop–but you can make this by hand–I blocked out my 100% commitments for the day and then wrote in the free time slots when I could do workouts and what they could be. there are lots of yoga studios in my area so this is also a way to combine multiple schedules in one so I don’t have to check 5 different websites daily for class times)

    I ALWAYS use some sort of check system, though.

    Checkboxes in my planner & I just put a huge circle around the workout I choose 🙂

  14. Jenna says:

    Love checking the box next to the activity when I’ve done it-SO satisfying.

    I’m also a big fan of circling the thing/item that you didn’t get to, because maybe it’s half way through your list. The circles stand out among the blocks and lines so that you don’t miss them.

    this video is also adorable! <3

  15. Carinthia says:

    Erin, I love your videos…I will start a project this fall and you have given me so many good ideas.. I live in Mexico city… so hopelly in the future I could join one of your class in NY… meanwhile Im listening your “free workout” on my way to work… really I love it!! it changes my energy, my thoughts how I feel about myself and the world..
    Thank you!! Hugs from your mexican fan ;

    • Erin says:

      Catharina! Thank you so very much. What an honor to have you here! I love Mexico + I need to work on mi espanol! Enjoy the workout, what a pleasure to meet you! xo

  16. Udo says:

    Woah amazing idea. Will do it tomorrow and share on my tumblr.

  17. Heather says:

    Ooh, teach me more! Loved this video! I’m a big fan of the checkboxes and have been coming up with a monthly “theme” of what major thing I want to accomplish and write that on top of each day’s page so I can make sure I prioritize the “to-do’s” that are in line with that bigger goal. Helps cut out all the crap!

  18. Greg Paul says:

    Gotta say I’m a fan of the new look too. The background music frames it all.
    Thanks for the simple and practical solution. Not fancy, but functional.
    The ‘pocket’ method was a bit cumbersome and I can only stare at a computer for so long.
    (Although I look forward to your monthly videos..)
    Things have been in overwhelm for the last month with no signs of letting up.
    Although not a ‘Manifester’ with you, I apply your philosophy. It absolutely works.
    (Sometimes a bit too much, LMAO)
    Time to organize and maximize on the current opportunities presented.
    Continued success in all your projects and let me know how I can help.
    All the best,

  19. Stacia Loo says:

    So simple, also simple not to do. I am also getting back on my organizing train. I’m a check box person too 😉

  20. OMG – Erin – you are just too too cute! Love this video – so fun + easy and gets me excited about my big To-Do’s! <3 Lurve!