The Best Trick For Your Tummy

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I love food, but you should know that for the longest time, I was scared of the kitchen and cooking. I always felt like you had to be a pro in order to create delicious, healthy meals.

As a result, I ended up ordering takeout regularly, which meant that I didn’t always KNOW what was in my meals, and most likely wasn’t getting as much nutritional bang for my buck.

I also suffered from some pretty bad digestive issues, so I was left with the question of, “What should I cook in order to feel great?”

When I met Robyn Youkilis a few years ago, I was immediately inspired by her knowledge of food, gut health and how to eat beautiful, delicious food that keeps you in the flow of your life. (And is easy to make!!)

Thankfully, she finally put all her amazing knowledge in a new book, Go With Your Gut: The Insider’s Guide to Banishing the Bloat with 75 Digestion-Friendly Recipes.

Her book addresses a really important health issue for many of us: gut health.

I had the opportunity to do a lil’ Q +A with Robyn to find out her 3 best tips around digestion and food.

Robyn offered me up TIP #1 many months ago, and let me tell you, IT CHANGED MY DIGESTION and it is so easy to do.

(Not only will it help with digestion, but it is my number #1 tip for weight loss, if that is something that interests you.)

Listen in on our short chat and learn more details on her book.

In the comments, I would love to know specifically, WHICH tip are you willing to incorporate starting today, and also tell me if you have any struggles around food?

Hearing from you is always such a delight as I get to learn more about you and our community! I really hope you will enjoy this interview!

With love,

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26 Responses to The Best Trick For Your Tummy

  1. Amie says:

    I’m excited to make the sauerkraut! I’ve got about 20 days to feel my very best for my 1st ever cruise!!! I’m so excited! What are the most effective tummy toners, and should I be doing them every day?! Thanks for the lovely tips!

  2. Keveney Baisch says:

    This was great – thanks Erin & Robyn! LOVE these 3 tips that are already stuck in my head – chew, eat your probiotics and MOVE! (My gut was literally nodding in agreement – it knows all!!!) On to ordering the book and maybe even have a sauerkraut making party?! Oh the things you can learn in a day! Thanks again!

  3. Sam says:

    Thank you so much for the great conversation! The world had been telling me in so many different ways to sloooooooow down and it has been SUCH a huge challenge! The wonderful reminder to chew your food (which the universe has brought to my attention many times now) will be my starting point for sure! Here’s to good health and feeling great!

  4. April says:

    Great session with Robyn. Thanks Erin for sharing. So during a divorce, I became the part of the “sandwich” generation. I’m raising teenage boys, going to school for a career after being a stay at home mom and now my Mom has moved in and is also dependent on me for care. How do I set boundaries with my Mom and lose the guilt? I enjoy cooking and preparing healthy meals but I’m usually too tired to do much. I did buy the shrink sessions but have yet to do it. Thanks for all your sparkle!

    • Erin says:

      This is such a GREAT question, April. If you see this comment, I want to just clarify your question for myself. It sounds like a two parter, how do I create the time/energy for preparing healthy meals is one. Is the second part around guilt with your mom, in having to tell her what you want or guilt with the boys? Thanks for lisetkngh and leaving this question! Xo Erin

      • April says:

        Hi Erin! Thank you for replying. The second part is dealing with setting boundaries with my Mom and losing the guilt associated when I do. Thank you so much!

        • Erin says:

          Wonderful! Thank you for explaining. I love this question. We are adding it to our que for answering in a upcoming post and will keep you posted! xo Erin

  5. Teresa says:

    I loved listening to this interview. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I will try all of these ideas–even the sauerkraut, which I generally detest. Maybe there is one in the refrigerated section that I’ll actually like. We’ll see!!!

    • Robyn, Author of Go with Your Gut says:

      Ha there’s always one you’ll like, if not love. See what flavors speak to you and try mixing with avocado. Even just a forkful a day will help! xoo, Robyn

  6. Colby Proffitt says:

    What you both do MATTERS!! I have gastroparesis and was hospitalized twice in December because of it. I’ve had it for years but sometimes it flares up. My doctors have said you have to take medicine 4 times a day kust to digest my food, excuse my french but I call bullshit!! I refuse to give up on myself and my body!! I don’t take the meds I am trying to heal myself and won’t take no for an answer!! My body needs this book, I’m going to order it today!! Also I earned some extra money and am going to go get your exercise dvds Erin, I’ve wanted them for sooooo long!! I’m treating me because I deserve it!!!❤ I’m hoping it will help with my consistency and organization issues too!! Thank you Erin I just love your beautiful soul and heart, thanks for caring!!

    • Robyn, Author of Go with Your Gut says:

      Thank you for the kind words Colby! And yes your body is amazing and can do so much. Commit to the basics in the book and see how you feel! Lots of luck on your healing journey, xoo, Robyn

  7. Patricia says:

    I eat raw sauerkraut and take a vegan probiotic. The raw kraut tastes great and I am hooked. I’ve noticed a difference in my system since I began eating it. And my probiotic every morning is non-negotiable. I switch brands and products of probiotics, too.

  8. Chellie says:

    I have always eaten my food so fast, and now that I am over 40 I am paying for it! I have to have my gallbladder removed next week and I am hoping that I can still heal the rest of my gut by following these steps. Thanks so much for all that you do for all of us.

  9. Sharon says:

    This was fabulous and timely. Will try all 3! ALao interested in hearing back about the guilt/ boundaries question with aging parents that April asked.
    Still working on my manifesting too- I think this is a practice as well!

  10. Sara says:

    Listened to this today and loved it! Simple, sound advice. I purchased the book this evening online and went back to claim the pre-order gifts but no sign of them on Robyns site (they were there earlier!) Did I miss the boat, I thought you said the 5th February in the interview, or maybe I misheard?

    • Erin says:

      Sara- Shoot an email to Robyn’s assistant at and let them know you purchased after listening to our interview. I am sure they have a big influx of emails at the moment, so be patient, but I am SURE they will make sure that you get all the bonuses:) Thanks for listening in! xo Erin

    • Robyn, Author of Go with Your Gut says:

      Thanks for ordering the book and so happy you loved the interview! YES! We have definitely extended the bonuses and are working our way through our emails!

  11. Pat says:

    Thanks you for sharing.
    My subject is how to remain motivated and positive, when lonely, no friend or family around.