You’ve Got the Power

Do you have something you want to achieve this year that feels, well, really difficult? Do you want to create success?

Is there something that you would like to see happen but a big part of you is thinking, “How the heck am I going to do that?”

If so, today’s post is for you. Because I have a feeling you may be stopping yourself from doing it, getting it or having it and you don’t even know.

Overall, 2014 was a really beautiful year for me both personally and professionally. There was a huge amount of expansion in my business and love was surrounding me everywhere I turned.

As I sat down to flesh out the specifics of my 2015, I found myself saying, “How do I top that?”

The answer I kept hearing inside my mind was, “I don’t know. That’s going to be reaaaallly difficult.”

And it wasn’t just a thought. It was a feeling, too. A heavy, stuck feeling.

For about a week I found myself unable to get clear on some of the projects I wanted to move forward with, because I kept thinking, “I don’t know how to expand even more. I don’t know how to reach more people while also taking care of the beautiful community that has been formed. It’s going to be so HARD.”

I kept repeating, “I really don’t know how to do it. I need help. I don’t know.”

Clearly, Gorgeous, I left my POWER in a dark alley somewhere.

You see, who do you think created all these wonderful things in my life so far? Of course, I had a TON of support, but who do you think “called in” the support and allowed it?

Who do you think put one foot in front of the other and built a business from scratch to begin with?

Well I did, of course.

I co-created all the goodness in my life.

But I somehow got it in my head that in order to get to the NEXT level, I would need something waaaay outside myself. 

Someone else, aside from me, must have all the answers.

And that is where we all make the mistake.

You, Gorgeous, are powerful beyond measure. You can create success.

But you forget.

We all get suck in negative conversations as we attempt to figure out the “HOW” to get to where we want to go. (Especially if it is somewhere we have yet to venture!)

We start searching elsewhere instead of turning inward and remembering our own sense of creativity and capability.

It’s like Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz says, “You’ve always had the power, my dear. You’ve had it all along.”

 (Me doing my best Glinda!) 

Glinda speaks the truth. You’re power to create your experiences and to create success is astonishing.

However, if you continue to affirm over and over that you don’t know the answers or that it will be difficult to achieve, surely, it will be challenging to receive any inspiration or new ideas.

(No wonder my entire week of “this is hard” thinking, produced zero new ideas.)

Now, perhaps you are thinking, “But Erin, I have had a hard life and have never experienced the kind of success I’m after. How can I believe in my power when I have yet to feel it?”

Well, dearest, it’s time for you to tell yourself a new story.

I am not suggested that you ignore your past hurts or disappointments by simply affirming your way to success.

But if you continue to say to yourself, “Life is hard, this is hard, I’m doomed”, I can assure you it will be difficult to shift.

The next time you are feeling stuck try saying, “Even though I have struggled, even though I have had difficulties, I am willing to take one little step forward from where I stand today.”

“Even though I’m scared and feel like I am not enough, I am willing and open to change.”

Soften in your heart. Let a little drop of light in today.

Waving my magic wand,
Erin the Good Witch

P.S. Next week, I am opening the doors to the next round of Magical Manifesters. You may remember back in September, I mentioned it was the last time I am doing it live.

Because we are doing things a little differently this time, you will see a lovely drop in the price. Stay tuned for that next week!

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