Superbowl Shuffle: How to Score a Spiritual Touchdown

Friday June 1 is my birthday and in honor of the day I’ve got some giveaways!

Before we get to the goodies, I wanted to share how I began my celebration this past Memorial Day weekend. I did something I have never done before. It was long, challenging and involved a famous football field. In today’s video I bring you footage of my adventure along with a very important life lesson I received from it.

Make sure you watch until the end so you get to see my touchdown dance!

Also, in honor of my celebration, I am giving away some fantastic gifts worth over $150.

The giveaways include:

-A copy of Danielle Laporte’s FireStarter Sessions
-A hot Lotus Tank from one of my fav clothing lines, JQ Loves U.
-A 5 way shrug from the same line (a summer must have!)
-A free Shrink Session class with ME!

I will select winners at random on Friday June 1 from all who enter to win.

In order to enter (and to find out more about these prizes) you must do the following:

1. Pop over to the blog to watch today’s vid.
2. Leave me a comment telling me one thing you would like to learn from me this year. (Can be business related, spiritual, emotional, workout related, ANYTHING!)
3. Head on over to Facebook and like this page: (if you already “like” it, just leave me a comment + say hello!)

Extra credit points if you share the video on your FB page. (You can use the youtube link: ) + make sure you tag me so I know to give you extra cred points.

Thank you for helping to make this past year one of the best of my life yet. I have a feeling this next one is going to be even better!

xo Erin

P.S. New round of Shrink Session starts Wednesday June 6th. Sign up now!

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38 Responses to Superbowl Shuffle: How to Score a Spiritual Touchdown

  1. amanda says:

    happy almost birthday! thanks for doing what you do! xo

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Erin! I am yet to make it to a shrink session — and that comes down to what I’d like to learn from you. How to overcome my mind’s “MUST DO MORE WORK” insanity that keeps me glued to the desk or anxiety. My body is CRAVING a workout but I find that is the one area of my life I continually put off working on! So I’d really like to transform physically – as in: build strength, stamina, and a deeper connection to my body, and find a workout I love!

    Happy birthday!

  3. K says:

    Nice job on your run and inspirational also! I loved hearing about staying in the present moment with your run that is one practice I would like to learn more about this year. How do you keep your mind from wandering?? Where can I find the lotus tank top? cute

  4. One thing I would like to learn this year is “to let go”! Let go of the past; regrets and should haves. To be in the present.

  5. Theresa D'Ambrose says:

    Hey Erin!!! I did the Soilder Feild 10 mile too!! That would have awesome to “run” into you!! I’m training for the 1st Annual Chicago Woman’s 1/2 Marathon on June 24th. My first ever 1/2 🙂 I totally hear you on all of the running lessons. Every run changes you. xoxo

    • Erin says:

      Congrats on the run, Theresa! Yes that would have been awesome! We will plan something next time I am in Chicago for sure! xoxo

  6. Happy Birthday week!
    I’d love to learn a Super Bowl dance from you!

  7. Hi Erin,
    Having recently discovered you through Marie Forleo I love your sassiness and would love to learn a little bit of that attitude from you! I want people to enjoy my emails/videos/marketing communication as much as I enjoy yours. So I guess I’m asking you to teach me how to be myself in my marketing.

  8. Shayna says:

    I’d like to learn more about coming from a place of nourishment rather than a place of deprivation… in eating and exercising and in life in general! (I don’t know where this idea came from, but i think it must have been inspired by ur vid… so then it’s relevant haha)


  9. Lisa Adams says:

    I love how after the video the Youtube tiles that give you options for the next video to watch has the actual superowl shuffle video!!! So proud and inspired! I would like some workout exercises for arms-I know you are known for your tushie, but your arms are pretty solid too!

  10. Jenna says:

    Happy early Birthday, Erin! Great video and I love the idea of giveaways, especially with the awesome goodies you have up for the winning!
    What I’d love to learn from you this year is how to work out with pure intentions: the ones that make you feel good. Fitting into a certain dress or a former friend run-in might be tiny motivational seeds but they don’t last. I want to learn how you connect with your mind when you work out so that you’re using the most positive energy to exercise with–because then I believe you stick with it. Because then it becomes something deeper, it means more than tiny motivations.

  11. Jennifer Goodson says:

    Happy Birthday, Erin! Congratulations on the run! I have to admit I had the 45 record of the Bears Superbowl Shuffle and I was “The Fridge” in a Winter Youth Conference when we did a lip sync to that back in a day. Can you imagine? 🙂

    I’d like to learn more how you adapt and overcome feeling defeated when you get a physical injury training for a goal. I’ve had two things happen this year that have been cause for not being able to complete a training for a 10K or just keep up my momentum in my fitness. When I can’t keep up with some of the physical training I’ve set up for myself, or even just take a dance class, it really effects me. Obviously, I adapt and do what I can do. But, I am just overall discouraged and feeling like my body is just sending me major messages back about what I’m trying to accomplish. Mind over body? Body as directive?

  12. Congrats on your run and your Bday week celebration!
    I am ditto with Lisa Adams with some fun arm work.

  13. Kristen says:

    Happy Birthday! wow Erin, this is so amazing. I love your dance, and can’t believe you are running looking fab and talking all at the same time. I have a love/hate relationship with running. Sometimes I feel like I can’t even run for one minute and other times I feel like it is really so great for my soul.
    The question that came to mind was…. I would love to learn how to self motivate and push myself without going to a negative place. I often come at it from the wrong angle and get mad at myself and sort of yell at myself to get to ‘get things done’ It works, but my thought is… Wouldn’t it be nice if I treated myself nicely along the way? I would probably still get things done! Any actions you can think of to promote mind-shift?

    Thanks Erin! Happy Birthday and Happy Running! 🙂

  14. Jolynn says:

    Happy Birthday Week!!!! I TOTALLY hear you on all the running lessons….I had the exact same revelations when I started. I call it my therapy now 🙂 You have so many great tips and action plans…I would LOVE to GET the lesson on how to STOP procrastinating!!!

  15. Margaret says:

    Happy Birthday and you are the most fresh-looking gorgeous marathon just-ranner I have ever seen! Cograts!

  16. Margaret says:

    Oh, and I LOVE JQ Loves U!!! Go Jacquie!

  17. Ashley says:

    Erin! Congrats on the run!

    Recently, I have been going back and forth about whether I want to start running and I was so surprised when you said you never thought you would train for a race. This video has been so inspiring and I have decided that YES I AM going to start running in my neighborhood! Thank you !

    And I would love to know your favorite ab exercises!

  18. Erin! You are such an inspiration! I can’t believe you hated running up until two months ago and then completed a marathon! Congrats! You rock!
    I would love to learn more about getting out of a lack mentality and getting into a more positive, abundant frame of mind. I always feel like something is holding me back and it’s that pesky lack mentality going to work on me and most of the time, ok all of the time, it’s hard to shake.

  19. Shonda Howard says:

    Oh Stuts….You freaking Rock! I think I want you to teach me how to live in the moment more often, as my home space, and how to get the eff out of the complaining lane, and stay out!! Happy Early Birthday! xoxo

  20. First of all, Happy EARLY BIRTHDAY. I love your positivity. Second of all, I would love to know how to stay in the present moment and also how to not take things personally.

    🙂 Great video!! Also, good advice about running.. I find that even if I do just one mile, I feel better.

  21. Michelle Hurst says:

    I think I said this last year but if I didn’t, you and I share the same birthday!

    What an incredible accomplishment in completing the 10-mile run. I have been of the same mind re: running. Oddly enough though, recently I have been thinking I’d like to try running to get and keep myself in shape. Yes, I dance and I walk, but haven’t really run since grade school. So, what I’d like to learn from you is how did you get started, how did you train, and how do keep going?

    Enjoy OUR birthday on Friday. I’ll think of you and Marilyn Monroe!


  22. Shelleen says:

    ERIN I love this video! I hate running… you are my new inspiration. I will TRY AGAIN! And practice staying in the moment instead of yearning, wishing, thinking, praying for the last 50 yards. =)

  23. Colleen says:

    Great video, Erin! And so good to be back at Shrink tonight with you and the ladies. I’d like to learn how to let go of that fear/anxiety that what I produce won’t be good enough – and let go of the need to be validated by others (i’m the type that counts FB ‘likes’!)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Remember your challenge for Friday…. whenever someone says, “it’s your birthday?” YOU say, “YES!!! IT”S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!”

  24. Hey Erin,
    First I have to say – love the video!! Your Superbowl Shuffle was only second to how fabulous you look after running 10 miles. Girl!! That’s what I want to learn from you!
    Shout out to Jacquie’s designs. Fabulous!
    I think the biggest thing that I’d like to learn from you this year is to actually, once and for all, step over that thin line that you spoke of in Shrink tonight…never to look back again. You see, I do step over the line, but then I turn around and step back over it…then back over get the picture. I would like to learn to stop self-sabotaging when success starts to appear on the horizon. Lose the fear. Mostly talking about being healthy and fit, but it does cross over into other areas.
    Anyhoo – thanks for giving us this opportunity to put it out there. Made me think….I like that 🙂
    Happy Birthday Darlin! You are amazing!

  25. Maj says:

    Happy early birthday my dear.
    I could easily come up with a few things that I would love to learn from you. One of them would be a few tips for appearing so naturally and confidently on video.

    Thanks for shining + inspiring.


  26. Jan says:

    Hi Erin – I lived in Deerfield for a short while! Love Deerfield Bakery!
    I have been following your videos for the last year. You have this energy that is contagious. Because of your videos I was inspired and plan to launch my own biz in the next few months in health coaching. But, I have this intense fear that I’m going to fail so why even bother then, right? You are able to take a roadblock and turn it into a speed bump! I love the always positive, can-do attitude. This year, I want to learn to stop putting up my own roadblocks and get over this fear of failure once and for all! And I believe that just being around positive people increases the good flow of those around them. SO why not learn from the best!(that is such a suck-up line, sorry!)
    Either way, I love the videos and always look forward to watching!
    Best, Jan

  27. Emma says:

    Happy Birthday, It is already your birthday where I am 🙂
    Hmmmm, only 1 thing to learn from you?
    It would be to get clarity on what I want from my next relationship.

    Have an outstanding day!

  28. Lisa H says:

    Argh, I was at Target today and forgot to look for those amazing sock/arm warmers. 🙂 … I would like to learn how to create and then rock a pair!

    More seriously, I would love to learn how you are able to share with a large group of people in a way that everyone seems to be able to relate to what you are saying. I would also love to learn how you are able to pinpoint what is holding someone back from ______(Fill in the blank).

    Happy Birthday!!!

  29. Aldys says:

    Happy Birthday Erin! Congrats on your marathon! Thanks for sharing your video, you’re an inspiration! Well I learned a lot from your awesome Magical Manifestors course, but I would love to learn more about how to let go of the past. I also would love to know, what is your fitness recipe for your arms? They are super sexy and toned!

    Enjoy your birthday 🙂

  30. Adrienne says:

    I’d love to learn some tips for how to keep fit and exercise when you don’t have a lot of time (or money) to attend your classes!

  31. Danielle Thompson says:

    I can’t believe the universe gifted me with such a powerful class, and introduced me to your amazingness and an amazing group of people. As i move into my third and fourth classes, I would like to learn to add meditation to my daily routine, and I want to be as nimble as a cat (increase strength and flexibility).



  32. Emily says:

    You are a running right after my heart with this video! I would love to keep learning and growing with you, specifically about going after my dreams, goals and things that seem scary.

  33. Stacie says:

    Hi Erin!
    Happy Birthday from the West Coast! Loved the video. I think having the opportunity of running into Giants’ Stadium would be the only motivation for me to ever “want” to run! LOL! Happy you got to enjoy time on da Bears’ field. 🙂 I love your videos and always look forward to checking them out. What I would like to learn from you this year is how to give myself the same time, support, encouragement I give to others. I like to help out others and it makes me feel good and I really do enjoy it, but I need to do the same for myself. Have a great day!! xoxo

  34. Heather Schenkel says:

    Hi Erin!
    Hope you are having a Fabulous Birthday! Way to go on your 10 mile run! I used to run on the X-C team in college so I know how running can make you feel amazing. I’m so glad you tried something new and enjoyed doing it!
    I love to learn and am always super grateful for everything you have and are teaching me. You are such an inspiration. Right now I have a number of things I am working on. Time management (balancing living my life and work along with being more efficient and early/on time) is probably one of my biggest challenges. I am also working on finding, seeing, feeling and believing in myself and my beauty (including being okay with anything I feel, contact me for more specific details in this area). Learning how to live for me not for my parents and support me – knowing and being confident that it is possible and I can do it! Stop doubting and fearing and start using my empowerment to START DOING!

    Love you,