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In 24 hours, Mantras In Motion hits the shelves. Wow!

Thanks to you, it’s been a #1 Best Seller on Amazon for the last 8 weeks! Amazing!

And to celebrate, I made something for you.

Mantras in Motion
Well, I made it for me too if I’m being honest.

You see, nobody pays you to do a book trailer when your book comes out. In fact, it’ll cost ya a pretty penny.

But one of my core values is ‘fun’ and another is ‘create.’

It’s sort of plain sounding but it means that if I am not enjoying myself in my life and business or that I’m not creating things, I need to reroute.

It doesn’t mean I jump ship if things aren’t easy. But I want to feel a sense of joy in my life. And I want to feel like I’m getting to flex my artist muscle.

It’s important to me. (So much so, that I made this one of the first exercise in the book, so that you too could make decisions in your life based on your core values.)

Picking a location to shoot, choosing the music and people to be in it, and then getting to direct it, was super fun and creative.

When I sat down to write the script, I wrote this dreamy thing, where I talked about my struggles, hoping it would relate to all our collective pain points.

But every time I read it, I felt like something just wasn’t jiving.

It was feeling like all the other promo videos I’d watched. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but it wasn’t ME.

So I scrapped it, found some music that got me pumped, and rewrote it in just a few minutes.

And this time, it felt way more fun!

Why am I sharing this you?

Because this is what Mantras In Motion is all about.

It’s about making the co-creation of your life, FUN and CREATIVE. Even silly at times.

Helping YOU connect to YOU

It’s about helping YOU connect to YOU!

What do YOU want?
What’s important to YOU?
Who are YOU?
And how are YOU going to put your plans into action? (Btw, those plans may be unlike anyone else’s!)

Listen, you should know, I’ve never followed a formula.

Because formulas don’t work and frankly they are totally booooring.

But I have used tools that have helped me become more authentically me.

And from that place, I’m able to decide and embody the principles that will make my life wonderful.

They’ve helped me step into my greatness and manifest things from my husband, to my daughter, to my beautiful home, in MY way.

I’m not interested in seeing you clone yourself to be like me or anyone else.

I want you to learn how to tap into your own flow, your own greatness and understand that you can carve out any path that you want for yourself in this life.

You can embody your desires. You can release resistance in your life. You can change your beliefs and you can cultivate courage.

This is what I teach in Mantras In Motion: Manifesting What You Want Through Mindful Movement.

And btw, until tomorrow, when you pre-order you will get a few hundred dollars worth of bonuses.

  1. The audiobook!
  2. My Magical Manifesters Workshop
  3. A guided meditation
  4. A rockin’ and inspiring playlist

This is an exciting time. It’s a new year. And it’s a great time to put in the energy to making it your best year yet!

So, come on over, check out the trailer and let’s get movin’ together!

With love,

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