Letting things go makes space for something new

For over 2 years now I have taught a Friday night, 6:30pm class at Equinox. When I was approached to take on the class, I didn’t hesitate for a second.

I had just left a 4 year relationship and I couldn’t bear the though of having a free night to myself to wallow in my sadness.  My only objective during that difficult period was to fill my schedule with things that took my mind off myself, made me laugh or challenged me physically. I find when you experience loss, movement of any kind is cathartic. You have to give your cells a chance to breathe new air.

So what could be better than jumping around a room with a bunch of inspiring people, shouting affirmations?

If you took class with me during that time, you probably saw me teach through tears, you listened to me share my fear about the future and you saw me shake it like I have never shook it before.

The class grew in ways I would not have imagined- 50, 60, sometimes 70 people showed up every Friday night to sweat their prayers.  I often ended the class with a, “Shabbat Shalom!” After all, it was opportunity to contemplate the spiritual aspects of life and spend time with community. The best part was that I got to feel like your Rabbi. For that, I am grateful.

One of the affirmations from a series at the beginning of those days, was:

Something new is ready to bloom!
Something amazing is coming my way.

It was a difficult one for me to say, let alone believe. However, I was determined to stay in the state of mind of positive expectations and invited you to do the same for your own life.

In order for something new to bloom in your life, it is very possible that you may have to let something die. After that death, we often want to curl in a ball and hide. However, if you can invite your higher self, your soul, the divine to expand within you, instead of contract, you might find something new certainly is longing to bloom.

The challenge is that you must be willing to see yourself in a new way. You must be willing to believe that something new is possible, even if you can’t see it or name it quite yet.

You have to raise your consciousness, step out of your comfort zone and be willing to feel the fear of the unknown and take action anyway.

If you are in transition and don’t know exactly what is coming next, use the affirmations BELOW as a call to your heart. If you are not in transition, but feel like you are playing SMALL in any area of your life, use them as a call to your subconscious mind to be and think bigger.

I know it is possible and I know you have more juice to squeeze.

This Friday night will be my last Friday night class for the rest of the summer. It is time for me to expand yet again. All that love and juju will now be happening on Wednesday nights at Chelsea Studios. If you liked Friday nights, you will freakin’ LOVE Wednesday nights.

(Sign up for July NOW!)

If you are in New York City, I would love for you to join me for my last class, THIS Friday. Just email me for a guest pass. (Friday 6:30pm @ 19th St EQ)

If you are not able to be there, but are longing for something new to bloom in your life, write these affirmations down, post them somewhere and read them out loud.

Try this one right now, (out loud please and with feeling!) “Something new IS READY TO BLOOM and SOMETHING AMAZING is COMING MY WAY!”

I love you,

P.S. Shrink Session resumes Wed. July 11th 6:30pm at Chelsea Studios (151 W. 26th St). You may drop in for a single class at any time or come for the entire month long series.

If you like to sweat, you like to move, you like positive affirmations, you like being surrounded by kick ass people, well then… you will like Shrink Session.


I am willing to expand
I will spread my wings
I will feel the fear
And I will do it anyway

Something new is ready to bloom
and something amazing is coming my way!

I say yes!
I am ready to live a life I love!

I now think bigger
I am willing to shine
I will no longer hide!

I am loving where I am
and I am ready for more

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