Top 5 Nailed It List of 2013

I hope you are enjoying your holiday season and getting a little bit of downtime before you kick off into 2014.

As promised last week, I want to share my annual tradition for closing out the year and I sincerely hope you will join me in this. It’s super easy and fun.

I find it’s important to deeply reflect on these past 12 monhts before I start moving into plans and dreams for the next year.

This next week, I will take some time to do both, but I always, always start with refection.

When you can glean lessons from the past, you move into the future with more clarity and power.

With that, I present to you the annual TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST of 2013.

What is the TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST of 2013?

It’s an opportunity to look back on the year and make a quick, yet powerful list of accomplishments that you absolutely nailed this past year.

It’s like when a gymnast sticks her landing, she might say to herself, “Nailed it.”

Or when you walk out of a meeting or audition and know you did amazingly well, you say, “Nailed it.”

Today I’m in inviting you to share your TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST OF 2013. And I am adding something to mix.

I want you to also think about what you LEARNED about yourself or life as a result of your accomplishments.

Remember, the biggest reward of accomplishing big things in life is not the THING you got. The biggest reward is the person that you become in order to accomplish it. 

I want to make sure in addition to celebrating your success, you celebrate who you have grown into.

With that, here is my TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST OF 2013. I hope it gets your wheels turning and that you will share yours over HERE on the blog.

1. I shot 7 new beautiful Shrink Session videos with a team of incredibly talented people.

A few lessons I learned: That I can create this kind of content with less stress than I had in that past. I can pull together an incredible team of creative people. And, I learned that taking time to do things the right way makes all the difference in the world. No sense in rushing a good thing.

2. We shared The Say it, Sweat it, Get it Challenge with almost 8,000 people all over the US and all over the world!

What I learned: That there is more than enough people out there who love to be inspired to move their bodies in new ways. (You may have been one of themJ). So often I see people in business worrying that there is not enough, whether it be people or money. But lack is construct we give ourselves. Some people are very comfortable with that construct. This Challenge showed me that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that I have the capacity to give more than I knew possible.

3. I let go of a few important relationships that I realized were no longer going to help me become the best version of myself.

What I learned from this rather difficult accomplishment: My word for 2013 was CONNECTION. And while I thought letting these go of these relationships was going to be the opposite of connection, it ended up allowing space for deeper and more profound connections to come in.

I learned that moving on can be scary, but once you cross that bridge, there is so much magnificence to be experienced on the other side. I promise.

4. I not only wrote more than I ever had before, but I relished every moment I spent writing. I wrote for the Daily Love, I shared content in Glamour Magazine and of course I shared things with you on my very own blog.

Some of my favorite blog posts of this past year are:

What I learned from Claire Danes.
Why I happily eat 480 calorie scones.
I wanted to be her.

What I learned: That while I have always loved to write, I needed to give myself the space to figure out my own process. The more I honored that process, the more I have been able to create with ease and joy.

5. I spent the entire month of July away from NYC, in Chicago with family and friends. I hardly worked at all. I rested. I relaxed. I rejuvenated.  And the world didn’t stop.

What I learned from this amazing experience: Rest is imperative. The world will keep spinning if you step away from your business and your life. In fact, you might find that you come back even stronger and more focused.

Now, it’s your turn! Below share your TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST OF 2013. I am waiting to celebrate with you.

I hope you will take a few moments this weekend to reflect on all that you have accomplished this year and I very much look forward to sailing together into 2014, with confidence and grace.

Happy New Year,


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38 Responses to Top 5 Nailed It List of 2013

  1. Jackie says:

    I LOVE THIS TRADITION!!!! Thanks Erin for bringing it back again this year!

    Jackie O’s Top 5 NAILED IT of 2013:

    1. Even with being on the road for tour, I still managed to keep my “6 days a week” fitness regime! It ain’t easy in shady hotels and long days in the van, but I did it!!!

    2. I got a new survival job that I love!!! On top of that, within 5 months of working there, they promoted me!

    3. I made a very difficult decision and let go of someone that I cared for very much. It was the hardest thing that I ever had to do, but it was about self-care for me.

    4. I got closer to my goal of visiting all 50 states! I am at 47 now! Woot Woot! In addition, I got to Mount Rushmore. I mmmaaayyyy have screamed with giddy excitement when I got there.

    5. I have put myself first this year.

    Here’s to the New Year!!!!

  2. Katharine says:

    Oh wow, here we go!

    1. I quit my day job to have more time to work on what I’m passionate about!

    2. I got a new agent and signed with a talent manager, and booked several commercials.

    3. I started a podcast that people really like!

    4. I left my boyfriend of 5 years and met a really great new partner.

    5. I learned to really appreciate the good people in my life.

    After working with you, Erin, I took a good look at my life choices. Early this year a good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and that also pushed me to really live my life, while making more time to spend with the people who make my life wonderful. Thankfully she is doing better, and things like that really make me appreciate what I have, and what you we are all capable of.

  3. Vanessa says:

    I stopped drinking diet coke after i drank 4 a day for years
    I quit smoking
    I have exercised from 4 to 7 days a week since june
    I quit eating things with aspartame and turned to fruit
    I worked on self love more than ever before

  4. Gab says:

    1. I started working again after being a stay-at-home mom for almost 2 years.

    2. Not only did I start a new job, but I underwent a complete career change! It was scary, but worth it. If aced my fear and did it anyway 🙂

    3. Before going back to work, my family relocated halfway across the country. I was nervous, but excited and I love my new location.

    4. At 26 years old, I bought my first car.

    5. After a three month hiatus from working out while adjusting to my job, I finally weighed myself a few weeks ago. It was disappointing, but I’ve been consistently working out ever since… It’s a journey but I do believe I’m nailing it 😀

  5. Colleen says:

    When I read this I thought to myself 5 things…pfft I can’t come up with 2, then I realized that I:
    1) Quit smoking.
    2) got my sh$t together by going to the doctor, accepting the fact that my brain doesn’t fire correctly and got my medication adjusted which allowed me to close, albeit not lock, but close the door on the worst of my depression.
    3) Flossed my teeth every night before bed.
    4) Started a new job.
    5) Walked away from what I knew best and moved myself 1300 miles across the county. I gave myself permission to start again.

    Here’s to realizing that every day we all are rock stars!

  6. Olivia says:

    Yes!! Here we go:


    1. I got my Equity card and performed more in the last year than I did in the four years before COMBINED!

    2. I took SEVERAL paid vacations from my (wonderful) day job.

    3. I shot three SHRINK SESSION videos with the team- I used to cry after dance class and now I’m shooting dance fitness videos…?!?!?! Amazing!

    4. I let go of so many old beliefs and story that used to exhaust me and weigh me down. Sayonara, suckers.

    5. I became more myself every day.


  7. 1. I got accepted into the graduate school of my choice — this means a lot to me. The odds were NOT in my favor. I had a GPA that was BELOW their lowest required GPA. But I’m so excited to start a new career I’m obsessed with.
    2. I got into a loving relationship with a cute boy 😛 — this means a lot to me because I was praying for it all year last year.
    3. I finally learned how to SLOW DOWN when it comes to achieving goals — this means a lot because I would also think “I HAVE TO GO NOW or I can’t go at all and I’ma failure” which means NOTHING got done. I’m so happy I finally got it into my thick skull that things happen gradually, over time, and with synchronicity.
    4. I found a (distant) mentor I actually believe in — I’ve been reading self-help since I was 10 years old. This year, I finally found a self-help figure who… actually makes sense. And lives in the REAL WORLD (and not just the “think it, believe it and it will happen lol!” world). Who actually produces results. Who actually combines everything I believe into something that touches people. I love it! And I’m satsified.
    5. I gained confidence to enter my first pole fitness competition — this is really important to me because dance is so important to me and I have a goal to be a public figure in the dance community one way or another. Ballet is not really an option lol. Hip hop is something I love, but I don’t love it enough to risk the injuries that come with being great. I haven’t developed my own style of dance, either (yet). But pole fitness is something that anyone can learn and excel in relatively quickly compared to other dance forms. I’m excited to express myself in a way that I can master and achieve recognition from.

    Great idea. I might make a blog post about this on my website.

  8. Lora says:

    1) 2013 saw me letting go of 60 pounds for a grand total of 85 pounds
    2) I made huge progress with my dogs and their abilities
    3) I’ve started on a journey to becoming a runner
    4) I’ve come through the other side of a dysfunctional relationship to find that I am okay and wonderfully me.
    5) I’ve begun to understand the process of becoming is so much more important the any destination of end result…..and that I will thrive no matter who decides to share in the journey

  9. Michele says:

    I didn’t even get halfway through this post before I had to start writing down my own. Here they are:

    1. After only a week and a half of preparation, with no previous private classical training, I walked into an audition, sang one song in Italian that I had taught myself in 24 hours, and was immediately accepted into my university’s vocal performance major. BAM.
    2. At the urging of the vocal performance program director, who had heard my audition, I took the Opera Workshop class. I was assigned two solos (my first vocal solos) which were performed a couple of weeks ago and nailed both – I was more professional than some of my more experienced classmates, learned my music early and practiced often, and even when I did mess up during the performance I kept it together so well that basically no one noticed.
    3. I haven’t gotten my scores yet, but I’m pretty sure I nailed my vocal juries (the equivalent of finals, where we get up in front of half the professors in the vocal department and sing anywhere from 1-6 solos). I had to do mine the day after I fell on my face and scraped it up pretty badly, but despite the swelling and pain I did my best to act professional and my voice coach let me know that everyone was impressed. I also went straight from there to a theory final which I aced.
    4. After a failed Kickstarter attempt at the beginning of the year, my sister and I tried again and were overfunded by $125, giving us the money we needed to buy a DSLR for our company and to fund the creation of our first tutorial booklet!
    5. New product lines! It has been a year of introducing new techniques to my crafting and new ideas to my shop, and I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback and come up with some stuff that no one else has done before.

  10. Jade says:

    LOVE this idea!!

    1) I gave up sugar
    2) I learnt how to run and can now run 5km
    3) I reached my all time goal weight without even trying
    4) I bought a house with my partner in a suburb I’ve always loved but never thought I’d be able to afford
    5) I improved my health so much that I no longer take antihistamines (at one point I was taking them daily)

  11. Dani says:

    Thank you for this. For a little while, I was thinking that this year was disappointing. I admit that it was a rough year, but I have come to accept and appreciate it as a year of growth (and the discomfort that comes with it).
    I’m actually working on a 2013 recap post right now. So this is perfect inspiration.
    My Nailed It List includes:
    -FINALLY moving to NYC- HUGE!
    -Rebranding my business She Dares-now it looks and feels so right and I’m embracing it on a whole new level
    -2 successful group adventure- those were 2 moments when I realized “Yes I’m doing this. I’m living and LOVING the life I imagined”
    -Speaking at my cousin’s funeral- having once been terribly afraid of public speaking, I am so proud of myself and happy that I somehow mustered the strength to speak during one of the hardest times of my life.

    I’m now even more pumped to finish this post.

  12. Marianne says:

    1) I finally started a blog.
    2) I started singing again.
    3) I made a new commitment to my health: spiritual and physical
    4) I gave up dairy.
    5) Moving past a destructive relationship

  13. Kate says:

    Thanks Erin. This was a great exercise. I’ve just recently joined you through your day it sweat it get it

    Kate’s Top 5 Nailed it list for 2013 is:

    1. I gave back to my family. In turn I learnt to be more grateful of what they do/sacrifice/ give for me.

    2. I gave back to my community. I learnt that you get a lot out if giving, it increased my self respect and feed my sense of self. It built good energy in my spirit and helped to determine what actions are good for me – what feels right/wrong.

    3. I had a better relationship with my boss (new boss helped!). In turn I (re-) learnt that I can trust a man and not be let down. I can trust and be supported and not have to sacrifice some part of myself to get that. Huge.

    4. I took the time to focus on myself and chose yo not distract myself from myself as much as possible. Goals, organization, exercise. In turn I leant that I am really worthwhile. I can be a good friend to myself and that behaviors really matter.

    5. Being organized I could make more plans in advance and let people know when I was around and include them. I learnt I can take the initiative with friends and I can follow up to have/build/keep/ develop good and positive friendships. That might seem elementary but that’s been huge for me.

    Thank you Erin, from the bottom of my heart.

  14. Andrea says:

    I love this and will spend some more time in reflection. but off the top of my head:
    1. I helped my 15 year old dog transition with love and grace and was able to open my heart to another dog in need.
    2. I established a healthy morning ritual that includes a smoothie, tongue scraping and body brushing and sometimes oil pulling…and shrink sessions 🙂
    3. I surrendered and let healing take its time. no real exercise for 8 months after a back injury sucked until I let things be as they are. Now I feel great.
    4. I stuck to a month long cleanse and never felt better.
    5. I found a new best friend.

  15. Alison says:

    Love this blog post! Here goes: 1. Had a beautiful baby girl and learned to be a mommy of 2 kids 2. Started a new part time job. 3. Did a 30 day smoothie challenge and loved it! 4. Started to brainstorm a way to start my own business in the next year. 5. Did the Say it, Sweat it, Get it challenge and started Shrink Session workouts this week and they are awesome! Wishing everyone an amazing 2014!! 🙂

  16. Margaret Curry says:

    I was looking forward to this exercise all month! Love it! Love reading all the brave and amazing accomplishments of you beautiful people. I feel like I could list way more than five, which is pretty amazing. Here are the top five in this moment:
    1. I had more FUN this year! It was a goal of mine to have more fun and to connect with more of the people who are important to me more regularly. I actually held a party at my home for some fellow actors and I also went to a few parties. Not that this was unprecedented. The unprecedented part was to do so and approach all gatherings and connections with a more relaxed attitude instead of letting the Beast of my Perfectionism suck all the life out of me/it. This is a huge deal for me. It was awesome. I learned that I am actually a very social person in my own ways. I had so much fun and felt great being perfectly me instead of trying to be perfect.
    2. While on vacation in November, I spontaneously bought and wore a tankini and LOVED myself in it. After all these years of self-disparaging and longing to have “their” body, something just snapped and I actually had the thought and feeling of: My body IS perfect. It is PERFECT for ME. I ever felt so free and so light! I ain’t “perfect” (whatever that is) but I am perfect for me, and that is ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS. After living so long trying to meet up so some unattainable external standards that got hardwired in my adolescence, it is quite exquisite to be living from a place of self-acceptance.
    3. I ran two races: a 5K and a 10 miler. And they were incredible experiences. Started running August 2012 and never intended to race, but at the urging of my trainer I decided to sign up for a 5K. Well, I discovered that I LOVE running with other people. Love, love, love it. I have learned so much so far from running and training — too much to write here. But I have since joined NYRR, signed up for the NYC 1/2 Marathon in March 2014, two other races to prepare (a 10K and another 1/2 marathon!) AND I am starting a training program and have set a goal to run in the NYC Marathon in 2015, which is a big birthday for me! Who, me? The girl who never ran in her life and hated it growing up — just associated shame and failure with running and had always believed I just didn’t have the body type? Yes, me! I am living Never say never.
    4. I got my reels done. This was a massive accomplishment. I have been unable to get myself to do this for the past 5 years. But I did it and they are terrific and I feel so good for having faced my block over it and doing it. I learned that I can tolerate the discomfort and the fear of saying This Is my Work. I learned that I deserve my own support and belief. I may not always feel it 100%, but I am working on it. It was a huge release of old crappy baggage. Whew!
    5. I had several incredible audition and callback experiences. And the most recent one I knew I nailed, and I booked the job, which I very much wanted to do. The others I also felt great about, though they were not meant for me. But I learned through these experiences how committed I really am to my craft. How willing I am to do the work. How good I am at doing the work. And that the one factor that I was weak in, I could easily address and begin to practice to get better with that same full commitment and willingness to do the work. I rediscovered how much I love acting and preparing, and that somehow over the past few years I had been giving that love a back seat to trying to be and do what I thought others expected of me/trying to do a good job/be a good actress (the kiss of death to any creative work!) I rediscovered that acting is simply who I am and that I am going to be doing it no matter what happens or doesn’t happen, so I choose today to put the debating society to rest — to enjoy the hell out of it all, and to fight like hell to do my work to the very best of my ability no matter what. To let being a good actress and trying to be what I think they want go and stand in my own work no matter what. And love doing it. What a relief it has been. I am so excited to explore this further. I can;t wait to see what kind of work I am gonna do in 2014!!

    Happy New Year to all and thank you Erin for this space to own my accomplishments and what I have learned from them.

  17. Alicia Davis says:

    I am so impressed reading others accomplishments, there are some amazing women out there.
    Lets see mine are; 1) I proved I can be an A student, and that I am responsible enough to take classes online.
    2) I stopped eating processed snacks, sodas and fast food. I am still working on blood pressure.
    3)I forgave myself for self doubt and ever believing for a minute the bully in high school, who told me I was ugly and no one would ever love me.
    4) I regained a relationship with my Father.
    5) My Grandmother got to see me being a responsible adult with a good Marriage, and Goals that I am still pursuing.

  18. Josy says:

    Top 5… 1) eating 90% healthy and 10%so so; feeling energized and proud !
    2) quick coffee…the hardest and the most rewarding thing. I am no longer addicted to coffee
    3)addicted to working out and sweating, discovered yoga and loving it!
    4) affirmation were never in life, not intentionally for sure ! Today, I cannot go without PLUS it makes me smile!
    5) getting my personal trainer certification, helping others improve their health and wellness is my retirement project.
    5.1) discovering Erin Stutland through the help of Dawn Bérubé was magical!

  19. Kirsten says:

    Kirsten’s Top 5 of 2013

    1. Graduated with my BSN in Nursing, passed the NCLEX and started my nursing job all within the first three months of the year. Talk about some perseverance!

    2. Moved into a new apartment with with my sweet boyfriend. I’ve always lived at home and this was a really big step for me. “I felt the the fear, but I did it anyway.”

    3. Started becoming more financially responsible which has been very freeing for me. Can’t wait to do more of that in the coming year.

    4. Started cooking/baking with less sugar and more whole ingredients, really taking the time to think about what I’m putting into my body. Also tried juicing!

    5. After only 7 months of working got a great performance review and a raise!

    Bonus: Participated in the Say it, Sweat it, Get it challenge and bought the Shrink Session program. So excited for the challenge to come in the New Year!

    Thanks for this, Erin! Happy 2014 to you!

  20. Maren says:

    My Top 5 “Nailed It” List of 2013
    1. I got engaged. Whhhhhhat!:
    Max absolutely surprised me and proposed to me on the Brooklyn Bridge on February 9th, 2013. I am so lucky to be able to spend the rest of my life with such a caring, smart, and loving man.
    2. I played the character of Junie B. Jones in “Junie B. Jones”:
    I auditioned for the role of Junie several times, and I wanted to play her so badly, and in 2013, I finally got my shot! I travelled around the country for 6 months, met some beautiful people, and learned many valuable life lessons along the way.
    3. I found a love for voiceover!:
    I had been teetering with the idea of voiceover work, and giving it a shot. I always found it interesting, and I signed up for some coaching with Charles Michel. He was a game changer for me. I went through an entire program with him, and now I have a demo that I am extremely proud of. I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings in this arena.
    4. I became a member of Actor’s Equity Association.
    5. I learned a lot about myself, my needs, what works, and what doesn’t:
    I signed up for Magical Manifesters and Shrink Session, which I am extremely grateful for. Through that program, I was able to focus what areas of my life need a little more TLC, and act on that accordingly! Shrink Session has turned my love for fitness into a fun, expressive way to uplift and inspire.

  21. Carlitos Way says:

    You folks are Awesome. Amazing.

    Here’s my Nailed It list 2013:
    1. Booked and shot my first speaking role in an indie film!
    2. Enrolled in a substance abuse services program for New Year’s and stuck with it all 12 months!
    3. Booked and shot my first industrial video in Spanish!
    4. Followed through on my New Year’s resolution to treat myself to one 1.5 hour massage each month– Best. Resolution. Ever.
    5. Booked and recorded my first paid voice-over job!

    I love this idea and I love reading others’ amazing accomplishments. It’s humbling and exciting all at once. We <3 E-Stut.

  22. I heart the Top 5 nailed it list!
    1. I built a freaking website, and started my blog (just under the deadline 🙂
    2. Finally let go of that relationship that was on again, off again for 4 + years….and I’m still alive!
    3. Started some pretty intense therapy and have been at it for 6 + months
    4. Negotiated myself a sweet little raise at work.
    5. Ran my first 5K, and overall faced my fear of running, Holla!!

  23. Love this idea. Writing my list and blog post as we speak.

    Here’s my list:
    1. I became a certified yoga teachers
    2. I was named to the Babble 100 list of Best Bloggers in 2013
    3. Took a month vacation with my family to Hawaii and unplugged and took time for us
    4. Ran Broad Street Run 10 miler – first race after my second knee surgery
    5. Started along a new career path that truly meshes with my passions.

  24. Greg Paul says:

    Gotta say, I forgot all about this until your post. Don’t remember doing this last year.
    Oh well, here goes…

    1. I re-invented myself.
    Completely changed my brand. Stopped shaving my head. Grew what I had left back.
    Shaved off the facial hair. Dropped 30 lbs! Stopped eating sugar wherever possible.
    Worked out. Bought new (tighter) clothes. New suits. Went upscale. Worth every penny.

    What I learned: Much more bookable. Call out rate more than doubled. It’s OK to have
    a ‘character look’ but being too specific can shut you out of opportunities if you’re not careful.
    I started doing stand in work with amazing actors like Jeffrey Tambor, Anthony Edwards and
    Terry O’Quinn. I’ve embraced my maturity and it’s paying off in a big way.

    2. I stopped caring about the results of my auditions.
    Don’t get me wrong, I still did the work. I made specific choices. I rehearsed it several different
    ways and went in with a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude. I was totally relaxed and friendly.

    What I learned: That it’s not about ‘this one’. Or even the ‘next one.’ It’s about your choices to
    honor the work. To honor yourself and the commitment to being the best you’re capable of.
    To be authentic, honest, playful, slightly dangerous and prepared as hell. Commit fully and
    walk in like you own the room and leave knowing that whatever just happened is where you
    were right then at that space in time. You took your best shot. You showed up when others
    didn’t. The gig itself is just icing on the cake. They will remember you. The call may come a
    year later, but IT WILL COME.

    3. I stopped relying on background work.
    Even after i was blacklisted at Central Casting (for a made up reason) and lost a major part
    of my income from being a core regular on 3 different series. (L&O:SVU, Blue Bloods & Elementary)

    What I learned: I should be doing more Principal Work. The reason I was working for these shows
    is that I had already proved to Production what a valuable and experienced team member I was.
    I was already relied upon to stand in for major actors and knew exactly what a Principal should do.
    So when I could no longer be booked for those shows as a background artist, I vowed to become a
    Principal. Within 3 weeks, Kevin Kuffa had booked me for a lead role on Investigation ID’s ‘Redrum’.
    Now I’ve done 2 episodes of ‘Scorned’ and had the starring role in ‘The Perfect Murder’.

    4. That I know more than I thought I did.
    I spent the last 4 years on some of the most popular and best written shows on television. I’m around
    some of the most talented people in the industry. Directors, Cameramen and Women, Directors of
    Photography, Lighting, Sound, Set designers, Wardrobe, Make up, SFX, Stunts, PA’s, Drivers, etc.

    What I learned: Everything I could. I listened and asked questions about what they did. Why they
    made that choice over another. Why that piece of gear is superior and why. How to frame a shot.
    Stack em. A ‘dirty 2’. Rack focus. Depth of field. Key lights. Flags. And thats just the tidbits from
    the camera guys. Every department is a treasure trove of information. I was able to learn from all
    the mistakes they made in the business. So I don’t have to make them. As a Producer.

    5. I’m now an Executive Producer.
    I went to a reading of a friends ‘play’, and realized it was 22 minutes of sitcom gold. I asked if she
    had plans to shoot this as a series. She had never even considered it. She had no idea where to start.
    I told her I did and if she would let me, I’d get it done. We’re now in pre-production for the pilot and
    i’ve assembled an amazing director, crew, cast and support team of talented industry professionals
    under the SAG New Media Contract and we start shooting the second weekend in January for 3 days.
    I’m also shooting a short indie film (5-7 minutes) the following week as well as video editing some
    reels for actors. (Which I’ve been doing all along as a sideline business.)

    What I learned: To stop waiting and fighting for the crumbs being offered to us as actors.
    To take control of my own destiny. To create and control my own content and to partner with others
    who are ready to work on their own behalf. To let myself give all that I have to offer to others in the
    pursuit of their passion, and that they will help me with mine. Together we will create work that helps
    define and raise awareness of the many talented individuals who have something worthwhile to say.
    Comedically, Dramatically, Young, Old, Black, White, Gay, Straight, Whatever. Life is too short.
    I’m not waiting for opportunity, I’m creating it.
    Look out 2014! it’s gonna be a big year…

  25. Top 5 NAILED IT LIST – this was a HUGE year of transition and loss – so here goes:

    1. Gave an fantastic eulogy I was so proud of at my father’s funeral back in February (my father passed away of a long battle with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s). I also sang his favorite song: MOON RIVER.

    2. Sang the shit out of 2 songs (“I’m the Greatest Star” and “Lover Come Back to Me”) at 54 Below’s Barbra Streisand concert on Memorial Day.

    3. Got a review at work of ‘EXCEPTIONAL’ even with my father dying and a year of lots of sickness: inner ear infection and vertigo for one month!

    4. Kept exercising and improving my body strength even when I didn’t want to or was unmotivated – lost 5 lbs too!

    5. Faced some serious issues in my long term relationship – and have ‘named’ them. My beau and I are working on them in the hopes that we can have another 12 years.

  26. Amy says:

    1. I left my nursing job May 2013 to say yes to a passionate career as a health/life coach- started school at IIN
    2. Rented out my home and moved from my home town to pursue a year long adventure with my husband on Vancouver Island (Victoria BC)
    3. Enrolled in a 9 month school called Meta- learning how to love God and love others well, and cultivate a supernatural life ‘naturally’
    4. I said Yes to supporting my husband dream and passion to pursue a coaching business helping men in addiction. I have joined in by bringing creative vision to the table in a BIG way.
    5. I have understood trusting myself and the light inside of me by leaving unhealthy relationships/community and owning my decision, moving forward. My outlook on life is Bright and Beautiful

  27. Tiffany says:

    Awesome idea, thanks Erin!!!

    1. I broke-up with apartment living to, not only buy, but help design my dream home with my partner!

    2. I graduated with a 4.0 from massage school and I am now a licensed massage therapist!!

    3. I am eating about 90% organic (not bad from the ZERO % that I used to be)

    4. I have returned to journaling

    5. Through school I have connected more with Spirit and began listening to my intuition. In allowing myself to be guided, rather than force things to happen, I have discovered the powerful healing in energy work. Without realizing it, it’s become one of my niches.

  28. Nikki Walker says:

    Thanks Erin for giving us the sacred space to share and grow. Thanks everyone for sharing. I am celebrating with you all. Happy New Year.

    1.I changed a destructive pattern in my approach to love. My relationship with the love of my life ended last year this time. Usually I shut down and if my conditions aren’t met, then there is no love. But for the first time in my life I wanted more for my spirit. I just focused on the Shrink mantra “I choose faith over fear”. Choosing faith allowed a tsunami more of love into my life. Loving unconditionally is how I want to live, love and breathe in 2014.
    2. I worked on some kick ass projects with the most incredible people. My career upgraded so much this year because of the work on myself that I was doing. I GO PRO every step of the way.
    3. I am feeling more love, energy and passion for my body. Its great to know that’s possible. I feel blessed.
    4. I limited my time with people who have negative energies. It was a habit I wanted to create in taking care of myself. Its working!!
    5. I stressed less and I flowed more. 2014 is going to be AMAZING!!!!

  29. Abby Giller says:

    Great idea Erin! I wish I could go to class more than I do but I wanted to write this because it is a wonderful idea. Here’s to more Shrink in 2014!!!

    1. I ran my first Spartan race and signed up for another in June
    2. I quit my job, and got a new one that makes me happier
    3. I choreographed my very first dance for my dance crew, made of my 2nd grade students and cried as they performed. After the very first dance one of the girls ran backstage and said “I’ve never been so happy before”- Welcome to the world and power of dance
    4. I became stronger and healthier and fell even more in love with the gym
    5. I made new friends, went to new places, and smiled everyday

  30. NAILED IT!!!!

    1- Beginning 2013 living the fear of playing my first instrument in front of people with the man I love in our own little cabaret that could!!! It was jittery magic and captured the infancy of both our hobbies, the ukulele and the guitar! And it saluted our love, toasting a year of separate adventures as he went on to perform in Italy and then regionally in Tennessee and me between Philly and Florida. Its just an unforgettable special, romantic experience now that family and friends got to witness and stands now as the last time we performed together. :-)

    2- Performing my longest run to date, over 100 performances, in an Equity co-production!!! It was a huge step forward as an actor and a blast to get to stroll the hallways of the iconic Rydell High with such an insanely talented cast and experience so much on and off stage with them (Disney World in a Day, performing at a Phillies game, radio interviews, etc!). I will never forget my entrance, busting through a locker in my Pink Lady jacket- the definition of cool. 😉 Also, I live to go back in time to eras like the ‘50s- doowop is the music of my soul!

    3- My teaching accomplishments from award winning dance competition pieces to my Purim Spiel community and giddiness to iPads and iPhones and iPods #oh MY, an original play written and performed by my Camp Walnut students, to a successful college prep student showcase presented in my own living room for passionate industry professionals to becoming Professor Tag and to most importantly, all the mini breakthroughs I got to witness in the middle- PRICELESS!!! I have poured my heart into my teaching and live for my relationships with my students.
    4- An August of relaxation and reconnection, strolling down memory lane and rekindling relationships with favorite friends I’ve met over the years and my family in Jersey. It was my time out, taking me to Nashville for my birthday and to see my boyfriend shine on stage, and to my first professional theatre that felt like home with my Sex and the City equivalent ladies. It prepared me for a fall of gypsy life, sharpening my performance chops, taking my dreams and career into my own hands, and solidified my decision to move to NY!!!! It was one giant exhale and propelled me forward with astonishing force.
5- Whoville. I’m not going to lie…there was a lot of fear to conquer before joining the national touring company of DR. SEUSS’ HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS for the second time. But I got myself ready with positive mindsets and hard work and grounded myself in this beautiful story I got the honor to be a part of. I then fell in love with this company like it was the first time. It was refreshing and put a new belief in myself, especially in the singing department improvements I made, and even opened me up in new ways- connecting the Who’s with Broadway Serves to do charity work on the road that became a huge part of our tour. I felt like a leader and someone truly invested in the Christmas spirit. I felt like I got to share the good qualities of myself, instead of parading the insecurities I allowed to hinder me the previous year. I think this may be my proudest accomplishment and has left this holiday season twinkling like the star atop a glorious Christmas tree!!!

  31. Jeanne says:

    It is always great to look back and see that you DID have accomplishments. Thank you for the reminder:

    1) Gave up artificial sweeteners, including my diet coke 🙁
    2) Gave up most, not yet all, meat. About 90% vegetarian
    3) Took up running and ran 8 5K’s this year. Yay me!!!
    4) Lost 25 lbs (more than I wanted to and half of what I need to)
    5) Learned it is okay to say NO to some events/volunteering/etc. I needed to learn to make ME time.

  32. Andy Bland says:

    Hmmm..Let’s see.

    1. I lost 10 pounds.
    2. I adopted a dog
    3. I managed to pay off 50% off my debt
    4. Reunited with an old friend
    5. Made a fulfilling career shift..

  33. Rachel says:

    1. I performed a Rossini soprano role, something I never knew I was capable of doing (plus, I didn’t get stuck playing the ingenue – it was an ugly stepsister)…
    2. I finally let go of a friendship that was doing nothing but bring me down for the last several YEARS. I felt sad for a while, then angry, then frustrated, & now I’m relieved.
    3. I learned the importance of surrounding myself with positivity. With myself & others.
    4. I booked my absolute DREAM job & I get to see the world while doing it.
    5. I got engaged to the love of my life.

    It’s been an incredible year. So incredible that the “realist” in me thinks, will I ever have a year as good as this one again? Is it possible? It was TOO good. Is it all downhill from here? Awful thoughts. lol. I KNOW. But in all seriousness, the beauty is I never thought it was possible to HAVE a year like I have in 2013. So – THAT is amazing in itself. It’s possible!