Top 5 Nailed It List of 2013

I hope you are enjoying your holiday season and getting a little bit of downtime before you kick off into 2014.

As promised last week, I want to share my annual tradition for closing out the year and I sincerely hope you will join me in this. It’s super easy and fun.

I find it’s important to deeply reflect on these past 12 monhts before I start moving into plans and dreams for the next year.

This next week, I will take some time to do both, but I always, always start with refection.

When you can glean lessons from the past, you move into the future with more clarity and power.

With that, I present to you the annual TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST of 2013.

What is the TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST of 2013?

It’s an opportunity to look back on the year and make a quick, yet powerful list of accomplishments that you absolutely nailed this past year.

It’s like when a gymnast sticks her landing, she might say to herself, “Nailed it.”

Or when you walk out of a meeting or audition and know you did amazingly well, you say, “Nailed it.”

Today I’m in inviting you to share your TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST OF 2013. And I am adding something to mix.

I want you to also think about what you LEARNED about yourself or life as a result of your accomplishments.

Remember, the biggest reward of accomplishing big things in life is not the THING you got. The biggest reward is the person that you become in order to accomplish it. 

I want to make sure in addition to celebrating your success, you celebrate who you have grown into.

With that, here is my TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST OF 2013. I hope it gets your wheels turning and that you will share yours over HERE on the blog.

1. I shot 7 new beautiful Shrink Session videos with a team of incredibly talented people.

A few lessons I learned: That I can create this kind of content with less stress than I had in that past. I can pull together an incredible team of creative people. And, I learned that taking time to do things the right way makes all the difference in the world. No sense in rushing a good thing.

2. We shared The Say it, Sweat it, Get it Challenge with almost 8,000 people all over the US and all over the world!

What I learned: That there is more than enough people out there who love to be inspired to move their bodies in new ways. (You may have been one of themJ). So often I see people in business worrying that there is not enough, whether it be people or money. But lack is construct we give ourselves. Some people are very comfortable with that construct. This Challenge showed me that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that I have the capacity to give more than I knew possible.

3. I let go of a few important relationships that I realized were no longer going to help me become the best version of myself.

What I learned from this rather difficult accomplishment: My word for 2013 was CONNECTION. And while I thought letting these go of these relationships was going to be the opposite of connection, it ended up allowing space for deeper and more profound connections to come in.

I learned that moving on can be scary, but once you cross that bridge, there is so much magnificence to be experienced on the other side. I promise.

4. I not only wrote more than I ever had before, but I relished every moment I spent writing. I wrote for the Daily Love, I shared content in Glamour Magazine and of course I shared things with you on my very own blog.

Some of my favorite blog posts of this past year are:

What I learned from Claire Danes.
Why I happily eat 480 calorie scones.
I wanted to be her.

What I learned: That while I have always loved to write, I needed to give myself the space to figure out my own process. The more I honored that process, the more I have been able to create with ease and joy.

5. I spent the entire month of July away from NYC, in Chicago with family and friends. I hardly worked at all. I rested. I relaxed. I rejuvenated.  And the world didn’t stop.

What I learned from this amazing experience: Rest is imperative. The world will keep spinning if you step away from your business and your life. In fact, you might find that you come back even stronger and more focused.

Now, it’s your turn! Below share your TOP 5 NAILED IT LIST OF 2013. I am waiting to celebrate with you.

I hope you will take a few moments this weekend to reflect on all that you have accomplished this year and I very much look forward to sailing together into 2014, with confidence and grace.

Happy New Year,


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