How taking 1 picture a day changed me

Do you ever wish you could engage in activities that are unrelated to your business, advancing your career or making more money?

Maybe you think it is a good idea, but are afraid that if you actually took that time out to just enjoy yourself, you would find yourself lagging too far behind your so called “competition” or worse, lagging behind the expectations you have for yourself.

You couldn’t possibly let THAT happen.

This past month, I have been chillin’ in Chicago, teaching, relaxing and connecting with friends and family.

I have done less running around and more laying around.

I have said less on social media and talked more to the people in my life.

I have spent less time on URL’s and more time IRL (In Real Life as I like to call it.)

It’s been lovely and you should know not only has dough continued to flow, but stepping away strangely has made me feel more connected.

One of the things I treated myself to the last few weeks was my friend Catherine Just’s photo course, In Plain Site.

In Plaine Site is 30 day- daily photo ritual to help you experience the sacred in the everyday.  All you need is a camera and ONE subject to put your attention on for the month.

I didn’t take the course so that I could learn more about marketing, growing my empire or changing anything about my life. I took the course so I could practice being more present.

1 Picture A Day

Today, I’ve got some good lessons I learned from taking a daily picture of the same two subjects each day. (Because I knew I would be on the road, I chose 2 things I knew I would have with me every day- myself and my beloved journal.) I am also sharing a few photos below.

1.    Perspective is everything.

What you put your attention on gets bigger. When you focus on Love, Love grows. When you focus on what makes your every day moments really sacred to you, 
your life becomes holy.
These are words directly from Catherine. I couldn’t agree more.

When taking a photo, you choose the perspective you want to capture. Up close? Far, far away?

The same is for life. You choose your perspective each day.

Sometimes it is helpful to back away from a problem so that you are not so emotionally charged by it. This perspective can literally save a relationship, save you money and even save you days of unwanted stress.

But sometimes, you have to get right up there and roll around with whatever problem you are facing. You have to break it down so you can understand what steps you need to take next.
Whatever it is, up close or far away, YOU are constantly choosing your perspective, where you stand and what is in your ‘shot’.

If you are not happy today with where you are, see if you can change your perspective. Maybe you need to step away. Or even better, try standing on your head. That outta shake things up a bit.

2.    Boring is real good.

I think we are so afraid of being bored. I know I am. And I will confess, about half way through the course, I got really bored documenting myself and my morning writing ritual. It was like, ugg, I’m sick of me.

But in Austin Kleon’s book, Steal Like an Artist, he says be boring. It’s the only way to get work done.

The moment you allow yourself to be a little bored, is the moment your creativity will want to swoop in… if you let it.

I get a million and one ideas when I am standing in the shower, washing dishes and driving. Do you, too? In part, I believe these ideas come because the activity is just so damn boring.
Physically, you are focused on something that doesn’t require much thought, so you’re your mind can wander into new territories.

Because we were encouraged to shoot the same thing each day, it sort of forced me to get really fascinated with the subject. I mean, how do you make a damn journal look interesting each day? How do you not take the same duck face selfie, day after day?


But, imagine if you decided to get really fascinated with some of your own daily activities like brushing your teeth, sending emails or even paying bills. Sounds crazy, right?

Better yet, imagine if you took this concept and applied it to your long-term romantic relationship, the relationship you have with your parents or even your children in that you were constantly looking for what is magical about the person you spend day after day with.  

In essence, here is what I am inviting you to do today:

Take the mundane and make it magnificent.

3. Stop looking and start seeing.

We are so busy going, going. It’s so rare that we really stop, look, pay attention and listen. Particularly if something is uncomfortable. We just want it to be over with.

During the course, I found myself really seeing things in a new way; the colors of the room I was in, the horizon, the way a person subtly tilts their head.

It is almost becomes a form of meditation.

When you are really with what is happening in the moment, stress lifts because you are not so consumed by the next moment and the moment after that.

NOW is always where the good stuff happens. And if you blink, yes, you will miss it. But there will always be another NOW, so don’t worry, you cannot fall behind.

What if you spent one minute really seeing what is in front of you? Without judgment. How does it make you feel?

I would love for you to leave a comment and let me know ONE thing you love to do that is NOT related to getting ahead, fixing anything about yourself or making more money.

How does it FEEL when you engage in these kinds of activities?
What do you learn about yourself?

I am excited to hear from you. I think it is important to do things just for the sake of doing it. Even if it doesn’t put you any further along then when you started. (Cause guess what, it usually does just that and more.)

Snapping away,


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