I Need A Hero

“The Most successful people are constantly doing things they were not sure they knew how to do.”

Ok, so it has become completely 100% clear to me that FEAR ain’t goin nowhere. For as long as we are alive and trying new things, we are going to be feeling it.

Yes, we should totally party with it. Many of you have been these last few weeks.

However, several people have asked me the following question,

“I am partying with it, but the thoughts and feelings are still there. They are still lingering and it is keeping me paralyzed.”

To this, I ask you…

“Are you BELIEVING the thoughts that are coming up? Are you BELIEVING that what you are feeling (fear) is an indication that your DREAM is not VALID? That maybe you shouldn’t be moving forward with it?”

The mind/ego is always speaking to us about our CURRENT conditions. What we have in this MOMENT. Your ego mind generally can’t see, understand, or believe what the HEART and the SOUL may KNOW and/or LONG for. The ego mind doesn’t believe that there might be something better.

So it tells you, “You are a fraud. You will never find better. Who are you to be big?”

This is the job of the ego.  It’s the reason people stay in bad marriages, bad jobs, or bad circumstances.  Even though a very small part of them wants something bigger and better the ego mind often only RECOGNIZES the conditions that are in the PRESENT.  So of course it is going to tell you that nothing better is possible and of course it is going to tell you that what you are feeling, FEAR, is REAL and TRUE.

However, the heart knows, the soul has a longing for connection, love, and greatness.  THAT longing is the NATURE of the human spirit. It is why beautiful art is made, and why amazing leaders rise up in society. The souls knew there is more. Joseph Campbell refers to this as the HERO’S journey.

“A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.”

It is not just special people who have a BIG DREAM. We all do!

ULTIMATELY, we must to DECIDE which voice we are going to listen to. The fear or the dream.

Ultimately, we DECIDE if we are going to believe in our own greatness.

It is ALWAYS a DECISION. And we must become our OWN HEROES!

And I have found time and time again with both myself and clients that when we start believing and acting in accordance to that greatness, the world, the universe conspires and bends towards us with great results.

Makes sense?




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