The new baby has arrived!!

Exciting news!

Alas, it’s here! I just finished creating Volume 2 of one of my favorite programs, which is based on a wildly popular part of my Shrink Session Say It, Sweat It, Get It 5-day Challenge.

In case you aren’t familiar, it’s called the Soul Stroll. And I’ve just released Volume 2: I Trust My Intuition.

The Soul Stroll was a surprise hit, and ever since its first release I’ve gotten message after message asking me to create another one with new mantras.

So I did!

Volume 2, the newest edition, is all about INTUITION and ACCEPTANCE…tuning it to it, trusting it and loving exactly where we are today.

Ironically enough, the best way to create change is to learn to love and accept where you are today. It’s not about settling. It’s about embracing. And with that comes a freedom to fly forward.

Soul Stroll 2

Haven’t gone for a Soul Stroll yet? I’ll tell you that thousands of people have discovered that “soul strolling” is an energizing and uplifting way to actually ENJOY working up a little sweat.

Going for a “Soul Stroll” means going for a walk (or a run, a bike ride, or even just dancing around the house!) while you listen to a 35 minute playlist of energizing music combined with uplifting mantras.

But there’s more to soul strolling than just music and mantras…

Medical research is discovering how physical movement gives us much more than tight booties and flat abs.

According to Harvard Medical School psychiatrist John Ratey, “Exercise is the single best thing you can do for your brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning.”

In fact, studies have proven that exercising and working up a sweat can lower stress, ease depression, help us learn better, give us a sense of euphoria, and build our self-esteem and body image (even when our bodies aren’t perfect!).

Powerful stuff!

It’s part of the reason I’ve recently started calling my Shrink Session programs “sweat therapy.”

And…there’s even more good news. I realized the Soul Stroll playlist would be even more powerful if I combined it with a workout video and an audio meditation.

Plus, I added an all-new set of printable mantra cards and the new edition of my Sweat Therapy Guidebook.

The entire package works together to help you release stress as you tap into your potential for greatness.

Come on over HERE and check out Soul Stroll Vol 2: I Trust My Intuition.

I’ve been blessed by people sharing their personal stories of how they’ve felt energized, happy, healthy, and more like “themselves” after taking a soul stroll.

So I’m honored by this chance to offer this all-new Soul Stroll!


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