Why You Should Never Settle

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to hear a very famous political consultant speak.

(Don’t worry, this is not a post about politics, I will leave that to the media!)

However, I wanted to share a tremendous and very important life lesson I learned from her talk.

She has worked with several Presidential candidates and seen many more who have NOT made it to the White House.

The one thing she said that struck me was that almost all the candidates who end up succeeding usually hit a place of utter exhaustion.

They think, “I just can’t say this speech one more time. I can’t repeat my ideas again. I can’t talk about healthcare today. I am just exhausted.” 

She said it’s usually when the candidate feels like giving up, that their message is JUST about to really resonate with the masses.

The moment they feel they can’t go any further is usually the moment that things are about to tip in their favor.

However, this is the point that many candidates lose steam completely and throw in the towel. They give up in their dream. They settle for what they already have.

The winners are the ones who work through the exhaustion and keep going.

And while I’m assuming you don’t plan to run for President any time soon, I’m guessing you have had your own moments of wanting to quit when things get entirely too exhausting.

But it makes me wonder, how often do we give up RIGHT before the breakthrough?

How often are we working so hard towards what we want, but we don’t see the fruits of our labor, so we give up and decide we are DONE.

As I sat and listened to her speak, I’ll be honest, I was in a funk myself. It was kind of a “throw in the towel” moment for me personally.

And while I was inspired by what she said, and knew it to be true, I wasn’t quite ready to put on my sneakers in order to get dancing.

You see, sometimes we need a rest. 

We need to take a break when the going gets tough.

So take a break if you must.

But don’t fold your cards and quit completely. 

Choose to raise the bar. Decide you won’t settle. 

When you are ready, make the effort to give your all.

And claim that this year, you will be better then ever!

After I allowed myself to rest, I eventually put those sneakers back on. The inspiration began to flow like never before. I felt a rush of energy.

Maybe I can be President after all?!

Probably not, but I can rock what I set out to do with passion and enthusiasm, no matter what.

Here is a little graphic with mantras to remind you of this idea. Share it, post it, print it, live it. 


I invite you to leave a comment below and share about a time that you almost gave up, kept going and found that there was a great result on the other side. Never settle!

I know people will be inspired by YOUR story, so make sure you share!

And as always, if this moved you, please forward on to a friend or share via the social channels.

With love,

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