I have a confession


Here I am preaching about how important it is to move your body in order to create movement in your life. However, between finishing up the Shrink Session online program and the holidays, I am embarrassed to say, I barely moved my body AT ALL in the last 2 months.

True story.

In fact, I would say in that time, I have exercised 5 or 6 times (maybe!) And that was only because I was teaching my class. Other than that, nothing. Zero. Zilch.


Eventually this past week, not moving caught up to me. My thoughts started to get sticky and cyclical. I started to feel pretty low. Old negative self doubts of not being enough, not doing enough and not having enough started replaying in my head.

Have you ever been there?

What do you do to create that shift when you can’t seem to shake the blues?

A quick story/lesson:

Do you know the song by Maroon 5, Moves Like Jagger?

The chorus repeats several times, “I’ve got the moves like Jagger, I’ve got the moves like Jagger, I’ve got the moo-oooh-oooh-oooh-ves like Jagger.”

Not long ago, I was hanging with my 5-year-old nephew. We were playing with his cars and all of the sudden he stands up and says, “Auntie E, do you know THIS song?”

With his arms lifted straight to his side, he wiggles his little tush and sings to the tune of Moves Like Jagger, “I’ve got to move my JACKET, I’ve got move my JACKET, I’ve got to moo-Ooohhh-oooo-ve my JACKET!”

He thought those were the lyrics. Pretty cute, huh?

My message to you today is just that.

When you are feeling funky, off, negative, doubtful, or stuck you have to MOVE YOUR JACKET. It’s a fun way of saying that ya gotta get up and move your butt. Get physical.

Movement gets you out of your head and into your body. And I promise you, the solution to any problem does NOT come from thinking or over analyzing.  Clarity  comes when you are fully engaged in whatever you are doing.

So what did I do to MOVE MY JACKET?

Luckily, I just happen to have a bunch of workout videos I recently created:). And while I normally don’t enjoy watching myself on camera, yesterday I got my butt up and did a workout, with myself. Totes weird. People, am I allowed to give myself a testimonial? Is that legal? I had SO. MUCH. FUN. I was jumping and punching and sweating and smiling the entire time!

Yes, I made these for you. But now I realize, I also made them for me.

Because I need them. I need to move my body. I need to shout affirmations and be reminded of who I really am. I need to get clear on what I want for 2013 and make sure MY beliefs are inline with those visions. I need to be reminded EVERY DAY to not give in to small thinking, doubt and fear. EVERY DAY, folks.

If you know that blue feeling and have ways to combat it, tell me in the comments what you like to do to create movement in your life. Do you exercise? Do you meditate? Do you write? I want to know what works for you.

And, if you happen to be looking for some new ways to move YOUR Jacket, check out these two:

1. Visit us online HERE. Shrink Session workout videos are now up and running! Here is a pic one of the students in posted in the private Facebook group. She was just getting ready for her workout. That’s me, giving a little intro the INTENTION session. So fun to see!

2. Join us for a Live class. We kick off our January session this Wednesday at 6:30pm at Chelsea Studios.  Sign up now. Space is limited.

I hope your new year is off to a fantastic start. And I sincerely I hope I get to MOVE MY JACKET with you in 2013.  


P.S. Yesterday, my friend Kris Carr mentioned our work together on her blog.  I helped her move her jacket while she was writing her latest best seller, Crazy Sexy Diet. In the blog, she gives you 6 amazing tips for how to Cleanse In the New Year. Check it out, she is quite the inspirational one.

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7 Responses to I have a confession

  1. Erin! Awesome post 😀 I love your honesty and your nephew is a delicious little munchkin!

    When I’m “out” I choose something off this list:

    1. Call a friend/coach colleague
    2. Get hugs from my new hubby!
    3. Get my butt in a bubble bath
    4. Clean something
    5. Complete a simple task I’ve been putting off
    6. Go for a walk
    7. Play with my dogs
    8. Watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBATTWyB6CQ
    9. Listen to the chillout song: http://www.zefrank.com/chillout/
    10. Ask my tumblr followers to send me funny links

    If I can get myself to do any of these, I can get back in action!

  2. Dr. Samantha says:

    My 6 year old does the same thing with that song!

    And yes we have to move but sometimes we get sidetracked with illness or birthing (literal or metaphorical) and put 100% focus on our new creation. Confess away but I think it’s reasonable. Oh, and you New Yorkers move more than you think you do. A week in the city, and man…holy glutes!
    And on that note, your post has me slipping into my gym clothes. Off to moooooove my jacket.

  3. Amanda says:

    I had a very similar experience over the holidays! And my mindset devolved into a nearly full-on anxiety episode. I realized I wasn’t taking care of myself. I know what I need…some alone time and exercise. I wasn’t giving myself either! And then I was surprised when anxiety took me down. Lesson learned.

    Thank you for putting this out there. It helps to know that other people go through this sort of thing!

  4. Leah says:

    I’ve heard more times than I can count that people are coaches, writers, teachers, fitness instructors, etc. because yes, helping others rocks, but WE need constant reminders of our message too. You are in good company 🙂

  5. Caitlin says:


    Thank you for this post. As you know, my post hurricane sandy situation left me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I didn’t have the energy to workout due to my long commute + holiday craziness. I kept whispering to myself “it’s ok, sometimes you need a break. Not working out doesn’t make you a bad person!” But what I forgot was that even small amounts of moving can help. I have issues with my “all or nothing” mentality, and it often comes up in regards to exercise.

    Lately when I’m feeling down, I let myself have a little bi*ch fest (either in my head or to my BF) and ask myself what is Really bothering me. If I’m still in a mood, I like to take a long shower, write a stream of consciousness, and read or watch something funny or entertaining (and of course, move my jacket. which is usually the winner).

    see you soon 🙂


    • Erin says:

      Yes! Watching something funny or entertaining is SUCH a good one! Congrats on getting through your post Sandy situation.:)


  6. Mike Huiwitz says:

    That’s what I do too when I’m feeling down and out. I exercise to clear my head and it helps me relax.