What’s Your Jam?

Happy Summer! Oh man oh mighty, do I love SUMMERTIME. It’s MA JAM!!

I really feel like a Superhero in the summer! Like I can leap tall buildings in a single bound!

In a recent Facebook status update, I asked people to tell me, in 3 words or less, their favorite thing about summer. Here were some:

Open toe shoes, glass of rosé, late night strolls, the city relaxes, rooftop gardens, strawberries, peaches + plums.

That all said, there are a few things that ARE NOT MY JAM! If you want to know the THING I HATE THE MOST, the thing that IS NOT MA JAM…

Watch the vid.

It’s short and sweet + you will see me get U.G.L.Y.!!

More than anything, I want to know, what’s YOUR JAM? So please, after you watch the video and TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M DROPPIN’ on your plate, leave me a comment in the blog.

Only thing, is that after you comment, you have to say out loud, “NOW THAT’S MA JAM!!”


Happy Summer! xo

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