I Am Changing For the Better

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It’s been a while since I popped in. The last few months have been a bit of whirlwind, filled with some BIG life events. In addition, I have been taking over 1,000 incredible new Shrink Session members through our special Ready, Set, Glow program.

As part of my commitment to always be sharing content that uplifts, inspires and hopefully helps you create a shift in perspective for the better, I promise to share much of the wisdom and the stories that have come through these events in the coming weeks. (Surely, I couldn’t put it all into one newsletter!)

But today, I’ll start with a question for you. 

Do you ever feel that when you finish a big work project, complete a big goal of some kind or get to where you have been wanting to get to for so long, that you have a period of time where you feel sort of lost and aimless?

Perhaps you get a little depressed. Or maybe you rush so fast to fill up the space, that you make yourself so busy just doing THINGS.

When something comes to an end, there is always a period of time between the conclusion of what you were doing and the beginning of something new.

Even if you have to keep moving, even if you have to go about your day to day life, there is still an open space that naturally occurs once we move past the completion phase of anything.

In my mind, it almost feels like a big empty bowl. You are standing on one lip of the bowl- the end. The beginning of whatever is next is on the other side of the bowl.

But in between is a big open space.

Now, often times we get so anxious about this in between space, that we RUSH to fill it as fast as we possibly can. We say yes to commitments we don’t know we really want to take on and we stack our schedule with items that help give us a sense of purpose.

This in between space can be terrifying because it can feel empty and confusing.

However, this time and space can also be exhilarating, creative and deeply satisfying if you can see it as a sweet, open fertile ground in which you have the opportunity to plant new seeds.

If you are in transition of any kind, whether it be a change in your work situation or a change in your personal life, I encourage you to spend some time swimming in the bowl.

Relax into the unknown. Breathe into the in between.

Declare that no matter what changes are happening in your life, they are happening FOR you, for the better.

Decide that from this space, you will create something new.

Choose to have faith. 

And simply take one step at a time.

If you could use some mantras to help you during this time, I made a pretty download for you.  CLICK HERE TO GRAB IT. 


You can print and keep them with you if they anxiety starts to creep in.

These are the mantras we are using for the next few weeks in my Shrink Session live classes.

Love and sweetness,


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