How to Resist Resistance

Why mantras + movement = magic [Women on the Rise podcast]

Tune into this podcast episode with Lara Dalch of Women on the Rise, where I talk about my new book, Mantras in Motion.

I talk about the very first mantra that helped me change my thoughts, how being a mom has changed what I do to feel well–but not how I define it, and the top two self-care practices I can’t do without.

Listen in to also learn:

  • How I went from “fidgeting” in school as a kid to using movement to help people reach their life goals
  • Why my work is perfect for you if you feel like you can’t sit still and meditate – but you’re curious about the benefits of meditation
  • Three ways that resistance can get in the way of your goals, and a mantra that I use to move through resistance when I don’t want to do something (including exercise!)

Would love to hear what you think once you listen? Did you have any aha moments? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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