How Can I Help You?

During the last several weeks I have been diving deep into writing my first book. It’s no easy task, but as challenging as it is, I’m loving every second.

While writing I have been thinking so much about you, since YOU are who the book is for!

As you may know by now, my goal is to help you create movement in your body, which of course helps create movement in your life.

Through the comments you leave on the blog to the notes you send to me, I am forever inspired by your stories and your questions. As a whole, this is a community of spiritually curious people who are willing to take action by trying new tips and tools. I love this!

So before we move into our final and exciting event of the year (we will announce it in just a few weeks!) I was hoping you would tell me a little bit more about yourself and how I can help you in the coming months.

How Can I Help You?

In 2016 I plan on creating even more content for you via blogs, videos and programs than ever before! Before I get off and running, I would love to take some direction!

Do you want more videos with movements and mantras? What sort of topics would you like me to cover?

If I could write a blog post that addressed exactly your challenge, what would it be about?

What challenges are you facing that you think I might be able to help you with?

What would you most like to learn from me this next year?

I invite you to leave a comment below and let me know what you are wishing I would just cover already!:)

Also, please know that I am honored you have found your way here.  I am thankful for whoever introduced us. I mean that. There are so many newsletters you could read. I still sometimes am overwhelmed with emotion over the fact that you choose to read mine!

Deep bow to you, friend!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts below!


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