A prescription for gratitude

Last week, my husband gave a town hall style talk (he does this monthly) to the 200+ employees of his company, located around the world.  

The talk was on Nov. 21st, the 5 year anniversary of his older sister Kerry’s sudden and tragic death. 

With deep vulnerability, openness and a heart full of emotion, my husband talked about allowing joy into your life after loss and to keep saying ‘yes’ to bringing in people and experiences that bring you love and happiness.

While I wish I could share the speech he gave (it is for internal purposes only), I will share that I was so extremely proud of him for leading, of all things, an advertising technology company with such tremendous heart, compassion and as I said vulnerability. 

You could feel how his words touched the members of the company and created space for them to FEEL, not just think. 

What I loved most is how he helped the members of his organization feel gratitude in a more prescriptive, active way. 

I know, you hear a lot about gratitude this month.

There is scientific evidence that proves it has a positive impact on our lives. 

Yes, we need to make time to recognize what we are grateful for. 

But, more importantly, we need to create space for the FEELINGS of gratitude to arise within us. 

One of the best ways to do that, as my husband shared, is to be really present with the people you spend time with.

I mean, really look in their eyes. See them. 

Drop your story of them.  

Try dropping your own needs for a few moments.

Just be present with them.  

Try telling them something about yourself that you don’t normally tell them. 

It doesn’t have to be your deepest darkest secret, but share something about your life that they may not know. Make sure you look at them while you speak. And expect nothing in return. You are just sharing. 

Ask them something about themselves that you don’t normally ask them. 

What are they most excited about in the new year? What is something they wish they learned when they were younger? What are THEY grateful for?

Often, by just engaging in a slightly deeper conversation than usual, our hearts begin to open and soften and therein lays the space where gratitude can flow.

Yes to allowing in joy.
Yes to allowing in love after loss.
Yes to taking the adventure.
Yes to moving your body.
Yes to taking care of yourself.
Yes to taking care of others.

Focusing on our yes’s can help us to see how WE have co-created so much of the goodness that flows into our life. 

My hope is that this holiday season, your heart be truly filled with gratitude for your beautiful life. May you recognize all that you have created and all that you have the power to create in the future. (Most importantly, the beautiful relationships you have the ability to call in and fill you with joy!)

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season!


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