Why Doing Your Best Never Fails

Last week I was in Los Angeles shooting a pilot as the host and expert for a new transformational TV show. We will know in a few weeks if it gets picked up by a network.

One of the best parts of filming was that it was an opportunity for all my passions and talents to come together at once.

You may not know, but before I started my business years ago, I was an actor.

I guest starred on shows like The Sopranos, Sex and The City, Chappelle’s Show and more.

Back then, the process of getting an acting job always felt like a game of “Do you like me enough to hire me? Please, please pick me. Pretty please!”

But as I started getting to know, trust and like myself—work that I also teach in my Shrink Session and Magical Manifesters programs—it was no longer about waiting for someone to pick me.

It became about ME always choosing ME.

I learned what it means to always GIVE MY BEST AND LEAVE THE REST.

GIVING YOUR BEST means showing up and playing at 100%.

Playing at 100% doesn’t mean always being perfect. And some days 100% looks very different than other days.

But it always means choosing again and again to be the best version of yourself.

LEAVING THE REST means that if you give your best, what happens after that is out of your control. You have done enough.


The beautiful part, is that when we give our best, our best gets better. And better and better. So? Just do your best!

Who you are in THIS very moment is an accumulation of who you have been every day up until today.

This doesn’t mean you’re stuck in the past and can’t change. Because actually in this moment you have an opportunity to choose:

Will you do your best? Yes or no?

And if you say yes, you are taking a step toward becoming an even better version of yourself tomorrow.

As I went through the casting process for this show, I simply showed up and gave my best.

Instead of like in the old days where I hoped, “Pick me, pick me,” I relaxed in the comfort of knowing, “I am someone who consistently gives 100%. If they like it, great. If not, no biggie.”

Today, I invite you to use the mantra: I GIVE MY BEST, I LEAVE THE REST.

Check in with yourself throughout the day and ask if you are giving 100%. If the answer is yes, then don’t forget about the second part of letting go of the result, and resting in the knowledge you have done enough.

Now it’s your turn: Tell me specifically what it feels like when you’re DOING your best? And also share what it feels like when you’re not? Is there a big difference? Do you notice it?


P.S. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the good folks at Divine Living Magazine and sharing my top 5 tips for Staying in the Flow While You are On the Go. (AKA, traveling and being out of your regular routine.) YOU CAN READ THE ARTICLE HERE!

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