Work With Watcha Got!

On a recent visit home, my 4 yr old nephew hopped out of the back seat of the car and held a single earring attached to one of those plastic earring holder cards  you get from a department store.

“Look Auntie E, there’s only ONE earring. Where could the other one be? It’s a MYSTERY!

He was stoked. I just thought it was adorable that he called it a MYSTERY.

I asked him if he knew how we should solve the Mystery of the Missing Earring!?!?

“We have to look for the CLUES!” More adorableness. Did I mention he was 4? (I might also mention that after a dinner of Chinese Food while vacationing in South Florida this X-mas, he asked if it was time to play Canasta. But that’s a story for another time)

I asked him how could we FIND THESE CLUES?

“Well, we have one clue ALREADY.” I couldn’t wait to hear what the clue could be.

“We HAVE THIS ONE earring!” He exclaimed.  Meaning the one he was holding in his hand. He was right. We DID have one earring, right here. So yes, I believe we had our FIRST CLUE.

He suggested solving THE MYSTERY by focusing on what WE DO HAVE, right HERE, right NOW.  Brilliant. Not to mention, yes adorable. (I was always told we should have 2 kinds of teachers in life. One that is several years older- to provide wisdom, and one that is several years younger- to provide… well… wisdom.)

Often in life, problems or mysteries arise and we instantly focus on what’s missing.

We focus on how we don’t have ENOUGH, how we WON’T be able to figure something out or that we COULDN’T possibly have the resources we need. We believe that if we could just think about it, think about it, and think about it some more, we will find the answer.

Perhaps a more powerful and delightful way to solve anything is by using this ancient method that produces AMAZING results:

W.W.W.G. Method

Work With Watcha Got!

By engaging in the present moment, you see what is ACTUALLY in front of you, which is often the VERY THING that HOLDS the information to take the next step.

We can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it. However, if we engage in the moment and NOTICE THE CLUES, we discover that the SOLUTION (or more importantly, the NEXT STEP) EXISTS in the present moment and not somewhere off in the distance.  The information you need is encoded in the RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.


Make a list of what you DIG about the work you have NOW. What about it lights you up? What aspects of the work are you rockin’ at?  This will give you direct insight into your GENIUS ZONE.


Start falling in love with your friends, your family and yourself right NOW. JOT DOWN the qualities you LOVE about the people in your life. For extra credit, try this with people who get under your skin! HOLY MOLY, You will feel an instant shift! Falling in LOVE is much easier if LOVE is already brewing.


Start by acknowledging all the THINGS YOU ALREADY do FOR YOURSELF that are healthy and fit, then DO A LITTLE more of this. It’s a great place to start.

I would love to know if there is an area you have been feeling stuck and you are ready to take just one small action TODAY. BY using the W.W.W.G METHOD, (Work With Whatcha Got) leave a comment and tell me how you are going to get OUT of YOUR HEAD of confusion and INTO SOLVING THE MYSTERY!


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