Doing Things Differently This Year

It’s that tender time of year where things in the world get seemingly quiet as we are given an opportunity to reflect on the past. Through that reflection, we instinctively begin to make plans for the year ahead.

This year, I am doing things differently.

I’m resisting the notion that I need a big ceremonious event to let go of the past year.

I’m also resisting the urge to set up grand plans moving into 2022.

People say you have to move out of your comfort zone — that’s where your real life begins.

Well, guess what’s exactly in my comfort zone? Making big plans and spinning a lot of plates so I feel like I am accomplishing something. What else is in my comfort zone? Seeking and searching for the next big thing so that I feel significant in some ways. (I’m just being honest with you here, dear friend.)

But what’s truly out of my comfort zone? NOT making plans and letting myself listen closely to what life is asking of me. What’s out of my comfort zone? Living in the void of the unknown and resisting the impulse to pick up any plates at all. 

I guess you could say I’m paying close attention to the feelings and beliefs that this time of year has to produce a nicely tied up package about the past and the future. Instead, I’m committing to stay fully in the moment, being kind to myself and loving what is coming up.

With that, I decided to do things differently this year. For myself and for you. Next week, you will receive a short video to help you let go of 2022. I want to make it suuuuper easy for you. I want you to feel accomplished and complete without a whole hullabaloo.

(This is also a hint to what our 30-day program will look like inside The Movement this January, I hope you will consider joining us. You can sign up here.)

I know I want more freedom this year. I want more creativity. I want more joy. While I don’t have all the answers, I am opening myself up to receiving the answers of how to make that all happen.

And I’m looking forward to hearing more about what you want this year. I’ll be circling back around to check in with you, soon.

In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. May your time be sweet and filled with love.

_______________ What’s New _______________

We recently did a LIVE Soul Stroll and it was sooo fun! I loved seeing so many of you bundled up and getting your stroll on.

The more you step into the flow, the better things go! Step into less stress and more freedom in your body and your life.

Here’s what some of you shared:

“My favorite soul stroll! It was a healing walk for me with live community connection.”

“Loved the energy!! I walked my pup and enjoyed dance-walking around the neighborhood and saying the mantras to her.”

Thanks so much for a beautiful live soul stroll yesterday Erin. What an invigorating way to start my day. Love these strolls, love the movement. You are a bright light for us all. Thank you.

You can access this and all my signature Soul Strolls, 100+ workouts, meditations, coaching, and much more—with the 7-day free trial. Sign up now!


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