There Is No Need To Fix Everything

Today’s message is short and sweet.

This past month, I spent a good chunk of time in Chicago with my family. Then, my husband and I took a trip to Israel, without the babe.

It was our first time leaving her with family for a week, so I was very nervous leading up to it.

Kwynn did amazing. She had the best time with our families and I think she grew leaps and bounds in just a week. And of course, it was amazing for our families to get that kind of uninterrupted time with her.

However, when I returned, I had some major catch up to do.

This need to ‘catch up’ can kick up all sorts of feelings.

It can send us into “I’ve got to fix it all” overdrive.

The more I feel the need to fix things on the outside, whether it is my body, my business or any relationships, etc, the more I know I need to go inward to investigate what is going on inside of me.

My meditation teacher brought this up on the night I returned from my trip, and it rang so true to me.

Where am I feeling off? What needs tending to? How can I take better care of my feelings and my heart before I move ahead?

This certainly doesn’t mean that we don’t take action or move forward with making changes, but when we go inward first, we can take those actions from a loving, compassionate place.

This makes our actions more grounded, and essentially more effective.

Also, when we move forward in this way, it is less likely that our actions will cause harm to someone else, unknowingly.

When we have taken time to connect to our own humanity, we are usually more kind and loving in general. Which is always a good thing.

️What about you? Are there things you have a tendency to do when you feel super overwhelmed?

Do you tend to clean in hopes of clearing out inner gunk?

Do you tend to set up restrictive diets for yourself in an attempt to fix something you think is wrong with your body?

This weekend, I invite you to just begin to investigate what is going on and where you feel the need to do, do, do.

And instead, play with the idea of be, be, be.

With love,

P.S. I have mentioned we have something special coming soon! In a few short weeks, you will get more info on it. So stay tuned, it’s almost ready!

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