Move Past Your Comfort Zone

Last night the second episode of Altar’d aired with a wonderful couple, Katie and Tim. I also appeared on the Rachael Ray show this week alongside Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper! Eek, what a thrill! Watch below!



Today, I want to talk a little about the struggle I watched Katie go through during our time together. My guess is that you will relate. I know I do!

Perhaps like you or maybe someone else you know, Katie successfully lost a tremendous amount of weight a few years ago, but after the death of her uncle, a bout with deep grief set her back and she watched the pounds come back on.

As she was nearing her wedding, Katie knew that her deep sense of faith and love for herself would be paramount to living a happy and healthy life with her husband-to-be.

However, she was still holding herself back from doing the work required to make the changes she so longingly wanted to make.

I discovered that she was conflicted between two seemingly opposite concepts: self-love and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Self-love says, “I am perfect just as I am.” Which is true!

So, if you are perfect as you are, WHY do you need to challenge yourself to be better?!



Thus, the conflict.

Here is what I know to be true.

Katie had been limiting herself physically in terms of what she thought she could handle, only letting herself go so far.

Once she got to a point where she was uncomfortable, excuses would crop up.

And it happened at about the same point in every workout.

Whether it was about something physical or emotional, the excuses only came when she was right at her edge!

Now, it’s paramount that training is safe and healthy, but as I saw this pattern, I began to learn the ways in which she was mentally holding herself back.

In these instances, some might feel, “But I am listening to my body and I shouldn’t push myself too hard!”

But it wasn’t her body that was saying she couldn’t do it. It was her mind.

In a study published by Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, they found that physical fatigue occurred MUCH less when the participant was using mantras or affirmations while they exercised.

Obviously, I am down with this!

The study proved how physical fatigue often happens in the MIND before it happens in the BODY.

So while you might think that you are doing the most loving thing for your body, it is possible that you are actually NOT! In fact, I would even say that holding yourself back from your own potential is not an act of love, but one of fear.



Moving past your OWN MENTAL limits is one of the greatest acts of SELF-LOVE you can give yourself.

Once I was able to lovingly push Katie past her mental limits on an epic stair climb, she started to soar. She discovered a new form of self-love and it was something called NOT SETTLING.

Today, I invite you to think about an area in your life, whether it be physical or mental, where you are settling. Maybe it’s an area where you’ve started to have a breakthrough, but you find yourself either making excuses, or sabotaging yourself.

If this is you, try this mantra:

I can handle more
I am stronger than I think
I am courageous
I am the missing link

The truth is only YOU have the ability to create the link between where you are and where you want to be. You just have to be willing to walk in new territory with a sense of courage and faith.

A reminder: YOU are who you are waiting for!

Now let me know what you think.

Specifically, in what area are you holding yourself back? What is the story you are telling yourself and what is ONE action you are going to take to move past your comfort zone today?

I can’t wait to hear from you!


P.S. You can tune into Z Living every Tuesday night at 8pm ET to watch a new episode! And of course, they are running replays in the days following. If you don’t have the channel, come on over here to sign up for streaming!

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