Do This Before Setting Goals

If you’re like me, in these final few days of 2018, you start thinking about what you really want for 2019.

It’s easy to want to push hard into making this year the BEST ONE EVER!!! I use all caps, because we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to revamp our entire lives and become totally new people, like asap.

And while I think it’s great to begin implementing new habits and new ways of thinking and acting, I think it’s important to connect to your core values when it comes setting new goals.

Your Core Values are the Foundation of Your Desires

They can serve as guiding principles for all of the decisions you make moving forward.  If you can gain clarity on your core values, the knowledge will help you decide exactly what you want this coming year, and in the years ahead.

You will know who you really are and what matters most to you.

I remember exactly when I realized that one of my core values was ‘dancing’. That may not sound like a typical core value, but to me, it wasn’t just about dancing in a studio. It was about dancing through life.

It was so important for me to feel rhythm in my body as I moved through my day. When I felt I had the freedom to move my body the way I wanted, even if I was sitting at my computer doing work, I felt more alive.

This also meant that I needed to be in clothes and shoes that allowed me to move freely at any moment. Stiff shirts, pants with no stretch, and tight shoes still, to this day, make me feel anxious.

When I identified this core value, it helped determine the environment I wanted and even the clothes I wanted to wear.

My entire business has 100% grown out of this one, important core value.

Knowing Your Core Values

Knowing your core values helps you separate the wheat from the chaff. You won’t run the risk of thinking something is going to bring you fulfillment, only to work hard for it and find out it doesn’t give you what you want after all.

Identifying your core values might be the most important thing you do as you move into 2019.

In my new book, Mantras In Motion, I share my favorite journaling exercise for getting clear on your core values and I include a list of over 50 core values that you might connect with.

I walk you through the process, so that before we even talk about your desires(which of course will do), you will know your guiding principles and  you can feel confident in your next steps.

When you pre-order the book now through Jan. 8th, as well as getting the hardcover book, you’ll get the audiobook for free.

The book couldn’t be coming out a better time, in my humble author opinion;) This is the time of year many of us want to reflect and plan for the year ahead.

I believe we should do that in a loving, gentle way.

Mantras In Motion will help you create your best 2019 possible, so that you are not just thinking about what you want to create, but also embodying your desires and making them happen from a grounded, steady place.

Come check out the Magical Manifesters Bonus Workshop and other goodies you get when you pre-order today. 

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year!


P.S. Another one of my favorite practices for getting clear, getting in the flow and finding more ease in my life is the morning pages. I did an Instagram story on my process. You can find it HERE, in the highlights called MORNIN’ PAGES.

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