How To Deal With Resistance

Recently, we were fortunate to spend 6 weeks down in Florida, avoiding some of the winter, soaking in the sun and feeling the warmth of creativity and joy. It was glorious. 

When we returned in early February, my plan was to give myself a week to get reacclimated and settled into the winter vibes. Then, the following week, I would hit the ground running with work. 

However, when week 2 rolled around, I felt stuck, stagnant and uninspired. 

Where were all those amazing creative juices that flowed so freely while I was in the warm sun?

I was frustrated. I was sad. And I was judging everything. Must be this house. Must be this horrible weather. Must be that I am ready to throw in the towel.

If there was a judgement to be had, I had it.

But then, I remembered my word for the year, EASE.

Was this resistance and judgement I was so heavily steeped in, in alignment with EASE? It most certainly was not.

It’s nearly impossible to feel a sense of ease and flow when we are in resistance. And resistance is caused by a variety of things –feeling like we don’t have enough time, enough space, enough of whatever it is we think we need.

Resistance can be caused by the belief that things need to be hard. It can be caused by feeling we need to hustle or thinking we are not in the right place at the right time.

So what can we do to help move through resistance?

In this case, I decided to let myself just be for a few days. No judgement. No pushing. No pressure to produce or create. I was going to just leave myself alone, as hard as that felt.

I was going to focus on a few small things that sounded fun for me to do, one of which was just going for a nice long Soul Stroll.

And wouldn’t you know it, within 48 hrs of making this commitment to myself, I was struck with two amazing ideas. One of which I put directly into motion.

If you are looking to create more EASE and less resistance in your life, we have an incredible new Soul Stroll: I Let Things Be Easy inside The Movement.

We also introduced a new 4-week EASE program. It’s designed to help you create more calm and ease in your mind, your body and with yourself. Here is what a few people had to say about the program:

“Just watched the last week’s introduction for the Ease program and let me tell you, I am amazed at the quality of the insights you are giving us with this program, it’s just so authentic and real, and I really thank you for it.”

“Erin, I have been loving your weekly Ease check ins. Such a great reminder to go easy on myself. Somehow I get caught up in the mentality that I “should” be doing more, doing better, healing faster, but these weekly messages help me to ease up the pressure, be in the moment and most importantly to TRUST my intuition and listen to my heart and body.  Thank you so much for sharing and being such a bright light of wisdom.”

“I wanted to let you know how much I’ve loved the recent offerings! The Ease program was just what I needed for January. I love programs and feel so motivated knowing we’re all doing this together but hate the whole “new year, new you, hustle” vibe. Ease was the perfect way to flow into the turn of the year.”

“I love these weekly check ins. Ease is such an important space to occupy. Thank you for sharing. It makes a nice North Star to guide me.”

I know that The Movement can have a powerful impact in your life. It’s about carving out a little time for self care, for grounding, for intention and for becoming a more powerful version of yourself.

With an ever growing library of mantra inspired workouts, meditations and soul strolls, you can join us now for free. 

Test it out. See what you think. Let yourself be moved.

I hope to see you inside!


P.S. Join The Movement now and get the first 7 days on me. Get ready to be moved!

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