The Best Way To Lose Weight

Not long ago, I was the host and coach on a national weight loss TV show. Over the course of three months, my mission was to help men and women drop several pounds before their weddings.

When I first got cast in the show, I was concerned people wouldn’t like what I was doing.

Would people think that because I was talking about weight loss, I didn’t believe in body positivity? 

So, let’s talk about body positive and weight loss real quick.

The body positivity movement refers to the idea that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance.

I believe in it. I support it. I absolutely LOVE and am inspired by seeing women, especially, embrace and celebrate themselves in all shapes and sizes. I believe it’s been an extremely important advancement for women all over the world.

Additionally, I’m all for dismantling the patriarchy that created the idea that women have to be a certain size to be “acceptable”.


I also know many people who genuinely, deeply and truly want to lose weight.

Not because they think when they get to a certain weight, their life will be magically better. Not because they fear their size isn’t embraced by society.

There are people who know on a deep level that their extra weight is:

1) caused by emotional eating that they would love to better understand and dismantle.
2) the result of changing hormones like peri and post menopause.
3) a protective mechanism that they believe keeps them safe.
4) the source of anxiety and disconnect from the best parts of their life.

The thing is, it’s both.

If you fall into the camp where you are wanting to lose weight and want to do it in an emotionally and scientifically healthy way, I want to introduce you to someone important.

My friend Heather K. Jones has spent the last 20 years helping heart-centered women who struggle with body, emotional eating and food issues, and her INSIDE-OUT approach is a game-changer in the world of weight loss, truly.

Heather says, ending the battle with weight is all about starting a healing relationship with yourself, and she is offering a FREE Feel Better Eat Better Masterclass that will help you do exactly that!

Inside the Masterclass you’ll discover…

* The huge weight and wellness mistake that almost everyone makes

* The 8 surprising blocks to releasing weight and exactly how you can overcome them

*The only way to end emotional eating and the fastest way to stop self-sabotage

*7 soulful steps to lasting weight loss and wellness without willpower or dieting

I guarantee that you’ll walk away from this Masterclass with actionable tools that you can put to use right away to drastically change your relationship with food and your body.

You’re going to find out exactly WHY you have struggled for so long, and exactly HOW you can transform your relationship with food and your weight, forever—no dieting, no restriction, and no self-hate required.

If you struggle with weight anxiety, emotional eating, overeating, or body image issues of any sort, I do hope you’ll check this out.

Because your health is your greatest asset—the better you feel, the more energy and mental clarity you have to dedicate to your work, your family, your friends, yourself… and your life!

Click right here to sign up for the free Feel Better Eat Better Masterclass.


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