What To Do When A Mantra Doesn’t Work

As you know, I wrote a book called Mantras In Motion: Manifesting What You Want Through Mindful Movement.

I love mantras.  I think they are such an effective way to shift our thinking. They have the ability to bring us into a calmer, more empowered state of mind.

But what happens when we don’t believe the mantras we are saying?

Today, I want to share a technique for when a mantra just isn’t working for you.

A story…

The other night, I woke up around 4am with a little bit of stomach pain. This is often a great time to practice a mantra meditation to lull yourself back to sleep.

However, 4am is also a prime time for the mind to go to dark places quickly. Before I could get into the meditation, my anxiety kicked in.

I still wanted to use a mantra to help ease my worries and maybe even my pain.

So, I began breathing and repeating “all is well” to myself. It is a basic, simple mantra that often helps me to remember that I am ok and everything will be just fine.

Over and over, I said, “all is well.”

But, that mantra wasn’t making me feel any better!


Because my body was saying something else. Since the anxiety had already set in (which usually is a physical sensation), it was saying “No, no, all is not well, something is really wrong.”

So, what do you do when a mantra isn’t working and is making you feel worse?

Very simply, you change it to suit where you are.

Instead of “all is well”, which at the moment my body/mind did not believe, I changed it to “all is here.”

Now, that might not seem like a very profound statement, but hear me out.

As I gently and sweetly repeated, “all is here”, it was a way to welcome all the feelings that I was having. The pain, the fear, the tiredness, the anxiety– all of it was all welcome here. It was a signal that it was ok to feel all of this at this moment.

All is here.
All is here.
All is here.

And the more I repeated it, the calmer I felt. I started to feel like all that I needed right then, was indeed right there.

Within a matter of minutes, I was back asleep.

This doesn’t mean that “all is well” wouldn’t work at another time, it just meant it wasn’t right for that particular time.

If you ever hear a mantra that doesn’t feel good, you have full permission to change it. Use your creativity. Ask yourself what you really need at this moment? What would make you feel good?

If you can get quiet enough, the right mantra for you will come. This takes a little practice but in no time, you will get good at coming up with the words YOU need to hear. And let me tell you, this is a powerful practice that you can use for the rest of your life!

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