I needed a break

This past Sunday was a dream kinda day for me. 

I spent it shooting some gorg new Shrink Session videos for you.  (Details on that in a few more weeks.)

I had two of my wonderful Shrink Session teachers, Olivia and Joanie there and a full crew of insanely talented people to support the process. 

All of our collective adrenaline got us through several workouts, a few costume changes and lots of sweat.

As we wrapped up the day, I felt complete.

I know YOU have had those days where you are so satisfied because everything you could imagine falls into place.  You feel connected, inspired, and unstoppable. It feels like you did that VERY thing you were born to do and if you could do it everyday, all day for the rest of your life, you WOULD!

It’s kind of funny then, that I am writing this love letter to you from my bed, under my covers, barely able to get a thing done on my to do list. My body aches, my head feels foggy and inspiration feels like a far off distant dream.

How did I go from being A GIRL ON FIRE to a GIRL UNDER COVERS?

Is it not possible to maintain that open, inspiring, take on the world energy like, every single day?

If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is the importance of planning downtime and rest after you put yourself, your talent, your ideas or your energy out there in a very big way.

Regardless of your personality (introverts tend to need a little more rest after big to do’s than extroverts) building REST into your life will be the very thing that helps you get to the next level.  

More importantly, rest helps you maintain the “my life is freakin’ amazing” attitude that I know you seek. 

I want you to think of it in terms of training your body.

Sports medicine will prove over and over again that building recovery time into any training program is important because it’s the time the body adapts to the stress of exercise.

The REST is actually where the REAL training and growth takes place. (Imagine that!)

Recovery time allows your energy stores to be replenished and your tissue to repair itself.  Without sufficient time to repair and replenish, the body will continue to breakdown from intensive exercise.

And guess what happens when the body breaks down? It gets injured.

The same thing goes for your life. Without planning proper rest and recovery, you WILL burn out.

And burn out ain’t sexy on anyone. I don’t care how good you look.

So, with that, today, tomorrow or this weekend, I want to give you full permission to take it easy.

My guess is that if you are reading this, you are putting yourself out there in bigger and bigger ways.  You are sitting on your tush waiting for life to hand you things.

I know you are moving, shaking and regularly stepping out of what’s comfortable for you.  

Notice how I said comfortable for YOU.

I didn’t say you only get to rest if you have accomplished what Gretta Bleikenstok accomplished. (I made that name up.)

But if you are doing things that are new, big and out standing for YOU, then a rest is imperative and you have full permission.

Here are a few tips/reminders to help you create that space for yourself.

1. It’s ok to say no.

I was supposed to meet friends out for dinner last night, but instead I cancelled and ordered in. No cooking for me. My friends understood, so will the people in your life.

2. Spend some time doing something uber relaxing and indulgent for yourself.

After I finish writing this email, I am going to spend an hour watching Breaking Bad. (Ok, let’s be honest, it’s prob more like the next several hours, but I will try to practice some self control… and then again, maybe I won’t.)

3. Understand your rhythm

By this point, I have learned that if I spend a day around a lot of people, giving a lot of my energy whether it is teaching, coaching or shooting, I am going to be pooped the next day. The more I accept this about my own personal rhythm, the more I can honor it.

Today’s action step:

I invite you to come on over the blog and tell me WHEN you require a big REST?

Is there something that you do in your life, that if done really well, you know will be best served followed by some RECOVERY time? 

Is it a big meeting? Launching a product? A networking event? Spending time with your in-laws?

Let us know in the comments. It will help you start to understand your own rhythms. (And secretly, I like to know about the cool and exciting things you do.;)

When you can understand your needs and you’re bound to succeed.

I’ll see you when I get out of bed.



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